What And When To Consider Having An Air Conditioning Repair Technician Retrofit The HVAC System In Your Commercial Building | San Antonio, TX

What And When To Consider Having An Air Conditioning Repair Technician Retrofit The HVAC System In Your Commercial Building | San Antonio, TX

Regardless of how well you maintain your commercial or residential heating and air conditioning systems, they will eventually break down and require some air conditioning repairs. Worse, some components will even require a replacement after failing beyond repair. Higher energy bills, more frequent maintenance than usual, noises, and reduced efficiency are some signs that the air conditioning system in your San Antonio, TX commercial building is malfunctioning and requires your attention. Is this what’s happening at your facility? It might be about time you consider retrofitting your current HVAC system, as it is more budget-friendly than having a complete replacement. But is HVAC retrofitting a worthy investment? Won’t the new system fail quickly, similar to the existing one? Read on to learn what you’ll gain by retrofitting the commercial HVAC system and what you must consider.

Benefits of Retrofits

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the impacts of a failing or malfunctioning HVAC system is low energy efficiency. When you realize your heating and cooling energy utility bills have suddenly increased for no reason, it is time to call an air conditioning repair technician for a further inspection. Increased energy efficiency is why facility owners or managers opt to retrofit existing heating and cooling systems in their commercial buildings. According to a United States Department of Energy study, commercial building owners could save about 38% in heating and cooling energy expenses on average with retrofit technologies. But how does this happen? Unlike the older system, your new retrofit system will use less energy. Hence, you’ll pay less for cooling and heating energy utility bills. This makes HVAC retrofitting a worthy investment in the long run. However, you’ll also have to enlist an air conditioning repair pro to service your HVAC system to realize this benefit regularly.

Better IAQ

The other benefit of having an air conditioning repair technician retrofit an HVAC system in your commercial building is that it helps improve indoor air quality. Your retrofit heating and cooling system will more robustly trap harmful pollutants such as dirt, dust, mold, bacteria, chemical emissions, VOCs, viruses, and pollen than an older system. These air pollutants reduce the effectiveness and productivity of the occupants of your commercial building. Additionally, they could result in flare-ups of asthma conditions for the asthmatic, not forgetting that you could also see many employees become sick and show allergic reactions. Hence, it is recommended that you have the air ducts in your San Antonio, TX commercial building cleaned regularly and filters replaced after every month. This way, you can keep the occupants of that commercial space productive and healthy. HVAC retrofitting also means that your building will have a balanced humidity level, protecting it from mold growth.

Less Maintenance

When a commercial heating and cooling system is maintained properly, it can serve you for about 15-20 years. You will not prematurely have to replace the unit, saving you a fortune. But as heating and air conditioning systems begin reaching the end of their lifespans, the maintenance costs and requirements increase drastically to keep the HVAC system operable. You also might find that the HVAC is more prone to damage and requires frequent air conditioning repairs. Have you noticed this with your HVAC system?

Has its cooling and efficiency reduced in recent months? Although these aren’t the only signs that your unit is up for replacement, you should have it inspected by a professional. If they determine that your unit is too old and the economic benefits of the frequent air conditioning repairs and maintenance are less than retrofitting it, they may recommend that you replace or retrofit your HVAC system. The retrofit unit extends the service life of your HVAC and reduces the need for unplanned maintenance visits.

Other Points to Consider

Consult with a Professional

When you consider using a retrofit heating air conditioning system for your San Antonio, TX residential or commercial building, ensure that you analyze your repair and maintenance records. Assess if your heating and air conditioning system meets its application requirements. Is it? Or is your heating and cooling system underperforming? If it does, you must liaise with a reliable air conditioning repair technician with the required experience and skills to optimize your HVAC. Remember, HVAC retrofitting is a complicated process that requires to be handled by an experienced and licensed professional.

Consider Other Building Upgrades

Take some steps back and examine your entire building, not just the HVAC system. Are there some upgrades you can make to make it more energy efficient? You can make many updates to ensure that your commercial space is attractive to clients and doesn’t have stale air. Others include installing air purifiers, whole-house humidifiers, or dehumidifiers, depending on the humidity status of your area. Taking all these upgrades across your commercial building into consideration while working with your air conditioning repair technician ensures that you set proper priorities for the HVAC system and plan on the heating or cooling load needed.

Cooperate with Those Renting Space in Your Building

Any HVAC retrofit plans should include the building occupants where possible. Based on the extent of HVAC upgrades the air conditioning repair technician will have to perform, there may be a level of disruptions that can interfere with the heating and cooling of your building. This could leave your tenants with no cooling or heating, making it uncomfortable for them. In some instances, a temporary relocation is required. However, if the upgrades are less, they can be completed over a weekend when everyone’s at home.

Let’s Help You Upgrade

Although a complete replacement of your HVAC system when it breaks down due to age is recommended, retrofitting it can also help. Do you need to retrofit an HVAC system in your commercial space? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio. We will give you a free consultation and quote for the project.

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