Water Heater Buying Advice From Your Water Heater Repair Technician | Boerne, TX

Water Heater Buying Advice From Your Water Heater Repair Technician | Boerne, TX

Although you might not be thinking of your water heater every day, you surely will know when it isn’t correctly working. A water heater ensures you have heated water in your bathroom and hot water faucets. This helps you enjoy heated showers, clean your dishes with hot water, and even wash your hands in hot water. However, the unit might require water heater repairs from time to time. Whenever the unit shows signs of needing repair, you should call a professional for an inspection.

Although the heater is a significant consumer of electrical energy at your home, its benefits vastly overshadow the expenses. It is estimated that water heating could use up to 20% of your home’s electrical energy costs per year. You need to consider issues like energy efficiency when purchasing a water heating unit. Below are the other things to consider:

Quality of the Heating Element and Tank

Do you live in an area that receives hard water? Then this is an important consideration to make. Which materials make the heating element? What is the water heater tank made from? Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved magnesium and calcium. These mineral form limescale that isn’t harmful to humans but seriously impacts the water heater. The limescale sticks to water heater tank walls when heated, forming scale deposits.

With time the sediments clog your water pipes and accumulate in the water heater and other home appliances. When the heating element and the water heater tank directly come into contact with hard water, it reduces efficiency, shorter lifespan, and corrosion of the water heater. Water heater repair technicians recommend purchasing corrosion-resistant water heaters for an efficient, reliable, and durable appliance.

Consider the Type of Fuel That the Unit You Are About to Purchase Uses

Before purchasing a water heater, ask the vendor what kind of fuel it uses. If purchasing a replacement unit, you should choose one that uses the same fuel as your older unit. Natural gas and electricity are the two most widely used fuel types for powering the water heater. It may also use solar energy, geothermal energy, or other gas sources, like oil or propane, according to where you reside. Get this information before you start shopping because your fuel source will determine the type of water heating unit you can install. Therefore, purchase a water heater that uses readily available energy and call a water heater repair technician to install the unit at your Boerne, TX home.

Where Will the Unit Be Located?

Like the required fuel, you must choose a water heating unit that fits your existing space. Water heaters differ in size, with newer models larger than older models. This is because of increased insulations and enhancements in the energy-efficiency. Even if you might be willing to pay extra expenses to accommodate a bigger water heater, you should enlist a local water heater repair technician to determine the necessary renovations. The technician will check your home’s plumbing, gas lines, and wiring.

Go Tankless Where Possible

Although you also might install a conventional water heater, water heater repair technicians nowadays recommend installing tankless water heaters. These units are considerably smaller compared to tank-based systems. This means they don’t use up much space in your home. These units are also highly energy efficient, meaning installing them at your Boerne, TX home. Tankless water heaters cost more upfront but use substantially less energy over time because they only heat water when needed. They are also known as “demand water heaters” because of this.

However, tankless water heaters have significant drawbacks for the lives of your family, even though they are more economical and energy-efficient. Since the water is not hot and ready for use like a tank water heater, tankless water heating may take much longer to heat the water. This could be annoying or even problematic throughout the winter in colder climates. A large home that needs to use several hot water sources simultaneously may also have trouble using a tankless water heater.

Is the Water Heater Energy-Efficient?

The type of water heater you choose is critical. It defines the amount of money that you’ll be paying in utility bills or the frequency of water heater repairs. For instance, and as mentioned above, a tankless water heater is more energy efficient than the conventional tank-based system that must keep reheating the water. But how can you know that a water heater is energy efficient? There are several things that you can do to determine this.

First, check whether a water heater has an energy-star symbol. Choosing an energy star certified unit is the easiest way of determining that your chosen water heater is energy efficient. These units use less energy, meaning you will save a fortune on electricity utility bills at the end of the month. Besides energy efficiency, energy star-certified units also provide high quality and reliable performance.

Are you shopping for an oil-fired or a gas-fired water heater? Then you should consider the unit’s energy factor (EF). The energy factor measures the efficiency of your water heater, both in tankless and conventional water heaters. A water heater has a higher EF and more energy efficiency. Before purchasing a unit, conduct some research. Talk to your water heater repair technician, ask questions about water heaters and energy efficiency and make an informed decision. When you enter your bathroom and take a warm shower without worrying that you’ll come out with high water, electricity, and gas bills will be worth it.

Are You Planning to Purchase a Water Heater?

You should consider many things when planning to buy a water heater. Fortunately, you can consult a water heater repair technician in Boerne, TX, for advice. Install an energy-efficient water heater to ensure you don’t incur high energy utility bills. Are you planning to purchase a water heater? Contact our water heater repair professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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