How Your Plumber Is Keeping Their Customers (and Themselves) Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic | San Antonio, TX

How Your Plumber Is Keeping Their Customers (and Themselves) Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic | San Antonio, TX

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left most people too scared to leave their homes. And, while you should be reducing your contact with non household members, there are times when that is simply not possible. And, calling a plumber is one of those things that sometimes can’t be avoided. Plumbing is considered an essential service. Why? If your plumbing isn’t working, it can mean you can’t cook, wash your clothes, or go to the washroom. And, even small plumbing problems can turn into serious issues that permanently damage your home, if not addressed quickly.

So, despite the pandemic that is currently in full swing, don’t ignore your plumbing needs. If you suspect you’re having a plumbing problem, it’s best to call a technician and get it addressed quickly. Luckily, plumbers want to keep themselves and their customers safe and are following safety measures to reduce risk on house calls. Keep reading for a complete breakdown of all the ways your plumber can stay safe while making housecalls to you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Virtual Consultations

Firstly, plumbers are making sure to avoid human contact unless absolutely necessary. Many plumbing companies have started implementing virtual consultations as a temporary solution. This allows you to show or discuss a potential problem over the phone and avoid having the technician come out twice. These calls can be conducted through Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp calls, and Facetime.

You can also ask during the virtual consultation if the problem can be fixed yourself or if the plumber can virtually walk you through repairs. If you’re dealing with a straightforward issue and have the necessary tools in the home, this may be the safest solution for everyone involved. And, the plumbing company may charge you a reduced fee, as they’ve walked you through the steps rather than doing the work themselves!

Additionally, many plumbing companies are only accepting calls for essential repairs. So, if your plumber determines during the virtual consultation that your issue can be dealt with months from now, they may recommend holding off on the repairs. It’s a win-win situation. You get peace of mind that your problem can wait and you didn’t have to interact with anyone to get that answer!

Social Distancing

Speak with your plumber on the phone before they come so you can both have a plan for optimal social distancing. You should keep at least six feet away from the technician as they work. Thanks to the virtual consultation, the technician will know what the problem is and how to handle it.

Remember to keep children and seniors in another room from the technician.

Cleaning: From Both Parties

Plumbers are doing their best to disinfect before and after they leave jobs. Customers can help this process by:

  • Removing as many unnecessary objects from around the working space before the technician arrives.
  • Disinfecting the workspace after the technician leaves. This includes the entire area, anything they could have touched, the entryway, and door handles.

Protective Gear: For Both Parties

Both the homeowner and the technician should do their best to protect themselves from touching any objects with their bare hands. Many professionals are choosing to wear protective gear, such as gloves and masks, to minimize their risk. It’s recommended that members of the household wear gloves and a mask (if possible) while the technician is in the home.

Safe Payment

Consider making a payment via a contactless method. Ask the plumbing company if an e-transfer payment option is a possibility. Additionally, many plumbing companies will accept credit card payments over the phone or online. You will have to discuss with the business if the payment needs to occur before the appointment begins.

Payment Plans

COVID-19 has caused massive layoffs and huge financial ramifications across various industries. Unfortunately, even if you’ve lost your job, plumbing emergencies need to be addressed. If you ignore a plumbing problem, there is a very high chance it will compound into a larger, more expensive issue. However, many plumbing companies are understanding of the current difficulties people are going through. Before you book an appointment, make a call to your plumbing company and ask if they have payment plan options. You may be able to split up your bill over a few months of payments.

Note that plumbers need to feed their families too, so not every business may be in the position where they can offer up payment plans. But, it’s better to ask rather than assume it’s not an option.

Follow “Good Plumbing Protocols”

You can also be proactive and follow “good” plumbing protocols so you lessen the chances that you’ll need to call a professional in the first place. Right now, there are likely more people in your home for longer periods. This can put a strain on your water heater, toilet, and more. Make sure you refresh you and your household members freshen up on some plumbing tips such as:

  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Never flush hand wipes, feminine hygiene products, floss, and other objects.
  • If you need to use a lot of toilet paper, space it out between two flushes.
  • Don’t dispose of grease or food scraps down your kitchen sink.
  • Don’t overuse your garbage disposal.
  • Consider implementing a shower schedule for your home, so everyone gets hot water.

However, if you notice a problem, this isn’t the time to DIY. Always call a professional when you need help.

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