Why Do You Need An Emergency Plumber After It Rains? | San Antonio, TX

Why Do You Need An Emergency Plumber After It Rains? | San Antonio, TX

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Texas is known for its vast arid lands, but it does get its fair share of rainfall at certain times of the year. Intermittent rains can result in quite a few hazards around the house with the plumbing because you hardly get enough time to prepare before sudden bouts of rain.

An emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX, can help you with these issues. They are equipped to handle all types of plumbing emergencies at short notice, especially if there has been heavy rainfall.

Here is how an emergency plumber can help you.

Cleaning the Drainage Pipes

During a heavy shower, dirt and debris swirls in the water and rushes towards the drain. Broken twigs, dried leaves, sludge mixed with pebbles and grease, and trash get carried away by the water but eventually get stuck when they reach the drain.

The storm drains are quickly clogged, and the water cannot leave your premises, which is enough to cause flooding. The water will also find a way into your basement and create a mess. A plumber can help you clean the drains after a storm and make sure they are properly fitted so that no debris causes a clog.

One way to know if there is a blockage in the storm drains is to listen for gurgling sounds. However, you might not be able to discover the source of the problem. But an emergency plumber will.

Checking the Gutters

The gutters are responsible for channeling the water out of your roof. Clogged gutters can cause flooding in the areas directly beneath the roof. The water might also exert pressure on the tiles and cause them to crack. Water will then seep into those cracks and crevices and eventually cause roof damage.

With the services of a plumber, you can have your gutters cleaned soon after rain. This is especially important if there is tree cover over your roof and there is a chance of dried leaves and twigs clogging the gutters.

Inspecting the Downspouts

In San Antonio, TX, the emergency plumber will make sure that the drainage system is working flawlessly. They will also check the downspouts to ensure that the pipes are not damaged in any way or will not collapse due to the after-effects of a thunderstorm. They will inspect if the brackets are sitting firmly in place and the bolts and hinges holding the pipes together have not been undone in any way.

Preventing Backflow

Backflow or back-drafting is a common issue after heavy rain, especially if the surrounding landscape is prone to getting waterlogged. This usually occurs due to negative air pressure from gases emitted from debris deep inside the drainage system.

The gases get sucked into the pipes connecting the bathroom or the sink, creating a vacuum and sucking in the wastewater as well. Not only does it create unpleasant odors inside your property, but it is also very unhealthy for the inmates.

An emergency plumber will resolve this issue by inspecting the toilets and pipes properly and flushing out any accumulated wastewater.

Checking the Septic Tank

A common plumbing problem after a thundershower is broken pipes that lead to inefficient drainage. If you have a septic tank in your backyard, and the pipes are damaged or clogged after rain, the rainwater that got into your tank will find no outlet.

This water might again ride back up to your toilet, and you will find it difficult to flush out the wastes. Keeping an emergency plumber on standby is a good idea, and you can also get them checked by the plumbers every couple of years to prevent problems related to rainfall.

Inspecting Underground Pipes

Broken underground pipes from saturated ground is a common problem after heavy rains. When the ground becomes saturated, the soil becomes loose and starts to shift. This reduces the support from the pipes, and they tend to sag. The water pressure and the shifting soil may also eventually cause them to burst, resulting in poor drainage of the entire premises.

The water might seep into your home through various cracks and crevices and might cause damage to the basement, drywall, or outhouses. An emergency plumber will be able to mend these pipes for you and ensure they go back to their previous shape for maximum drainage efficiency.

Checking the Sump Pumps and Water Heaters

Sump pumps are crucial when you have to remove excess water from the premises, and you cannot afford them to break down after a bout of heavy rains. It is very important to have a sump pump if you have a basement. After the water reaches a specific level, the pump self-starts and starts draining the water out.

However, if it doesn’t, you are looking towards a flooded basement, and you need an emergency plumber in San Antonio to take care of the issue right away. The sump pump might have refused to work due to faulty power lines or some other technical glitch. A plumber would know how to fix it, and it is best not to try any DIY methods at this point.

In the same way, they will also have a look at your water heaters if they have broken down after a storm. You do not want to be stuck without hot water on a cold and wet day.

Be Prepared for the Rains with Premium Plumbing Services in San Antonio

If you stay in and around San Antonio, TX, and you have faced any of the issues mentioned above after a rain, give a call to our experts today. Our emergency plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio are trained to handle any mishaps resulting from thunderstorms and rain.

They will minutely inspect your premises and get to the root of the problem so that you enjoy dry and clean premises. Our plumbers will arrive at your premises at the earliest and make sure you get to enjoy the rains and the lushness it brings, instead of having to fret about them.

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