Types Of Furnaces You Can Install In Your Home According To A Heating And AC Company | San Antonio, TX

Types Of Furnaces You Can Install In Your Home According To A Heating And AC Company | San Antonio, TX

Are you out in the market in search of a new furnace? Then you might be overwhelmed by the many options available. There are many types of furnaces today because of the changes in technology and innovation. This article will compile the main types of furnaces to ease the process and ensure you are calm. Furnaces heat your indoor air through combustion. They then release thermal energy that heats rooms, buildings, and other structures. Some furnaces are used in commercial and industrial settings for processing certain materials. Regardless, you must ensure that you choose the right furnace by talking to your reliable heating and AC company.

When searching for a furnace, you should note that it isn’t one-size-fits-all. Before you purchase a unit, you must research and consult widely to ensure that you choose one that can effectively heat your home. Below are the main types of furnaces categorized into operation mode and fuel type.

Types of Furnaces Based On Operation

Furnaces are at the heart of ensuring comfort in your home during the winter. They ensure that your home is properly heated during the winter months to ensure that the inhabitants of your home don’t shiver under cold weather. They circulate warm air through the vents and ducts to all parts of your home. However, you must select the right furnace to enjoy this comfort. When shopping for a furnace from your reliable heating and AC company, remember to consider the energy efficiency and heating capacity. Below are the types of furnaces you can purchase, classified based on the operation mode.

Single-Stage Furnace

Single-stage furnaces allow the gas to enter at a very high rate. These furnaces have a single gas valve that closes and opens to facilitate the seamless flow of gas. The furnaces are designed to run at a specific constant speed. Unfortunately, they are generally noisy. These furnaces are ideal if you live in a fairly moderate to mild area because they operate at 80% fuel use efficiency per annum. This is enough to ensure that your San Antonio, TX home is warm. Single-stage furnace systems offer little when it comes to cost savings every month. These furnaces are also very durable and require minimal furnace repairs. Hence, when you visit your trusted heating and AC company, consider a single-stage furnace if you live in a mildly cold region but want a long-lasting unit.

Two-Stage Furnace

More possibilities are available with a two-stage furnace than with a single-stage one, like controlling the gas flow. You can use full power, low power, or half power. These furnaces can connect to the thermostat and change the power output in response to the need for heating. They operate with an annual fuel efficiency of 90%. The furnace could be turned on at half power on cooler days to heat the house. Your thermostat shall signal as the temperature drops, opening a valve to put the furnace on fully. A two-stage furnace provides a longer heating cycle, which improves the distribution of hot air and increases the comfort of your house. Hence, if you are tired of the noises produced by a single-stage furnace, you can head to a heating and AC company and purchase a two-stage furnace.

Variable Speed/ Modulating Furnace

A modulating or variable speed furnace is the kind of furnace that allows you to adjust the amount of heat that is released within any specific time. Hence, these furnaces always run at optimal heating. Though models might vary, most modulating furnaces are designed to operate using a one percent increase or decrease, allowing the unit to monitor the amount of heat needed. The furnace will carefully adjust the output by determining your home’s temperature. These furnaces are efficient and also provide even temperatures all over your home. It is a great choice for homes where winter seems to last long. Hence, if you live in an area of Texas that receives lengthy winters, you should visit your nearest heating and AC company and purchase a variable-speed furnace. Homeowners prefer using the furnaces because they run based on demand.

Types of Furnaces Based On What Fuel They Use

The other criteria used to categorize the furnaces is based on the type of fuel they run on. When you head to a heating and AC company searching for a furnace, you will most likely find electric, oil, and gas-powered furnaces. However, there are wood and coal furnaces that are still in use.

Gas Furnace

Today, natural gas furnaces are used in the majority of American households. Gas is delivered to residential houses by municipalities using underground pipelines. The fuel in the furnace is ignited when natural gas enters a house and jets along the burner. Warm air is then distributed throughout the air duct system in your San Antonio, TX home as the temperature of that air within the furnace heat exchanger rises. Natural gas offers dependable heating compared to alternative fuels while maintaining relatively consistent and cheap fuel prices. High-efficiency natural-gas-powered furnaces can attain a ninety-seven percent energy efficiency rating. Hence, it is a popular type you are likely to find in any heating and AC company.

Electric Furnace

These furnaces are the most popular type among homeowners as they don’t rely on or need any gas line. Although some areas have direct access to natural gas, some homeowners prefer electric furnaces. Installing the pipes for natural gas is pretty expensive. If you want a furnace that runs on readily available power, consult your heating and AC company to purchase an electric-powered furnace.

Choosing a furnace depends on several factors, mostly size and energy efficiency. Consider your budget when you are out in a heating and AC company searching for one. Do you want a furnace installed at your San Antonio, TX home? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

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