The Dangers Of DIY Air Conditioner Installation | San Antonio, TX

The Dangers Of DIY Air Conditioner Installation | San Antonio, TX

About 88% of new families within the US have heating and air conditioning systems. The statistics are higher for those that live in hotter areas. A proper air conditioner installation is a worthy investment that improves air quality and reduces the irritants that trigger asthmatic attacks and other allergic reactions. Besides the discomfort above, a lot of heat could also result in skin conditions like sunburn. Improper AC installation can result in many dangers aside from inconveniencing the IAQ needs. Hence, you should always enlist a skilled AC repair and installation technician to install the air conditioner at your home if you are installing a new unit or replacing the older one. Below are the issues that could arise from a faulty AC installation in San Antonio, TX:

Fire Hazards

Faulty heating pipes and broken fans could accumulate excessive heat in your air conditioning system. It could make the temperatures rise to dangerously high levels. Unfortunately, this will also increase the chances that your air conditioning system can catch fire. Further, the electrical wiring in your air conditioning system can result in a considerable fire hazard, which could result in losing your lifetime investment within a few seconds. If an inexperienced technician installs the AC, they could mess up the wiring. Have you noticed sparks coming out from your air conditioner? You should turn the air conditioner off immediately and call an experienced, licensed air conditioner installation pro for an up-to-standard installation.

High Electrical Bills

If experienced, reputable technicians don’t do the air conditioner installation; the new unit might cost you a lot in operational costs. Whenever you hear odd noises from the cabinet of your air conditioner, that should be a cause for alarm. The noises could imply that the air conditioner is working hard to ensure that your home is cooled to thermostat-set temperatures. High energy utility bills can be because the unit’s installation was not up to standard. Maybe the technician installed a larger or smaller AC unit than the area that requires cooling. Call an AC repair professional if your unit produces noises and uses electrical energy. They might recommend a re-installation.

Water Leaks

Every air conditioner features a drain pan and a condensate drain pipe, which collects all the water (condensate) created during the cooling process of the air entering the indoor space through the air ducts. The AC repair professional could forget to include the drain pan when installing the air conditioner, a precursor to water leaks at your San Antonio, TX, home. These leaks will damage your ceilings, furnishings, and decorated walls. It also could trigger a buildup of mold. Whenever you notice that paint is peeling from your walls or that pictures hung on your walls are warped, you should have an air conditioner installation technician examine the installation for any deficiencies. If the drain pan wasn’t installed, they would install one or even empty the present one if full.

The AC Unit Tends To Break Down Easily

If you discover that your air conditioner is not operating at its optimum, that could be because the refrigerant levels are low. Your new air conditioner’s improper installation may cause this issue. The installation technician could have used extremely long refrigerant tubing, which could cause the compressor to malfunction and cause an abrupt system failure. You can hire a reputable air conditioner installation expert to thoroughly inspect all parts, replace any damaged ones, and reduce the risk of system failure.

Respiratory Health Risks

Poor air quality is not something everyone can tolerate, especially if they have underlying medical issues like bronchitis or asthma. Receiving inferior air conditioner installation services might lower the air quality in a house. It may expose those who live there to illnesses, including lung infections and flare-ups of their asthma. Moistened parts create the perfect breeding ground for pathogens in the HVAC systems and unclean components, especially filters, creating serious health dangers. Since your air conditioner circulates air across the entire house, bacteria can easily spread via the air. In this case, repeatedly breathing in these dangerous poisons will only worsen respiratory issues in people who already have them.

Contain the Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants

This is a problem that arises in homes that are over a decade old or have air conditioning systems that are over ten years. Does your unit fit this criterion? You should have an air conditioner installation technician come over for a replacement. Refrigerants such as freon have a high global warming potential (GWP), which will damage the ozone layer. Such refrigerants also have properties that make it hard for the heat to transfer to the air from the coolant. Hence, replacing the old air conditioning unit ensures that you protect the environment. It also ensures that your finances are secured. Always install eco-friendly appliances in your San Antonio, TX, home.

Unbearable Temperatures

In addition to the excessive wear and tear on an AC’s parts, the improper installation might result in the unit’s malfunctioning, rendering it unable to cool your indoor space adequately. It could make living in your house intolerable, especially during the sweltering months. Homeowners attempting to complete the installation on their own risk creating significant issues that cost money. Air conditioner installation specialists easily handle the appropriate installation & re-installation of air conditioners in houses.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaks or undercharges are why the air conditioner could have a low refrigerant level. The system doesn’t use up the coolant. If the refrigerant is to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the efficient functioning of your air conditioner increases. The refrigerant shouldn’t be more than what the manufacturer has recommended. If the refrigerant leaks, it could have a damaging impact on the environment. Hence, you should always hire a licensed, experienced air conditioner installation technician to recharge the coolant and service the AC.

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