Do You Need A Water Heater Repair Service? | Schertz, TX

Do You Need A Water Heater Repair Service? | Schertz, TX

Running out of hot water in winter or one chilly morning might prove dreadful for anybody living in Schertz, TX. But most water heater problems don’t just happen. They start as minor issues and gradually develop, worsening over time through negligence or delays. Repairing your water heater on time can help you avert any emergency issues and inconveniences whenever you cannot perform any warm water task.

Hence, you must enlist a plumber to perform routine inspections and maintenance on your unit to ensure that it operates uninhibited and functions correctly. Further, any plumber can advise you never to attempt DIY repair jobs on your water heater as you might get injured, void the warranty, or exacerbate the issue. But what are the signs that you need a water heater repair service? Read on to find out.

Leaking Water Heater

Though your water heating unit is responsible for supplying your home with constant warm water, it isn’t a great sight to see water around the water heater itself. The water surrounding the water heater shows that the unit might have sprained a leakage.

The water heater will begin leaking whenever its tank develops a crack. The water starts seeping out through the crack when the water rises above this level within the tank. Consequently, water begins pooling up at the base of the water heater. Whenever you notice this enlist the assistance of a professional water heater repair in Schertz, TX.

You Don’t Have Warm Water at All

The need for a water heater repair is, in some cases, self-evident. The absence of warm or hot water in the pipes or shower is an obvious sign that you should seek the assistance of a repair technician. In most cases, the water heating unit features two heating mechanisms, gas or electric. The water heaters having these heating mechanisms appear more or less the same. However, both the water heaters heat your water differently.

To know why the heating mechanism fails to heat the water, enlist the assistance of a plumber to have it inspected for any underlying issues. The professionals are experienced and trained to address any water heater repair for any underlying problem. They also carry modern tools to ensure that the repair work is completed effectively and fast. Using their experience, the technicians will promptly locate the issue and move forward to address it by repairing or replacing the affected components.

Too Hot Water

Although the water heater is supposed to provide a constant hot water supply to your home, scalding hot water can be a telltale sign that the water heater has an issue. If the issue results from your water heater, ensure that you check the temperature dial. Dry adjusting the dial to lower the temperatures to your desired temperatures. Unfortunately, you have to wait for several minutes to see any noticeable changes. If this does not work, then there is a possibility that the temperature dial is malfunctioning.

To further investigate the issue, look at the valve faucet to see whether there is any steam coming out. Additionally, be on the lookout for any boiling sounds within the water heater. Typically, releasing the pressure by lowering the water heater’s relief valve could resolve the problem. However, the valve might malfunction too.

Postponing or delaying water heater repair to resolve these problems is dangerous because the hot water may rapture the water heater from within. At worse, anybody close might be severely burnt. If you have been having a similar issue, immediately enlist a technician to address it.

Water Heater Age

Whether conventional or tankless, a water heater isn’t designed to last forever, though they have a long service life. A tankless water heater has a longer service life as it can last for over 20 years, while tank-based water heaters can last for about 10-15 years. Whenever the water heater is approaching the end of its service life, it starts running into issues, making it hard for them to operate efficiently. Hence, you’ll most likely have uncomfortable showers and high water utility bills.

Hence, if the water heater is approaching its lifespan, replacing the entire water heating unit can be more economical compared to continuing with frequent repairs. Fortunately, this doesn’t require that you change your water heater repair company. A plumbing service that offers repair can also install or replace the water heater.

Corrosion within the Water Heater Tank

Whenever you notice that rust is accumulating within your water heater’s tank, it is a telltale sign that you should seek immediate water heater repair services. The rust within your water heater tank might end up in your taps through the water flowing from the tank. Rust is a product of the oxidation of metals making the water heater.

Excessive accumulation of rust might result in corrosion and tank failure. A weak water heater tank is a danger to your home because it might explode, flooding your home. You can reduce the levels of rust within your water heater and resolve the problem by enlisting the professional assistance of a plumbing technician in Schertz, TX.

Insufficient Hot Water

Some homeowners often report they get lukewarm water from their faucets or showers. However, you could also need a comprehensive water heater repair done to your unit to ensure that it can deliver hot water again. However, you should start by checking whether you’ve set the right temperatures on the thermostat. After adjusting it, check for notable changes in the water temperatures to determine if the dial is working correctly. If this doesn’t work, you might have an issue with the water heater.

The water heater might be smaller compared to the hot water needs of your home. Hence, you should seek the help of a professional plumber for advice on a larger unit. The other cause of this issue is the heating element itself. This issue might arise, especially when the heating element has layers of accumulated mineral sediments.

Being a vital plumbing appliance that supplies your home with constant hot water, you must ensure the water heater is properly maintained. This includes enlisting the help of a plumbing technician for routine inspections and timely repairs. Do you need water heater repair services in your home? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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