Methods That Drain Cleaning Service Providers Use To Remove Blockages | Boerne, TX

Methods That Drain Cleaning Service Providers Use To Remove Blockages | Boerne, TX

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Plumbing systems provide clean water to your home and remove waste from your home. In order for the plumbing system to remove the waste, there should be drains that can transport the waste from your home to the sewage main line that takes the waste to a treatment facility. Sometimes foreign objects can make their way into your drains and cause blockages. These blockages can be caused by a build-up of water and soap, tree roots, or mineral buildup. Different types of clogs call for different methods or drain cleaning services. It is best to hire a professional to conduct drain cleaning services as they will be able to identify the location and type of blockage. They will also be able to remove it safely without damaging your pipes. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio servicing Boerne, TX would like to give you more information about the four types of draining cleaning methods your drain cleaning service plumber might use.

Chemical drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are not likely to be used by the plumbers performing your drain cleaning service as there are other methods that are more effective than chemical drain cleaners. These drain cleaners are also harmful to your pipes as they can eat away at the inner lining of your pipes. There are three types of chemical drain cleaners and the first one that will be discussed is oxidizing drain cleaners. These drain cleaners contain bleach and nitrate which reacts to organic material. This produces heat and gas which dissolve the clog. The second type of chemical drain cleaner is a caustic drain cleaner. This contains lye and potash that turn grime into a liquid when it comes in contact with each other. The third type of drain cleaner is an acid-based drain cleaner. These drain cleaners have sulfuric acid which eats away at the blockage. These drain cleaners can damage metal pipes and thus should only be used on PVC pipes. These drain cleaners can be bought at a supermarket but it is best to stay away from them and consider different drain cleaning methods that are discussed below.

Drain snake

This method is quite common and easy to use. If your pipes are damaged from wear and tear or other things then you should definitely consider using a drain snake to remove your blockages. What is a drains snake? It is a long flexible wire that has a crank on one end and a corkscrew attachment on the other end. The drain snake is placed into the drain and pushed until it touches the blockage. The plumber can choose to push the drain snake through the blockage to dislodge it and flush it down the pipe. The plumber could also turn the drain snake so that the clog can break up and attach itself to the corkscrew attachment. Once the drain snake is removed, the clog comes with it. This method is highly effective for shallow and deep blockages as drain snakes come in different lengths.

Pressurized air

The next method that will be discussed is the pressured air method. If your blockage is caused by a group of small objects then this would be a good option for you. The plumber will use pressurized air to dislodge the blockage. There are quite a few steps in this process. First, the plumber will remove excess water from the sink and place an attachment in the drain. The attachment is connected to an air compressor. The air will take a couple of minutes to build up. It is important that the plumbing service provider secures the attachment with a cloth to make sure it doesn’t move when the compressed air moves through it. It also prevents air from escaping. The pressurized air will travel down the drain and dislodge the object. It is common for this process to be repeated a few times to make sure that the blockage is no longer there. This is an environmentally friendly approach because you are not using harsh chemicals. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio servicing Boerne, TX highly recommends this method.

Hydro-jet drain cleaning.

The last method that will be looked at is hydro jetting. This method is similar to pressurized air but this method requires pressurized water. No matter what drain cleaning service you opt for, the plumber doing the drain cleaning service will always inspect your pipes first. The plumber places a small camera in your pipes to determine where the blockage is and what is causing it. Once they have determined it, they can decide which drain cleaning service would be best for the condition of your pipes and type of blockage. Hydro jetting is most effective when the clog is caused by tree roots, mineral build-up, and grime. This method has the added benefit of cleaning your pipes at the same time. This will remove bacteria and grime from your pipes without harming them. It is always recommended to hire a professional to conduct drain cleaning services as they know the proper way to remove blockages without damaging your pipes.

These are the four most common types of draining cleaning services that you will find. It is best to hire a plumber that is able to make sure of all of these methods so that you can rest assured that your clog will be removed in the safest and most effective way possible. It is advised not to try to remove clogs by yourself as you can cause leaks or struggle a lot and not remove the clog. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain has a wide range of plumbing services that will suit all your plumbing needs.

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