Why Is A Duct Cleaning Service Needed After A Major Renovation? | San Antonio, TX

Why Is A Duct Cleaning Service Needed After A Major Renovation? | San Antonio, TX

Renovating your San Antonio, TX office or home can be exhilarating. Besides making your property better functioning and more visually appealing, it also adds value to your home. Unfortunately, once the professionals finish the renovation, they might leave some dust despite their efforts to clean it. The dust might have found its way into your air ducts. Are you planning a home or office renovation? Ensure that you include duct cleaning services in your budget. During the renovation, the expert will perform different tasks, such as sanding the drywall and wool, ripping out the floor, and taking down the ceiling, among other activities. During the renovation, small debris and dust particles could find their way into your air ducts’ vents.

Preventing Contamination from the Construction Debris and Residue

Whether renovations or constructions are being carried out at your home, especially those involving large volumes of dust, enough precautions should be taken. You should seal off the return and supply registers. The construction dust might clog up the air filters and ducts or even into the air conditioning system. Running your HVAC system during the construction will see the dust distributed all over your San Antonio, TX home. Thus, you should never run the heating and air conditioning system until the construction debris and residue are cleaned.

This is particularly critical when installing drywall when cutting wood or producing dust. Additionally, you should hire a duct cleaning service provider to clean the air ducts after the construction is finished. Have you completed the renovation but remembered that you didn’t seal off the ducts and vents? Then you should have a technician clean them. In addition, even if you take the necessary precautions, such as taping off registers before beginning work, there is still a possibility that some dust and debris will make their way into your air ducts. This indicates that arranging a duct cleaning service after construction remains the best way to go if you want to ensure that the air in your home is healthier and fresher.

Should You Clean Your Ducts After Construction?

Materials used in construction typically include chemicals and materials that aren’t typically found in domestic settings like homes and businesses. Removing such construction materials from the air in your home is one of the advantages of having a duct cleaning service after a renovation. You do not want traces of potentially hazardous materials to remain in the area.

After completing a new construction or home renovation, you can find that your newly constructed surfaces and the rest of your house are covered in dust. You try to clean it up, but no matter how often you wipe down the surfaces, the dust always returns after a short while. When this arises, the dust and dirt may be contained within your air ducts and distributed around your home as a result of the air circulation. This is a strong sign that you may need to have a duct cleaning service after remodeling.

New homeowners also should know that even after building a new home, sawdust, drywall dust, and other particles may still be left in the vents for a significant amount of time after completing the construction process. This is something that new homeowners should be aware of. Have you recently moved into a new house and noticed that it appears abnormally dusty or that the air looks stale? You could benefit from having your duct cleaning service remove odors or having an inspection done to see whether there is a more widespread problem.

Benefits of Cleaning the Air Vents Following a Renovation

Removing dust and construction materials from the vents and air ducts is the main benefit of cleaning the air vents after a renovation. Besides, having the air ducts cleaned and inspected after a renovation or construction ensures that your air filters are not clogged because of dust. It also ensures that your HVAC system is running efficiently. Besides having a duct cleaning service, you should have a professional come for a routine inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system. They should also take measures to prevent moisture contamination. You can achieve this by having a duct technician regularly service the air ducts and filters.

What Can Happen If Your Ducts Aren’t Cleaned After Construction

If construction debris isn’t removed from your air ducts, it could take months for the fine film of dust coating to dissipate. Additionally, you could be breathing leftover construction materials and airborne VOCs because of air circulation. When the ducts are full of debris and dust, that could impact the service life and the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Depending on the amount of debris in your air ducts, it could even block the airflow. Hence, you shouldn’t fail to have a duct cleaning after a San Antonio, TX home renovation or construction. A huge accumulation of renovation and construction materials in your air ducts might result in mold growth.

What Should You Expect After Your Air Ducts are Cleaned?

A duct cleaning service after a major renovation is critical and akin to a routine service. There are several main stages to cleaning the air ducts. They include inspection, identification, cleaning, deodorizing, servicing, and repairs. However, you should ask the AC repair technician about the cleaning methods they will be using.

How Long Will the Duct Cleaning Take?

There are many factors to this, meaning there isn’t any specified time. The period required to clean the ducts depends on the complexity and length of your air ducts. How dirty the air ducts also have an impact. However, most duct cleaning services are completed within a day.

Are you planning for or having a major renovation at your home? You should also ensure that you factor in duct cleaning. Do you need your ducts cleaned professionally? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

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