Importance Of Having A Good Water Filtration System In San Antonio, TX


When you’re considering how water makes an impact on your health, you usually don’t think further than drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water each day. However, paying attention the quality of the water you’re drinking is equally as important. Many people don’t think it’s a big deal that they drink tap water. It’s treated right?

However, despite this factor, it can be harmful for one to consume tap water since it may contain various chemicals as well as have a lot of bacteria and pathogens. If your immune system is strong, you can easily deal with tap water but it is still dangerous since you can get very seriously ill because of it. Unfortunately, boiling tap water each day isn’t always feasible so you should consider investing in a good water filtration system in San Antonio, TX.

On the surface, you might not be able to see the benefits it provides and if you’re begrudging the cost it is incurring, the following are a few more reasons that showcase the importance of having a good water filtration system:


Despite the fact that tap water is treated, it still contains traces of chemicals including chlorine, lead, fluoride, nitrates and more. While trace amounts are not harmful, constant consumption of these chemicals can cause growth of cancer cells, organ failure, as well as cause birth defects in newborn babies. Lead, in particular, is released into the water through old, lead pipes.

While the level of lead in the water is not particularly alarming at the moment, without a water filtration system in San Antonio, TX, you can expect to face a situation similar to the crisis occurring in Flint. The water is so contaminated with lead that it is becoming a health hazard and the people are unable to live easily because of it.


Many people don’t consider getting a water filtration system as they’re concerned about the price. On other hand, a water filtration system in San Antonio, TX is actually going to save you money on a long term basis. First of all, you won’t be spending money on bottled water. Even if it costs you $1 for a bottle a day, tally up the costs on an annual basis and you can see that it is a lot of money.

Similarly, you don’t have to face high energy bills caused by boiling your tap water as you’ll need to use your stove for it. A water filtration system can easily be attached in a manner that allows for the water to pass through it and get cleaned at the touch of a button. Based on this aspect, the only costs you will face are for purchase, installation and annual maintenance. It’s not a lot as compared to the other costs you will face without it.


With a water filtration system in San Antonio, TX, you can successfully go green and cut down on your carbon footprint. Having a filtration system will mean that you no longer have to buy those plastic water bottles. Constantly buying those means that you’re contributing to the demand of plastic and more production will mean that there are more plastic bottles lying around the place.

Even with recycling, there are still a lot of plastic bottles in the world already. Get a water filtration system and a re-usable water bottle and you’re going to be good to go. You’ll kill two birds with one stone here; you cut down on your carbon footprint and you are able to save some money in the process as well.


Many viruses such as salmonella and E.coli can be found in tap water despite the fact that they have been treated. By using a water filtration system, you can ensure that you get water that is free of disease and doesn’t make you ill. This is an important factor, particularly if you have a weak or compromised immune system.

If you think this isn’t going to happen to you since your immune system is in perfect health, you might want to reconsider. Over the years, many virus strains have grown resilient and stronger and can wreak a lot of damage to your immune system. While most people don’t think twice about drinking tap water, it is a better idea to get a water filtration system in San Antonio, TX. Remember to be safe, rather than sorry.


People with sensitive stomachs and intestines already have to be careful about what to eat and not eat but being picky about what they drink is also a good idea. Many gastrointestinal conditions can be aggravated due to the quality of the water you’re drinking.

Tap water contains trace amounts of myriad of different chemicals such as lead, chlorine and fluoride. These can very easily irritate the lining of the stomach and can even kill the healthy bacteria in the stomach too. For this reason, you should consider getting a water filtration system since it will be clean and won’t end up aggravating your stomach.


If you’ve got kids in the house, don’t wait around; get a water filtration system in San Antonio, TX, installed as quickly as possible. Kids have an immune system which is vulnerable to any virus or chemical that can be found in tap water. For them, tap water can be rather dangerous and cause serious damage, even stunting their growth in some manner.

By providing them with clean drinking water, you manage to successfully aid in keeping them healthy and in the development of their immune system. Clean water is a necessity for them at this age so get a water filtration system to provide them clean, filtered water without any problems.

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