Your Heating And AC Repair Technician’s Advice On The R-410A Refrigerant Phase Out | San Antonio, TX

Your Heating And AC Repair Technician’s Advice On The R-410A Refrigerant Phase Out | San Antonio, TX

The HVAC system comprises several components that work together to ensure that your home is adequately heated or cooled. Compressors, motors, condensers, and evaporator coils to capacitors and thermostats ensure that your home is heated or cooled evenly and effectively. The refrigerant or coolant absorbs the heat from the air and expels it outside via the condenser. Hence, if the refrigerant levels are down or leaking, your home will not be cooled effectively. Whenever you notice that your HVAC system isn’t cooling your San Antonio, TX home properly, it might be time to call a heating and AC repair technician to perform some inspections. They should patch the leak and refill it if the refrigerant is leaking. They will also provide you with professional advice on the environmental friendliness of a specific refrigerant.

Depending on the brand, there are many types of refrigerants in the market. From R22, R-410A, and R-453B to R-32, the refrigerant industry has seen many developments geared toward environmental conservation. R-410A was among the most used refrigerants a few years back. Unfortunately, government agencies and some manufacturers started realizing that it had serious impacts on the environment immediately after it was implemented on HVAC systems. R-410A had a higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to R32 by up to five times. It also had three times higher GWP than R-454B. As a result, there started a gradual phase-out of this refrigerant. Hence, if your unit uses it, it might be about time you consult your heating and AC repair technician about replacing it.

For the record, the term eco-friendly is a bit of a misnomer.

All refrigerants have a certain impact on the environment. However, you can take precautions by choosing one that has the least impact. If any refrigerant escapes into the air, it will have an environmental impact. Since we have seen the impacts of global warming, why not choose a refrigerant that has the least likelihood of accelerating it? This article will enlighten you on the phase-out of R-410A.

What Are the Myths of the R-410A Phase Out?

The Phase Out Will be One Time and Will Happen Overnight

The phase-out of this refrigerant was originally slated for 1st January 2023. However, this goal will only be reached for a variety of reasons. In most heating and air conditioning applications, except VRF systems, the aim is to ban any coolants having a global warming potential higher than 750 by the end of 2025. This means there won’t be any more manufacturing of R-410A that has a Global warming potential of 2088 and any equipment that uses it. The government will only phase R-410A after a while to avert any drastic spikes in the costs. This will ensure that the price will remain relatively stable until there is a complete ban on the importation or manufacturing of the coolant. You don’t have to call your heating and AC repair technician with panic to have your R-410A-dependent HVAC system replaced.

There Will Be a Skyrocketing R-410A Price

Will there be an increase in the price of the refrigerant? Yes. But any skyrocketing in the same will not be likely caused by only the phase-out. Most of the cost increases associated with the refrigerant will likely be due to the inflationary pressures many other products are experiencing. The labor market everywhere is tight. This means that the labor required for manufacturing the refrigerant and containers has increased or might even rise further. While some refrigerant is manufactured here in the US, most of it is imported from China. The shipping costs of moving refrigerant over the ocean have recently soared. Hence, don’t be duped. If you suspect a vendor is charging more for a refrigerant, consult your reliable heating and AC repair company in San Antonio, TX.

You Will Have to Replace Your HVAC System to Avoid Bans

No, you will not have to. The heating and AC repair technicians will still be able to repair your existing system until the end of your R-410A system. Since most HVAC lifespans are about 10-15 years old, the system you purchased this year can still serve you for several years. Anyone that advises you otherwise might likely be trying to scam you.

What Will Be Replacing R-410A?

There are two refrigerants to replace R-410A, R-32, and R-454B. The two are slated to enter the HVAC industry by 2023, and you can talk to your heating and AC repair technician to see which appliances will be using which coolant. So, what should you know about the two?


This refrigerant has the following:

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Zero Ozone Depletion
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Low toxicity
  • High thermal conductivity and refrigeration capacity.
  • A third GWP of the HFC 410A
  • It is readily available.

Hence, you should consult your heating and AC repair technician if you plan to replace your HVAC system next year to see if you can choose one that uses R-32.


This is the other refrigerant available to replace the R-410A. It has a higher heating efficiency than R-32 and requires less refrigerant by about 5% to 10% than an appliance that uses the R-410A. This coolant has a lower global warming potential at about 465 GWP, much lower than R-32 and R-410A. So, if you are planning on replacing your HVAC system, consult your heating and AC repair technician on the possibility of purchasing one using this coolant.

Stay Alert on Developments in the Refrigerant Industry

There are many myths related to the phase-out of the R-410A refrigerant. However, you shouldn’t believe them without consulting your reliable heating and AC repair company in San Antonio, TX. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio for advice and news regarding HVAC industry changes.

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