Our Whole House Drain Cleaning Service Can be Essential For A Busy Household | Schertz, TX

Our Whole House Drain Cleaning Service Can be Essential For A Busy Household | Schertz, TX

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Drain backups and clogs can be memorable events, occurring late at night or in the morning as everyone’s trying to get to work and school. They often happen during holiday gatherings, when kitchen and bathroom plumbing can see lots of activity. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we are here for our Schertz, TX customers 24/7, 365 days a year, because we know that plumbing problems occur on their own schedule, not ours. We offer a whole house drain cleaning service that clears out the deeper problems in your drain system that lead to frequent plumbing issues. These partial obstructions and gathering clogs may not block your sinks and toilets directly at first, but they do slow your drain flow which creates other problems. Eventually, they may even require attention during an emergency visit, prolonging the time it takes to make things right. When your whole house drain plumbing is cleaned each year, these distant obstructions are cleared out, and most remaining problems are simple matters of material stuck in the P-trap in the kitchen, or toilet clogs from paper, that are fairly simple to address. We have your family’s busy schedule in mind when we suggest getting ahead of your clogs with a whole house drain cleaning service, which also helps avoid unsanitary backups and damaging overflows that can be costly to clean and disinfect.

The Secret to Advanced Drain Cleaning: Video Pipe Inspection

A miniature video camera lets us explore the insides of your pipes to identify clogs throughout, noting their location and the materials involved so we can clean deeply and with the right tools and techniques. Video also gives our drain cleaning service team a picture of the condition of your pipes, helpful in letting you know if your pipes are starting to wear out from corrosion of metal or degradation of PVC material. Video inspection is an advantage that our customers don’t have when they take a plunger to a clogged toilet, which is why our professional drain cleaning service often gets called after a failed attempt to clear the drain, or an apparently successful one that leads to another clog soon after. We can discover what’s in there, and treat a hair clog differently than a grease clog or a plastic toy wedged in the pipe, making sure to break up some so they flow on, and remove others so they don’t get wedged deeper. We also can identify the real source of the problem, which may be an additional clog further along in the pipe that’s adding to your drain troubles. Our plumbers have seen it all in clogged drains, and we know that a full preventive drain cleaning service can save a lot of disruption by individual plumbing calls.

Breaking Up Clogs and Removing Stuck Objects

As we work our way through your home’s drains, we use traditional tools to break up clogs both near and further down the pipes. These can involve grease and soap scum that has gathered other materials, clumps of hair and similar materials, and materials like rice and pasta that expand further down the pipe, often in the P-trap, creating instant, sponge-like clogs. Solid objects such as plastic toys may also block the pipe, and a combination of objects with clogs forming around them also develops in some places. With video information about what we’re dealing with, we can select the right tools and get to work, clearing out each blockage to restore your drain pipes to clear, full flow. We can also use video to make sure everything is clear in the end, especially after we’ve used our hydro jet equipment for an impressively complete cleanout.

Spray Power That Clears Remaining Obstructions

Hydro jet spray is a very powerful water spray that we use to make a clean sweep of your pipes. It’s powerful enough that we also can use it to blast large accumulations of material when it gathers in your sewer line, but in your pipes, we are looking to remove remaining material that’s clinging to your pipe walls and might provide a starting point for more clogs. The less that remains in your pipes after we’re done, the more you’ll be free from deep clogs and frequent drain issues in the year to come. Of course, we use the spray with caution when we notice that your pipes are corroding or degrading to the point where the pipe walls are weakening, letting you know that it may be wise to plan for pipe replacement in the near future.

Drain Cleaning Service Is About Hygiene

When we’re responding to a single sink backup or a multiple sink backup as a result of a clog further down the pipes, we’re concerned about the waste and bacteria growth that is present in your sink and drain. Even without material backing up, food and other waste that goes down your drain can provide a decaying food source for bacteria and even fruit flies. As part of your whole house drain cleaning service, we’re helping your family to avoid unhygienic sink and toilet backups and clearing your drains of existing material, protecting your family’s health. We may also recommend some helpful practices to keep your drains healthier through the coming year, including avoiding letting food materials, grease, soap scum, and hair from getting down there. Strainers and drain plugs, especially in your shower, are the other keys.

Your Experienced Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Schertz, TX

As part of our top-quality plumbing service at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we provide customers such as our neighbors in Schertz, TX with expert drain cleaning service, on an as-needed basis and as a preventive measure with whole-house service. We look forward to serving you with our maintenance, preventive care, and skilled plumbing repairs along with our other plumbing services. Give us a call and we’ll be there to help.

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