Top Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your AC Repairs | San Antonio, TX

Top Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your AC Repairs | San Antonio, TX

There’s no refuting that air conditioning repair is common in homes, especially during the hot seasons in San Antonio, TX. When you call in a technician for AC repair, expect a simple exercise such as filter replacement to complete a system overhaul.

However, before anything, you need to understand the various factors determining how much you’ll spend on your AC repairs. Knowing what influences your ultimate bill will help you better prepare for the repair service. Also, with this basic knowledge, you may be in an excellent position to determine whether you need another AC repair or a new installation. So, consider the following:

Age of Your AC System

Your system is probably old if it’s more than 15 years old. Undoubtedly, repairing an old air conditioner is costlier because the chances of breaking down are higher as it ages. Also, an older unit may be discontinued. Thus, getting new replacement parts may be an arduous task.

Again, some technicians may not be familiar with the model, making finding the right air conditioning repair provider more difficult and expensive.

For starters, a good rule of thumb is to multiply the approximate repair cost by the age of the unit. If the price is more than $5000, replacing the unit is a better option to repair.

Unit Condition

A poorly-condition unit is likely more expensive to repair than one adequately maintained. Investing upfront in regular tune-ups can help you curb frequent and costly AC repairs and extend your AC’s lifespan. Changing air filters, cleaning coils, and annual scheduling inspections will help get you ahead of problems before they start.

AC Size

How big your air conditioner is may also impact the cost of repair. Bigger implies more time and labor are required to repair. On the other hand, a smaller – or more efficient unit means less time to have it checked out.

Booking Times

When are you scheduling repairs for your air conditioner? If it’s right in the summer, you may have to pay a little more, especially if you need a last-minute or emergency repair.

One primary reason is that during this time of the year, the demand for air conditioning repair is significantly higher as everyone is trying to fire up their systems, only to discover that they need immediate attention from the experts.

It might be cheaper to schedule AC repairs during off-peak – winter or late fall – since repair teams aren’t that busy. Plus, you’ll have enough time to tackle any problem that may come up.

The Extent of Damage

The extent of the damage will directly determine the cost of repairing an AC. For instance, replacing a dirty air filter with a new one may be only a few dollars, while repairing a refrigerant leak might be relatively expensive.

Extensive damages may attract a considerable price. If you’re undecided on whether to have a repair or replacement, an HVAC professional in San Antonio, TX can help you weigh your options and determine the steps to take.

Unit Type

On average, different AC systems have different AC repair costs. For example, a faulty window AC may cost between $50 and $125. Likewise, a portable cooling unit may cost you as little as $80 and as much as $250 to repair. Generally, these air conditioners are often pocket-friendly as they’re smaller and have low-cost parts. Comparably, you might incur more fees in fixing issues with a central AC unit as these systems are quite complex to check and repair, influencing the repair charge.


This is another critical factor that influences the overall cost of AC repairs. Usually, most HVAC techs charge a service call fee, which may cover their travel time and attend to your bad AC. Additional costs include those for spare parts once the issue has been diagnosed, then the workforce puts it on. Even though many service providers in San Antonio, TX charge an hourly rate, for some, the costs may differ based on the scope of work. Hence, it might be tricky to get an accurate estimate for the repair if you’re only calculating it according to the estimated repair time.

AC Brand

Like cars, the brand of your cooling unit will have a bearing on the initial purchase price and repair costs. More expensive brands may cost you dearly upfront, but they’re less susceptible to frequent or severe problems than their low-cost counterparts.

Additional Costs and Other Considerations

Warranties can substantially reduce a homeowner’s cost of AC repair or even replacement. The two common warranty options include the manufacturer and home warranties. Although an AC specialist may answer basic warranty questions, it’s up to you to determine how to use any manufacturer’s warranty.

A home warranty is something to count on if you purchase a new home with an AC installed under the former occupant’s ownership. But, you must confirm what other factors there may be for the warranty to apply.

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