When To Call For An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

When To Call For An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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Being a homeowner is a great feeling, but it also involves a lot of responsibility. You always need to be on your toes when it comes to repairing and maintaining your home. You cannot procrastinate if there is an issue with your home, and one of them is plumbing. If not taken care of on time, a plumbing problem can quickly escalate and will end up in costly repairs and overhauls.

So it is a good idea to call an emergency plumber right away if you experience any or multiple of the following plumbing issues in your premises.

Overflowing toilets are almost often caused by a clogged drain. You have dirty water everywhere, and the smell refuses to leave your house for days after. Wastewater filing your bathroom floor is not just inconvenient, but might also make everyone feel sick, especially if there are children in the house.

An emergency plumber will immediately cut off the water supply to that bathroom. He will also conduct a thorough inspection of the drain and clear out any clogs that might have resulted in the overflow.

The toilet is not the only place in the house that uses plumbing. Your kitchen sink, showers, and faucets in the backyard also use extensive plumbing. While you can use a plunger now and then, it is not a permanent solution if you see clogs in your plumbing cropping up at regular intervals.

This could be an indication of your plumbing silting due to excess sediment or some fault that is preventing the smooth drainage of water. Or maybe, the kids could have just flushed something down the drain which they shouldn’t have. Pet hair could have washed down the drain and caused clogs as well. Call an emergency plumber to take care of them right away.

Come winter, and this becomes a major problem in most homes. This causes real physical damage to your plumbing. It could either reduce the water pressure or stop it completely. If they have cracked open somewhere inside the walls, then there is also the risk of your walls getting damaged if you don’t fix it right away.

This is just the kind of situation where you need to call an emergency plumber. Do not try any DIY methods because frozen pipes need very careful handling, or else the entire plumbing system in your home might come apart.

You cannot go without hot water in the winters and a malfunctioning water heater will not do. Yes, the heater could be performing irregularly due to fluctuating electricity, but if there is some technical issue with the heater, then only a plumber will be able to help you. They know their way around all kinds of water heaters, no matter what make or model they are.

If your water heater stops heating the water altogether or boils it over, or if you hear strange noises coming from the motor, or you notice water leaking or rusty water coming out, you should refrain from doing anything to the heater and place a call to an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX.

If you can smell natural gas in your home from the heaters, call your plumber immediately. Plumbers are also trained to fix gas leak issues and gas leaks can be a source of great hazard, especially if you work with open flames around the house. The plumber will locate the source of the smell and fix the leak. They will also replace the gas pipe connecting your house if it has become worn and has cracked somewhere, causing the leak.

If your sump pump has failed and you do not get it fixed on time, then you have a risk of your basement flooding during the next rain. Sump pumps have different motors compared to your regular pumps, which is why you need to call an emergency plumber to repair them.

The impeller might have stopped rotating or too much debris might have collected near the motor, preventing it from rotating smoothly. The float switch could also be malfunctioning, not allowing the sump pump to connect to the electricity. An expert will be immediately able to locate and fix the issue, just in time before the rains start pouring.

If you feel your home has started to smell dank and musty, it is possibly because dirty water is accumulating somewhere around the house, just out of sight. This water also becomes a breeding ground for insects and microbes, becoming a potential health hazard.

Instead of trying to locate the source of the smell wasting time and energy, call emergency plumbers to take a look. They will locate the source of the smell right away and also clean out any drain or gutter that could have been blocked, leaving your home feeling fresh all over again.

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Our team is prepared to handle such emergencies 24*7, so we can arrive at your doorstep at very short notice. You can also call for a diagnostic service for your plumbing system for general maintenance and we will make sure your plumbing keeps on working flawlessly.

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