Benefits Of Calling A Drain Cleaning Professional | San Antonio, TX

Benefits Of Calling A Drain Cleaning Professional | San Antonio, TX

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Drain cleaning is probably something you already do or you don’t, but if you own a home in San Antonio, TX one day your choices will catch up with you. A lot of people don’t realize just how important having your drains cleaned is until they come home from work and find their basement covered in sewage. At that point, the idea of spending a small amount of money once a year to keep their drains cleaned sounds very reasonable. Hopefully, you will never have to experience a true sewer backup, but if there is any reason to suspect that your sewer is starting to backup you need to get help from a proper drain expert.

The truth is that annual drain cleaning is designed to help you prevent a large sewer backup and all of the unsanitary clean-up that comes with it. Not only will you have to clean feces and biowastes off your basement or the first floor, but you will also have to deal with flood damage. Flood damage can be the most costly part of the entire backup especially if you have stored items near the floor drain or a finished basement.

Factors That Make You High-Risk for a Sewer Backup

Not every home requires an annual drain service. Newer homes usually have newer sewer systems that are less likely to be corroded or rusted, but that doesn’t mean you are entirely off the hook either. In general, if your home is older than ten years it is recommended that you book an annual drain cleaning service, but be aware that other risk factors may still make it a good idea. Poor drain habits will cause a clog in any home regardless of its age, so practicing good drain hygiene is the first step in avoiding a sewer backup.

Poor habits such as using flushable wipes will increase your risk of a sewer backup as will putting fibrous materials down your garbage disposal on a regular basis. At the very least this practice could destroy your garbage disposal which will also require you to call a San Antonio, TX plumber for help. If there is a tree in your front yard this will also increase the risk that you will have issues with your sewer lines. A new tree that is still sapling is not likely to cause a problem anytime soon, but an older tree poses a threat since it likely has stronger roots. It should be noted that older bushes can grow just as deep as trees in some cases, so your landscaping plays a heavy role in sewer backups.

Other risk factors include previous clogs and older homes with a history of problems. The truth is that sewer lines will start to corrode and rust over time leaving them susceptible to problems. No one wants to deal with the costs of replacing them, so it is much better to hire an annual drain service to keep the pipes clean so that you don’t place any added pressure on them. The more pressure is exerted onto your sewer line the higher the chances it will eventually burst and require replacement. Compared to the costs of sewer main replacement, a drain service will seem like a fantastic deal.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Obviously, avoiding a major flood in your basement is one benefit of regular drain cleaning, but there are many more which is why many homeowners in San Antonio, TX hire plumbing services to assess and maintain their sewer lines. Being proactive can save you a lot of money and keep your plumbing system performing at its peak which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Better Drainage

The first thing you will notice once your drains are cleaned is that they will work much more efficiently. Instead of waiting for your sink or bathtub to drain, the water should flow quickly and efficiently down your drains and will not gurgle on its way down. This can be extremely helpful if you are dealing with water pooling around your feet in the shower or a sink that never seems to empty. This is even more important when it comes to your toilets since you need water to flush thoroughly out of the toilet.

Remove Bad Odors

If you have clogs in your drains eventually the sewer gas will start to flow upward which means that you may be dealing with noxious odors coming out of your toilet, sinks, and even shower drains. The last thing you want to do is smell sewer throughout your home. In addition, if you are smelling sewer smells there is a good chance that there is mold growing inside of your drains as well. Regular drain cleaning is the best way to remove the mold, mildew, and all disgusting odors from your home’s drains.

Improve the Life of Your Sewer Line

There are a lot of things that can hurt your sewer line and pipes in general. The collection of debris, chemical deposits, and other materials that form a clog are some of the biggest offenders on the list. A clog allows these materials to start to stagnate and eat through your pipes creating a weak spot that can easily burst. Regular drain cleaning is the best way to make sure that toxic materials never spend enough time in your pipes to weaken them. The result is a longer lifespan for your sewer line and fewer expenses for you. This in itself is one of the best reasons to consider booking your annual drain cleaning service. If you are ready to protect your home from unexpected sewer issues, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio and inquire about your professional drain cleaning services.

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