When It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s AC: Check Your Air Conditioner Installation Options And Make A Strategic Choice | San Antonio, TX

When It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s AC: Check Your Air Conditioner Installation Options And Make A Strategic Choice | San Antonio, TX

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Air conditioning system replacement time is more than time to make a swap these days since times have changed. In the past, many homeowners simply ordered a replacement unit and tried to plan the work during the cooler part of the year. Now, with energy efficiency an essential part of the decision, air conditioner installation time is when decisions need to be made for the next decade because there are so many energy-saving options. Our team of experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio can help you review the EER and other efficiency ratings, the two-stage cooling options, and other flexible compressor operation modes, duct zoning systems and strategies that include ductless mini-split systems, perhaps for your bedroom or home office. We can make it easier to understand the long-term effects of your choices, especially if energy prices go up and the payback from energy efficiency is multiplied.

Keeping Efficiency in Mind for New Air Conditioner Installation

Temperatures are about to rise and energy costs will follow. It’s fortunate that new AC technology is helping to make a new air conditioner installation an investment in energy savings. This can even prompt homeowners to replace their AC unit sooner than they normally would, taking advantage of energy savings sooner as well. Our air conditioner installation experts can help you review EER and related ratings for comparison and also to factor them into your decision. You may also find that manufacturer or government incentives exist to help make the decision easier, and our bluefrog office team includes experts at making things possible in addition to our front-line team that gets your work done. Another savings that new air conditioner installation brings is important to consider: if you’ve been keeping your system going with periodic repairs, you’re starting fresh and maintenance is why you’ll be calling us to visit. To keep the benefits of efficiency and reliability, don’t forget to schedule yours!

What’s a Two-Stage AC?

Both furnaces and air conditioners are available with two-stage operation, which is a great idea for energy savings and also for your comfort. For a new air conditioner installation, the two-stage compressor will crank out cool to get your home down to the temperature you need, but won’t keep sending blasts at the same level once your home is about right, it will scale back and send more moderate amounts of cool to keep you at the right temperature. That means your temperature should be more steady, and there won’t be all those blasts of chilly air on your neck once the room is at temperature. From the air conditioner service perspective, that means your unit uses much less energy, and since it’s not working as hard, wear and tear will be reduced as well. Additional features are being added to HVAC equipment to use this concept to its fullest, adjusting heating and cooling and airflow to get the most out of your energy expenditures and keep you as comfortable as can be. It’s an excellent time to be thinking about an air conditioner installation, and we’ll be glad to help you navigate the occasional complexities of new units and share our experience with you.

What’s a Ductless Mini-Split?

When San Antonio, TX homeowners consider replacement air conditioner installation, they’re discovering that a special kind of AC or heat pump system called a ductless mini-split can help them better provide comfort in their home, especially if it’s an older home with a single duct system. In fact, it’s a great solution for homes with no AC at all, who would love to have air conditioner installation but don’t want to have all the disruption of duct installation. Ductless mini-split systems have the same kind of outdoor AC or heat pump systems, with heat pumps providing both AC and heating, but instead of routing the cooling line to a centralized air handling system and evaporator that circulates cool air through ducts, the cooling is routed directly to a wall-mounted unit in the targeted space, where cool air is provided directly, or heat as well if it’s a heat pump system. This can help homeowners provide separate cooling for specific rooms like home offices without converting to a zoned duct system, or otherwise creatively design their new air conditioner installation to work better for them. These specialized systems provide energy savings, especially over electric heat on the heating side, and of course, provide separate temperature control for the space covered by the unit. Ductless mini-split systems can route cooling to more than one room, too. Ask our experts for more information and help design a system that’s right for you.

Services That Help Your New Air Conditioner Serve You Better

These may be add-ons, but they’re definitely not extras — people find them essential in new AC systems and add them to existing ones as well. First is an all-over duct review and cleaning, to make sure your new system can do its best with full airflow and no dust clogs or duct damage. Humidity control is another important factor since humidity affects our feeling of comfort at any temperature. We can install dehumidifier and humidifier systems to help year-round, whether you’re running AC or heat. Air filters such as HEPA filters help get fine particles out of your air circulation, and air purifiers take it a step further. Germicidal UV lights, common in medical and food service environments, are popular in homes now, too.

Your AC Installation Experts and Helpful Information Source in San Antonio, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, our services are expanding but our unique methods for serving you are behind them all. We know you’ll appreciate our expert service and skilled, respectful installation. We’re here to make your life as a homeowner easier and more affordable, and to help you make equipment decisions with the information you need. Call us today and see!

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