8 Reasons You May Need a Plumber | Schertz, TX

8 Reasons You May Need a Plumber | Schertz, TX

No one wants to call a plumber out to their Schertz, TX home. If you need to call a plumbing service, it means that something is wrong that most homeowners just don’t have time for. Not only will you have to deal with the mess no doubt created by your plumbing issue, but you will have to deal with the mess left behind by the plumbing company and, of course, the bill that comes with calling for service. We understand why no one wants to call for help with their plumbing system, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

Actually, the opposite is true. If you don’t want to end up calling an emergency plumber on a regular basis then you should have a plumber out to your home when you notice something is wrong. The more you allow a plumbing professional to proactively fix plumbing problems around the home, the less likely you will be to actually have to call a plumber. While it may seem odd, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and a lot of future calls by just taking care of your plumbing issues quickly.

So why does this work? Because most plumbing issues do not pop up overnight. They are not sudden surprises, nor are they things that you couldn’t prevent. While occasionally, things happen that are unpredictable, most plumbing issues are the result of a lack of maintenance or a lack of proper plumbing action. That means you can take care of them quickly and correctly if you take a few steps forward and call someone when you need help. In fact, the best way to stay on top of your plumbing situation is by booking an annual plumbing inspection.

During this inspection, the plumber will take a look at your Schertz, TX home plumbing system and diagnose any problems they see during the inspection. This is great for you because it gives you the chance to proactively repair things before they become emergencies and usually helps keep costs at a minimum. When you discover something like a partial clog or a rusting pipe and replace it before it becomes a full clog or a burst pipe, you skip the costs of water damage and cleanup, which can add up quickly.

Even better, when you allow a Schertz, TX plumber to proactively come to take a look around your home plumbing system, you get a full report on the health of your plumbing system that you can properly plan for. Not every plumbing issue they find will need emergently taken care of but they will point to situations that can happen down the road if they don’t start to take action now. You can talk to the plumber to sort out what needs to happen right away to protect your home and then make a plan over the next couple of years to fix things as your budget allows.

This helps you keep your home safe without financially draining the bank. Most homeowners are much more comfortable with repairs when they have time to budget and plan for them. As a homeowner in Schertz, TX you probably feel the same. It takes very little time to set up an annual plumbing inspection visit and the insight you will gain is priceless. Even if you have lived in your home for the past ten years, you might be surprised by the information that the plumbing service finds once they take a closer look at aspects of your plumbing system you have probably never even thought about.

Even better, this close look at your plumbing system gives you a chance to try out a local Schertz, TX plumber. If you have never had to hire a plumber before, you might not have an idea of who to hire or where to start when it comes to hiring an emergency plumber. When you have water all over the floor you don’t have the time to make an educated decision about who to choose- you have to go with whoever is available. On the other hand, you don’t have to book an annual visit right now, so you can spend some time looking around to get some ideas and then book your visit.

You can treat your maintenance call as a great way to discover if a plumber is a right choice for your home and your needs. Talk to the plumber in-depth and get a feel for the company and how quickly they will respond if you have issues down the road. Treat the annual maintenance visit like a date, and allow the professional plumbing company to check out your home plumbing system while you check them out. This way, you have someone who knows your home and knows you down the line should an emergency arise.

With all of that said, there are some things that can occur in the interim that require the help of a professional plumber. Most people like to think that they can fix things on their own, but this can lead to expensive replacements and high costs when you have to hire someone to come fix the solution you tried first. Therefore, it is best to skip the hassle and go straight to an expert who can help you solve the problem at a much earlier stage in the process.

Plus, keep in mind that most plumbing repairs require specialized tools, and the average Schertz, TX homeowner does not have them. Attempting to buy the tools and then spending the time making the repair can actually end up costing you much more than if you had just let the professional handle the repair in the first place. Therefore, with all of that in mind, there are some situations when you should just call a plumber and leave the repair to them. The following list is eight examples of plumbing situations you should always leave to the professionals.

Clogged Sink

A clogged sink may just mean that there is hair stuck in the trap that needs to be cleaned out, but it can also indicate that there is a huge clog in the main line that needs to be resolved before your toilet water ends up in the kitchen sink. This is the epitome of the issue with clogged sinks; it is usually impossible to tell without a bit more knowledge whether you have a major clog or a simple clog. This is why the experience of a plumbing company is invaluable when it comes to not only clearing a clogged sink, but figuring out why it clogged in the first place, so you don’t have to deal with it again.

Almost every plumber will tell you that fixing a sink is seldom as easy as it seems. Repairing pipes and sealing them after a cleaning process can be tedious work, and it is tedious work that usually has to be performed in small spaces. For this reason, it is almost always a better idea to call a professional and let them troubleshoot your problem so you can ensure it gets done right.

Toilet Replacement

There are dozens of reasons why you might be looking at replacing your toilet, but age is usually the number one reason that people opt to replace their toilet. If you have not purchased a toilet in the last decade, then there are extremely energy-efficient upgrades that you should take advantage of. Your home toilet is one of the largest consumers of water in your home. Therefore, you want to replace it so that you can reduce how much water is wasted every time someone goes to the bathroom.

Showerhead Replacement

If water conservation is your biggest concern, then you might want to also consult with a plumber about a showerhead replacement. One of the easiest ways to reduce water loss is by installing a low-flow shower head. Contrary to popular belief, this will not reduce the shower pressure, but it will reduce the amount of water that is released though your shower head. A lot of water that routinely pours out of a regular shower head is simply wasted down the drain. So this one change can help you save a couple dozen gallons of water each time someone in your home takes a shower.

Flooded Tub or Shower

Of course, low-flow showerhead or not, your shower is not going to be pleasant if the tub is flooded before you even start. This is sometimes often referred to as puddling or pooling, but it is when the drain cannot keep up with the amount of water coming out of the shower head. If you are taking a shower and there is water up to your ankles, then you definitely have this issue.

Generally, this happens when there is a partial clog in the drain preventing the water from properly draining. The end result is that your water isn’t able to run down the drain at once and is preventing your shower from being the enjoyable situation it should be. More concerning, however, is the fact that eventually, the water will back up all the way, and when that happens you will end up with a giant issue and a flooded tub. If you call a plumber before that happens you can get back to having an enjoyable shower or bath.

Water Heater Inspection/Replacement

Your water heater is a large appliance that sits in your basement or first floor and is responsible for making sure you have hot water throughout your entire home. However, a lot of things can go wrong with it in a very fast fashion. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are properly keeping up with your water heater maintenance to make sure that you never find yourself without cold water. The best way is by hiring a plumber for an annual water heater inspection.

This is not something you should attempt to handle on your own as water heaters are complicated machines and they are expensive. It is best to let a plumber handle this situation to protect your warranty and protect the appliance. Plus, if the water heater dies and you need a replacement, a professional plumbing company can find one that will fit the needs of your home perfectly within hours, which is something that the average homeowner is not going to be able to do.

Unexplained Mold

If there is mold in your home and you are not sure why it is forming, there is a good chance of a plumbing leak hiding behind the wall or the ceiling. You cannot see magically behind your walls, but a plumbing service can use tools to figure out where the leak is to stop the mold growth from harming the health of those in your home.

Leaking Toilet

Not only is a leaking toilet a waste of water, but it is a sanitary issue with many potential causes. A plumbing service can help you get to the bottom of them so that you can restore your toilet and stop worrying about wet feet in the middle of the night. Usually, the cause is not that hard to find for a trained plumbing service and it can be a great relief for a homeowner.

Leaking Faucets

Finally but not least, leaking faucets and water fixtures are a major annoyance and sometimes can seem impossible to troubleshoot. This is why you should just call a plumbing service and get to the bottom of the issue once and for all. If you notice this issue or any other plumbing issue in your home, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio and they will send help out to your Schertz, TX home.

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