Your Air Conditioner Installation Location Matters: Trust The Pros | San Antonio, TX

Your Air Conditioner Installation Location Matters: Trust The Pros | San Antonio, TX

Irrespective of air conditioner type, whether it’s a central air conditioner, ductless mini-split system, floor-mounted unit, hybrid air conditioner, or even a geothermal AC unit, the placement really does matter. So does who you get to install the air conditioner. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common air conditioner installation mistakes that might cost you extra, as well as provide some guidance on the best placement for your new AC.

There are a few things that can go wrong during air conditioner installation if the air conditioner is fitted by an inexperienced HVAC technician. Some of the most common mistakes that can cause costly repairs, such as premature compressor failure, are:

Improperly Sized Suction Lines

An improperly sized suction line can lead to costly repairs and compressor breakdowns. Compressors are the most expensive part to repair and replace in an AC unit, so to ensure a professional installation, tune-up, or repair, it’s crucial that you find someone in San Antonio, TX who is qualified and experienced.

Wrong Refrigerant

Unqualified HVAC technicians can use the wrong type of refrigerant, just as they can choose a poorly sized suction tube. Unqualified homeowners or contractors often make the common mistake of filling the air conditioner with too high levels of refrigerant, or an unsuitable refrigerant type. Air conditioners typically use either R-22 (Freon) or R410A (Puron), and using the wrong type can cause serious damage to your air conditioner compressor, as they shouldn’t be mixed. Also, different refrigerants have different pressure ranges, so filling the new air conditioner installation with the wrong type can be very dangerous.

Incorrect Air Conditioner Placement

Errors in air conditioner placement can reduce your new AC’s efficiency by up to 30 percent. Not only does improper placement waste energy, but short-cycling and other symptoms of incorrect placement can quickly take their toll on critical components. Premature wear and tear mean you’ll be seeing an HVAC repair technician much sooner than you’d like.

Improperly Sealed Ductwork

There are multiple ways to seal ductwork, some more effective solutions than others. If ductwork is improperly sealed, forced air can seep out of cracks instead of through the vents and out into your San Antonio, TX home. Permanent sealers should be used to seal cracks in ductwork, although someone inexperienced may use a short-term tape solution.

Inappropriate Vent Locations

Vents are vital to the effective operation of many AC systems, and placing them in the wrong area can mean restricted airflow. Making sure they’re installed in locations that are not easily blocked by furniture, and evenly spreading them throughout the home is advisable.

Professional Guidelines For AC Installation Placement

No matter the type of air conditioner that you have, there are some basic guidelines that will work for all models. These guidelines are pertinent if the air conditioner installation is outside:

  • There must be sufficient space around it. Fences and walls within 2-3 feet of the unit can restrict airflow.
  • It is important to keep the cooling unit free from obstructions. Loose vegetation or debris should be removed, and there should be no tall vegetation nearby.
  • The unit must not block any passageways.
  • The air conditioner’s condenser must be elevated to prevent damage from rainwater or flooding. This could mean an outdoor concrete area or patio needs to be installed.
  • Consider noise pollution and pick a placement location that’s far enough away from neighbors and areas of the home where a lot of time is spent.

Additional considerations for interior air conditioner installation include:

  • It should not be placed behind furniture or doors.
  • It is important to inspect all ducts leading to the unit before the new air conditioner installation is completed. This will help guarantee efficiency and air quality.

Assure Peak Energy Efficiency with Correct Air Conditioner Placement

Your new AC unit’s efficiency can be affected by a number of additional factors, such as direct sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight, the unit may think it is hotter than it actually is in your San Antonio, TX home. Thus, it may end up trying to cool down the area more often, but this is not the most efficient way to manage home cooling.

It might seem that placing your new AC unit on the hotter side of the house may be beneficial, but this is not the case. The unit will work harder to cool down hot air, which can lead to increased run times, higher bills, and premature wear and tear.

Because of the amount of air it must pull in to cool down, shading the A/C unit will not always reduce the overall heat. It’s better to ensure the new air conditioner installation is located on the cooler side of the house to reduce the strain it puts on cooling the air.

Choosing a Professional for AC Installation

Texas has a number of HVAC license requirements, and choosing a Texas-certified technician or individual with an HVAC contractor license guarantees that you’ll have a professional with a minimum level of experience performing air conditioner installation, repairs, and maintenance. A ‘registered technician’ can be someone with no experience, although they have to work under the guidance of a licensed contractor.

A licensed contractor has:

  • Endorsements and correct license classes for unit servicing
  • Proof of insurance
  • Met the necessary experience and education requirements
  • Passed a licensing exam

A certified technician has:

  • At least two years experience working under another licensed HVAC contractor
  • Completed an HVAC certification program, including 2,000 hours of approved training within 4 years

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