Where To Find An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

Where To Find An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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Most people have suffered a plumbing catastrophe at one time in their lives and have had to call an emergency plumber. When that happens, you may find that it is not as easy as you think to find one. Not every plumbing company will work after hours or even over weekend or holiday periods. In an emergency, you do not always have time to check whether that plumbing company is dependable or not.

Most people will turn to their mobiles and search the internet for an “emergency plumber near me,” but that brings back too many results, with everyone claiming to be the cheapest and the best. The next best step is to check a trusted review site and filter out those with low ratings and bad customer reviews. This will narrow the list down to a few, and at the top of that list will be bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

We have many plumbers on call 24/7, and they have been trained to the highest standards. So, if you want a San Antonio, TX emergency plumber, then call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio because we can sort out any problem.

When Do You Need an Emergency Plumber in TX?

Your Pipes Have Burst!!!

Sadly, this is a common and severe reason to call an emergency plumber. A lot of water damage can be caused to your property in a brief period of time, so it is critical that you quickly locate and turn off the main water valve. Once you do this then, open all your taps to drain as much water as you can from your pipes. These actions should stop the water flow and damage to your floors, furnishings, and walls.

Next, you should find the mains electricity switch and turn it off to avoid the risk of electrocution. If you do not know where the water value and electricity off switch are then please find out now. The sooner you turn these off the safer you will be. If you see sparks, smell smoke, or see a fire call the fire department immediately and leave your home for your safety.

The Water in Your Sinks and Bathtubs Is Slow to Drain

If you notice that it takes longer and longer for your sink to drain, then you probably have clogs growing in your drain lines. Ignoring the problem will lead to the drain line completely stuffed and slowing or stopping the standing water in your sinks and drains. Now you will definitely need an emergency plumber to perform a professional drain cleaning service to safely remove the clogs.

Dirty Water Is Gurgling Back Into Your Sink and Toilet

Having standing water in your sink is bad enough but if it is accompanied by brown water gurgling back and the smell of sewage you have an icky problem on your hands. Clogs are normally caused by pouring warm grease, food, and other material down the drain. These same materials cause blockages in the primary sewer line backing up sewage and gray water into your home.

As a result, all your wastewater cannot get out to the main sewer network and then, unfortunately, returns to your home. The sewer line could also be damaged, and this too will need to be investigated by an emergency plumber. Remember sewage backing up into your home is a serious health hazard, and you need to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio straight away to prevent bacteria and other dangerous microbes from polluting your space.

Your Water Heater Has Broken Down

Hot water is vital for everyday needs like keeping clean, washing clothes, and preparing food, if your water heater breaks down the impact is quickly felt like a major inconvenience. To help avoid the need to call a San Antonio, TX emergency plumber, we at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio recommend considering having your heater undergo an annual or semi-annual service. The service will ensure that your heater is running efficiently and reduce your energy bills. The service will also discover any developing problems and allow you to remedy them before they cause a breakdown and cause a much bigger repair cost.

If your water heater is over ten-years-old, you may want to consider having a new installation. The technology has advanced so much during the past few years, the initial investment is worth it because it will save you so much money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint.

You may have noticed that your old heater is showing signs of wear and tear, and not producing as much hot water as it used to. It may need increased repair work to keep going, so this may be a good time to have it replaced. A new water heater is not going to be cheap to buy and install, but it will pay for itself over time, as it will be more energy-efficient and need less maintenance.

Your Water Heater Is Unable to Cope with the Demand

Often an emergency plumber is called to repair a broken water heater only to discover that the heater has only shut down because too many demands have been placed on it. An underpowered heater is often not able to cope with having too many water appliances on at the same time. It can shut down to avoid damage. A short-term solution is to stagger the use of your appliances over the day or better still invest in a more powerful water heater.

Plumbing Repairs

You probably would not class a dripping tap as an emergency plumbing job, but it is surprising how much a dripping tap wastes in water. It is estimated that a single drip per minute wastes nearly thirty-five gallons of water each year. That is a lot of wasted money.

Most water pipes are located behind the wall and under floors making it difficult to detect a leak. One sign is the smell of damp under carpets and sinks’ cabinets. Another is the sight of damp patches on the walls, floors, and ceilings. An effective way to check whether you have a leak or not is to check your water meter after you have turned all the water devices off in your home. If the meter is still counting, then you have a leak somewhere.

We at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio recommend annual maintenance on your plumbing system. Maintenance is a cost-effective way to find potential problems early, saving you money in the process.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio

Having a plumbing emergency in San Antonio, TX is always going to be a stressful experience for most. Let us take some of that stress from you. All our plumbers are experienced and fully licensed and bonded. We carefully vet them before they are hired. Whatever your plumbing needs call us today and let’s fix the problem quickly and affordably!

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