Sounds Of Trouble! When Should You Call Your Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Technician? | San Antonio, TX

Sounds Of Trouble! When Should You Call Your Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Technician? | San Antonio, TX

The ability to efficiently operate without making any noise is what makes an AC Unit essential for your home’s comfort. Advanced air conditioning systems have a sound-curtailing technology that ensures that any noise produced stays within. Today, air conditioning unit manufacturers use two-stage compressors that have variable speeds in some AC units. With this, the noise production from the air conditioning units has been greatly reduced. These compressor units usually limit the noise produced to below 55dB. If your unit is getting too loud, it may be time for air conditioning repair.

Get Professional Help Immediately

With the manufacturers making such measures, you could still find that your air conditioner is making an uncharacteristic sound that wasn’t there before. This isn’t a sign to ignore. When running, the only sound that your air conditioning unit should produce is a soft humming sound. Anything besides that is a clear sign that your unit is brewing trouble.

Hence, you should call a professional for an air conditioning repair service to inspect the unit for any issues causing the sound. Unfortunately, the strange sounds usually have different meanings, though your technician understands all the causes. However, they all point to one thing, a developing issue in your air conditioning unit.

Ignoring these strange noises from the air conditioner could turn a minor issue into a more expensive and larger problem. On that account, you should have the air conditioning repair professional inspect and fix the issue before it worsens. While at it, create a routine inspection and maintenance plan with the professional. This ensures that they can catch any developing issues early and take the necessary measures to resolve them. The sooner the issue is fixed, the better, and the more the money you’ll save on AC repair or even replacement.

Sounds You Should Be Aware Of

To help you with knowing when the HVAC system at your home has an underlying issue, below is a list of some sounds it could produce and what they mean. As mentioned earlier, the unit should only produce a soft humming sound. So, if you hear any of the following sounds, contact an AC repair company immediately.

Squealing Sound

Is your air conditioning unit making a highly-pitched squealing sound? That means that something is amiss, and you should call a professional for an AC repair service. The squealing sound indicates a build-up of air pressure within the unit’s compressor coil. The pressure begins putting some strain on the over AC unit.

The high pressure within the compressor coil is not good. It damages the air conditioning unit and could result in far worse devastating consequences. It could cause a total system failure. So, what should a homeowner do whenever they hear such a noise from their air conditioning system? First, they should turn off the air conditioning unit immediately. Doing this prevents the issue from worsening and prevents any future unforeseen incidents.

The next step is to call an air conditioning repair technician in San Antonio, TX, for the AC unit inspection and repair. Remember, DIY air conditioning fixes are NOT recommended because you might get injured, worsen the issue, or even void the warranty. Only a trained mind can detect the issue with the compressor coil and repair it expertly.

Banging Sounds

By looking at an air conditioning unit, you cannot tell what is wrong. If the air conditioner begins making sounds like something is banging or rattling within, there may be different reasons. For instance, the air conditioning unit could be producing a banging sound because of something loose, hitting some other moving parts, or getting thrown as the air conditioning system operates.

If it sounds more like rattling, either fan blade is loose. If it sounds more like banging, it might be because part of the AC unit’s compressor coil is loose and moving around. Banging sounds could result in more serious issues than the rattling sound and should be immediately inspected by a licensed air conditioning repair technician.

Banging sounds could be further produced by the unbalanced power or worn compressor coils. Regardless, you should have a technician inspect the AC unit and fix the issues to prevent further damage to the AC unit. That way, you get to avoid expensive repairs. However, the best solution is to have an air conditioning service in San Antonio, TX, for routine inspections and maintenance to catch the issues early and fix them.

Buzzing Sounds

Besides the humming sound, this is the next most common sound that you are likely to hear from an air conditioning unit. Various types of buzzing could come from your system, and some of the buzzing sounds are normal and might not need substantive attention. However, some buzzing sounds will require the immediate attention of an air conditioning repair professional in San Antonio, TX.

Most of the time, the buzzing sounds indicate that it is time for a homeowner to call a technician for an AC cleaning service. The professional should clean the air ducts, the air filters, or even the condenser coils. If the filters are too dirty, they should be replaced. If you continue to hear the buzzing sounds despite the cleaning, you are staring at an imminent system failure. The air conditioning repair professional can identify the cause of the buzzing sounds, which may be unbalanced fan blades, loose parts, or refrigerant leaks, and take the appropriate steps to repair them.

Clicking-like Sounds

Clicking-like sounds are quite normal for most electrical or electronic appliances. But if the clicking noise persists, that should cause concern. This could mean that the AC thermostat or control is about to fail. However, there also could be other electrical parts that are malfunctioning. It is recommended that whenever you doubt something about your AC unit, you immediately contact an air conditioning repair service provider to have the unit checked up before it worsens.

Air conditioners are important appliances and a critical source of comfort for your home. Hence, you should meticulously follow a maintenance and inspection plan with a professional to ensure that they are operating efficiently. You don’t want them suddenly breaking down when you need them the most.

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