Your AC Company’s Guide To Portable Air Conditioners | San Antonio, TX

Your AC Company’s Guide To Portable Air Conditioners | San Antonio, TX

One thing that makes people dread the summer season is the high temperatures that can cause heat-related issues. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control estimates that extreme heat that causes heat waves results in approximately 658 deaths annually, hence the urge for people to stay cool and hydrated. Here is where air conditioners come in, to prevent uncomfortable high temperatures and to promote health.

Portable AC units work like other conventional air conditioners in providing much-needed conditioned cool air. They have numerous benefits that can attract potential customers. But, the challenge is getting the right portable aircon that meets your cooling needs and is within your budget.

Getting an HVAC contractor from a trustworthy AC company is the sharp-witted thing to do for help throughout the selection process up to installation. The following are some factors to consider when buying portable air conditioners before making a purchase decision.

Aspects to Consider When Going for a Portable AC


Before checking out other factors when buying a portable air conditioner, the unit’s price is mostly the first thing people ask during their window shopping process. Several factors determine the cost of every air conditioning unit, including its cooling capacity, the complexity of installation, maintenance requirements, fuel type, the space it will cool, and availability in the market.

It is accurate to note that scarce appliances and things are more costly than readily available ones. The advanced features of the air conditioner can also tip the cost of the portable system upwards. At the end of the window shopping, you should consider an AC Company and manufacturer in San Antonio, TX, offering a fair price for the unit.

Knowing the cost of frequency of maintenance and monthly utility bills to expect can help you to prepare psychologically as the air conditioner expenses double fast.

Energy Consumption

Most people shy away from appliances that lead to high energy bills. When buying a portable aircon, it is wise to consider one that is energy efficient. ENERGY STAR shows that cooling energy bills account for 13 percent, while the heating utility is 29 percent of the total average $ 2,060 energy bills in a single-family unit.

So, the AC company you choose to buy your portable air conditioning system should explain the energy-efficient features of the portable air conditioner to help you make well-informed purchase decisions.

The energy-saving features in a movable AC unit include a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the preferred room temperatures and shuts off the minute it achieves the precise high temperatures. The hired HVAC contractors can pinpoint the numerous benefits of keeping the system clean if you want lower utility bills.

Room Size

The size of the rooms you intend to cool is another crucial factor to consider when choosing air conditioners, including the portable type. Professionals in the AC company you want to purchase the portable air conditioner can explain how they use the BTU Chart to determine the best air conditioning system with the suitable cooling capacity for your San Antonio, TX, home.

Portable ACs are not as powerful as central air conditioning systems because they can only cool specific areas in a house. So, if you have a conventional air conditioner in your living room and feel the conditioned air is not adequately reaching your room, then the portable aircon should be your plug in this case.

Size of HVAC Portable Appliance

In addition to room size, you should consider the size of your air conditioning equipment to ensure it matches your cooling needs. Getting oversized or undersized air conditioners can lead to HVAC problems, such as the unit running continuously without stopping or operating at a high cooling speed and sudden stops that can increase energy bills.

You might also want a portable air conditioner because of moving it from one place to another. If this is the case, you should ask technicians from the nearby AC company in San Antonio, TX, to help you get a sizable portable aircon that efficiently meets your needs.


Installing an appliance is another crucial step that you should not mess up because shoddy work will lead to multiple HVAC issues.

After buying your portable air conditioner, you should ensure to hire the best AC company in your city with technicians that have unmatched air conditioner installation skills and experience.

Portable air conditioning systems are not as complex to install as geothermal and central forced air conditioners. It will take less time to install in your window or other preferred locations. The installers should follow the step-by-step manufacturer instructions to get the best results.


The installers you hire from a renowned AC company in the region should install portable air conditioners close to windows for venting out hot air.

If it has a window venting kit, the HVAC technician can mount it anywhere within your room as long as the kit can reach the window for adequate ventilation.

Ease of Use

Before making a down payment for the portable air conditioning system, make sure you can use it if alone in the house.

The technical staff at the AC company should teach you how the controls work, to set a programmable thermostat, and most importantly, to switch it on and off. If it is a hassle to use the thermostat and remote control devices, it’s alright to ask for help before you master the skill.

In a Nutshell!

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying an air conditioning unit. If you skip the process and go straight to purchasing, you might regret your choice of air conditioner.

Our experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, are here to help you throughout the process. We are a reliable and licensed AC company that values quality services for our clients. Our trained and skilled technicians go over and beyond to provide professional, courteous, clean, and excellent services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

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