The Best, Complete Guide To Duct Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

The Best, Complete Guide To Duct Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

A Duct Cleaning Service from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio understands the importance of clean air ducts. Did you know blocked vents can reduce the effectiveness of your heater and air conditioner?

HVAC stands for heating, vents, and air conditioners. Only NATE-Certified technicians should maintain or repair your HVAC system. The HVAC system is similar to plumbing in that they are all relatively delicate and require routine care. If something damages any of these systems it can create an unpleasant environment in your home or office.

In summer, the Mercury can spike to over 100 degrees with staunch levels of humidity. Most residents run their air conditioners 24/7. Extensive use of any HVAC system will cause the units to need more repairs and maintenance. Many people overlook the vents in their homes because they are in the walls and underneath the floors. A duct cleaning service is important because it affects the functioning of your air conditioner and heating systems.

Summary of a Duct Cleaning

The skilled technicians begin a duct cleaning service with the inspection of your air vents. If one of our highly-skilled, NATE-Certified technicians finds layers of dirt or mold they will provide you with a few options on how to get them fresh and clean.

The inspection part of the duct cleaning service does not simply look for grime and mildew but surveys the primary components. Our technicians inspect to make sure the vents and joints have not become out of place and there is no divergence in your duct network.

Any gaps are reconnected or mended. The joints often become loose creating holes in the ductwork. If there are several breaks in your system then approximately 30 percent of any forced warm or cool air is lost. In other words, for every $10 you spend on energy, you are losing $3. Instead of warming or cooling yourself and your family, the treated air is being pumped outside or to your storage spaces.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio Provides Duct Cleaning Services & More

The air quality in your home or business is dependent upon the cleanliness of your entire HVAC system and its functionality. A well-functioning and clean venting system filters out dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris from the air that you breathe in your San Antonio, TX home.

Air Filters

Changing your air filters is one of those jobs that you can easily do yourself, but it’s easily forgotten too. Take the trouble out of maintaining your HVAC system and entrust your vents to our friendly and knowledgeable team. Inspect your air filters every month.

You will have to clean or replace them depending upon the number of people in your home, cleaning habits, and pet ownership. It is a good idea to change them on the same day every month to develop a healthy habit.

Clean Air Ducts

Clean air ducts and routinely cared for air filters improve the air quality in your home. It is a quick way to purify your breath. Dirty air ducts and vents are full of algae, mold, skin flakes, dirt, pests, and other unpleasant things that impact your health. If you or a loved one has a respiratory issue (like bronchitis or asthma) then changing your air filters and a routine duct cleaning service from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio is an even bigger imperative for you!

Improved HVAC Efficiency After A Duct Cleaning Service

Witness the air quality in your home will improve after we clean your vents. You will be more comfortable because there is a lot less dirt in your vents. Your air conditioner and heater are now free from any blockages allowing cool air from your air conditioner to flow forcefully into your space.

Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils

Clean air filters help pass the warm air over the AC’s evaporator coils. The coils absorb more heat from the air. Serviced ducts prevent dirt from collecting on the evaporator coils protecting them from developing frost and requiring an air conditioner repair.

Regularly maintained HVAC systems extend the life of each appliance, boost your comfort levels, and promote health. Routine service prevents the units from overworking. While there is a small, initial investment in a duct cleaning service or an annual review of all HVAC systems the benefits to you and your wallet easily recoup these fees.

Clean Less Often

Appliances that don’t struggle to function, reduce your energy costs, improve the air quality, and protect the health of your air conditioner, heating, and ductwork. Also, serviced vents mean your home or business won’t be as dusty. You won’t have to clean as often.

Specialized Tools

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio has team members who can fix an air conditioner, install a boiler, and clean your vents. Our plumbers and technicians have a myriad of skills and ample experience to know how to quickly and efficiently complete any plumbing, drain, or HVAC service.

Ductwork Camera

Like our plumbers, our NATE-Certified technicians (who are fully licensed and insured) use a specialized camera mounted on an extensive length of tubing that explores your vents without causing damage to your property. The technician is looking for blockages, pests, dirt buildup, and mold.

Negative Air Machine

We use a truck-mounted negative air machine depending upon the size of your space or a powerful portable unit. Both devices are joined together with your ducts. Once the negative air machine is turned on it creates suction forcing dirt and debris out of the ductwork. Any stubborn stuff is tackled with an electric rotary brush to clean your San Antonio, TX vents.

The Most Trustworthy Duct Cleaning Service Company in San Antonio

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio has been keeping the community breathing clean air, staying cool in summer, and warm in winter for many years now. We are proud to be San Antonio’s most trusted HVAC company. If you need plumbing, drain, or HVAC service in San Antonio, TX then give us a call because we have HVAC technicians and plumbers readily available 24/7, year-round, even during the holidays!

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