9 Reasons To Hire A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

9 Reasons To Hire A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Drain blockages and clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom are common issues homeowners often face. Unresolved drain system issues result in large and expensive leaks, water contamination, unpleasant odors, and structural damage. When you have any unresolved issues with your drain system, you need a professional drain cleaning service to resolve them and save you time and money. This blog discusses 9 benefits of professional drain cleaning services.

Improved drain performance

Drain blockages are reoccurring issues for most homes leading to unhygienic environments and drainage system malfunctions. Hiring a professional drain cleaning contractor ensures a quick and efficient system. The professionals can perform scheduled predictive cleaning and maintenance to improve the performance of your system and prevent most of the issues from occurring in the future.

Reduces your water bills

Clogging pipes is a leading issue that causes water backup and overflowing. Overflows translate to a large amount of water wastage that raises your water bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaks in your drain systems account for 12% of the cost of water you use in your home. This is an unnecessary monthly expense that you can avoid with a professional drain cleaning service. If you are receiving abnormally high water bills, there is a likelihood you have water leaks that you are unaware of. Have a licensed plumber unclog clogged pipes and prevent water backup and overflows.

Prevents damage

A professional drain service can protect your floors and walls from common water damage. Overflowing water from clogged sinks and toilets can cause damage to your floor and walls. If you don’t fix slow drains, the overflows can easily seep under the tile and erode the plaster and wallpaper on your walls. A reputable drain cleaning company can perform regular unclogging and cleaning to prevent these issues from occurring.

Save time and money

When you opt for a professional drain cleaning service, you are saving money in the long run. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system prevent the risk of more significant problems in the future. What looks like a small problem could be larger than you think and may catapult into a significant issue requiring costly repairs. A professional can diagnose the issue, perform timely maintenance and help prevent burst pipes, corroded drains, and water contamination.

Professional technology

One of the main advantages of working with a drain cleaning service is that they leverage products unavailable in stores. For example, some companies utilize Hydojetters to blast out any blockages and get the system working quickly. They also use in-line video inspection to determine the functioning of a system and whether it is time to do preventive maintenance. By hiring a professional drain cleaning service, you maximize the benefits of all the high-grade tools in the market without spending your own money on them.

Decreased odors

When your drain doesn’t work optimally, your house becomes susceptible to awful odors from your sewage system. The foul smell from your drain may be due to a build-up of different things, such as soap scum, hair products, and grease. It is quite complex to remove such build-up as a DIY project. Using local drain cleaners can worsen the problem because the chemicals in these products are not optimized to dissolve all the sludge in your drains. Don’t ignore odors coming out of your sinks and tube. This problem can lead to several issues, including health hazards. Call a professional drain cleaning service to clean the drain and fix any underlying issues.

Fixes slow drains

Everyone hates slow-draining sinks and tubs. If you have a slow drain, you could be tempted to fix it yourself. However, you may not have the tools and skills to do a stellar job. Professionals invest in top-notch equipment and technologies to see deep inside the drain and clean out all trapped material, including hair and soap sludge. Reputable companies use an inspection camera to clean the drains thoroughly and restore the flow of water down the system while preventing cracks that may occur on pipes during DIY cleaning.

Prevents growth of mold and mildew

For most homeowners, regular cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen, including the visible parts of the drain, is enough to control mold and mildew growth. However, these slimy substances grow in damp, dark places that you can’t easily reach. If these organisms grow in your drain, you will inhale their fumes which can harm your health. Regular professional drain cleaning service prevents the growth of mold and mildew, cleans out any build-up deep in your pipes, and enhances your family’s safety.

Improves the lifespan of your system

Regular cleaning maintains your drain and prevents many of the structural issues that occur with clogged systems. A professional drain cleaner gets rid of all the build-up deep in your pipes, which helps limit wear and tear on your pipes. Regular cleaning can also help keep damaging cleaning chemicals from store-bought drain cleaners out of pipes. When these chemicals settle on your pipes, it causes corrosion and cracks. Additionally, professional contractors leverage cutting-edge technologies to detect any plumbing issues you have, such as aging pipes, small leaks, and corrosion. This can help you resolve them on time and put your pipes in excellent working condition for a long time.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for quality drain cleaning solutions

Slow drains may look like minor issues, but leaving them unattended can lead to bigger problems, including burst pipes, water contamination, bad smells, and floor and wall damage. A professional drain cleaning company can help prevent these problems so you have safe and properly functioning drains. If you are interested in drain cleaning services, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today. We are a licensed plumbing solution provider offering reliable services to homes and businesses in Schertz and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and certified plumbers leverage cutting-edge tools and vast experience to clean your drains and get them working optimally. Call us today to schedule your preventative maintenance, water line repair, or drain cleaning.

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