5 Common Tankless Water Heater Repair Tasks Your Plumber Can Do | San Antonio, TX

5 Common Tankless Water Heater Repair Tasks Your Plumber Can Do | San Antonio, TX

There are many reasons that San Antonio, TX homeowners choose to invest in tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is far more efficient than a tank-style water heating unit, as they can provide hot water on demand. A tank-style water heater has to spend more time heating, re-heating, and maintaining temperature. This regular overworking of the heater and additional components inevitably leads to more frequent tankless water heater repair tasks.

An electric tankless water heater unit’s average life expectancy is between 20-25 years. This means that your investment will last you a long time, keeping your energy costs low and providing a steady stream of hot water whenever you need it.

Another advantage of tankless water heaters is you don’t need to have an existing hot water supply or gas line. You just need to mount it on a wall near an outlet. This can be done by anyone who has basic knowledge of electrical circuits and plumbing. However, to prevent improper placement that needs to be rectified through a tankless water heater repair service, we recommend relying on a professional plumber.

Tankless heaters have many additional advantages over traditional tanks. They are smaller and require less clearance, so there’s more flexibility in their placement. They can safely be installed inside your home without worrying about heat levels and ventilation. Plus, they are relatively easy to relocate if you need more space and are remodeling your home’s interior. Despite all their advantages, they are not immune to breaking prematurely. A local plumber can perform a wide variety of tasks to help prevent your unit from breaking, including the following:

Remove Mineral Buildup

Removing mineral buildup is a tankless water heater repair task often associated with traditional water heaters, and you might assume that tankless water heaters will not be prone to mineral buildup since there’s no tank. This is not true. Mineral buildup can occur in tankless water heating systems too, and it can lead to extreme consequences if not addressed early.

Magnesium, calcium and other elements found in hard water can cause a buildup of scale wherever the water passes. You can have your entire system fail if you don’t hire a trustworthy plumber to remove troublesome sediment in the supply pipes. To prevent mineral buildup in your tankless water heating, it is worth investing in a maintenance program that targets problem areas and prevents excess tankless water heater repair callouts, especially if you have a well water supply.

Excess mineral and debris buildup makes it nearly impossible for water to flow through the long and narrow path to the heat exchanger that creates hot water on demand. You should have your plumber inspect and clean the water filters regularly and replace any that are damaged.

Prevent Cold Water Showers

People who live in houses where back-to-back showers are a common occurrence are more likely to experience cold showers. You might have been first to get a hot shower in the morning. Then, the next one to shower receives a few seconds of icy water before warm water is resorted. While this is not a defect that can be cured during a tankless water heater repair service, your local plumber may have a few ideas on how to prevent the cold water shock.

The tankless water heating system, also known as an instantaneous water heater, is able to heat water quickly. However, when the unit is turned off, cold water is left sandwiched between the tankless water heater and your shower head. How far the water travels from the heater to the shower will determine how long the cold shower lasts. Talk to your plumber about how you can prevent this problem; maybe you can consider a change in placement when remodeling?

Reducing System Overload

A tankless water heater, just like every other appliance in your San Antonio, TX home has an operating capacity limit. Overloading can cause the water heater to shut down prematurely, resulting in a tankless water heater repair service. The size of your demand-type hot water heater will determine how many active hot water appliances, such as multiple showers, can be used simultaneously without overload.

If you experience an instantaneous shutdown of hot water delivery, or if you have water temperature or pressure issues when multiple water appliances are running, it is time to consult a plumber. After an inspection, the plumber should be able to recommend the right size tankless water heater that meets your needs, install it, and help you maintain it.

Clear Blocked Exhausts

This problem is easier to spot if the tankless water heater has an electronic error code display. An error code will usually appear on the screen as soon as the exhaust becomes blocked, indicating you need a tankless water heater repair service in San Antonio, TX. If you are unfamiliar with the error code displayed, or your unit doesn’t have an electronic screen, a plumber can diagnose and resolve this issue independently.

If the exhaust is blocked, it means that there are combustion air or venting problems. First, a plumber should inspect the vent pipes to tighten any loose connections. Next, the technician will need to check for punctures in the vents. If they are damaged in any way, a plumber can replace the broken exhaust vents.

A plumber can also make sure that the tankless water heater’s outdoor unit is in an appropriate, clean area. It is important to install the water heater unit in an open area, to prevent fires, increase efficiency, and avoid premature tankless water heater repair.

Resolve Ignition Defects

Your tankless water heater may not ignite for one of several reasons. An empty propane tank could be the first reason. Half-opened gas and water valves could also be a problem. If you are not familiar with the parts of your demand-type water heating system, call a plumber to assist. Our plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio are able to complete any and all tankless water heater repair tasks.

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