Reasons To Have Furnace And Air Conditioner Installation At The Same Time | San Antonio, TX

Reasons To Have Furnace And Air Conditioner Installation At The Same Time | San Antonio, TX

Cooling and heating your San Antonio, TX home are crucial factors in ensuring a comfortable indoor space. However, there comes a time when one component of your HVAC system will require a replacement while the other is working perfectly fine. This might be caused by troubles that are beyond repair or even inefficiency. Should you replace only the faulty or damaged component or the entire system in such a case? Well, you can go either way. Although replacing only the defective part might seem better because you get to save some cash, there are benefits to having both the furnace and air conditioner installation simultaneously. Below are the benefits of simultaneously replacing your HVAC system’s AC and furnace components.


Heating and air conditioning systems are prone to various and at times, repairing them can prove costly. However, if the appliance is covered under warranty, you will enjoy cheap to free repairs. The appliance manufacturer can offer to pay for a part or all of the repair. If you replace the furnace and leave an old AC or AC and leave an old furnace, that could void your warranty. The appliance manufacturer might not be obliged to honor the warranty. Hence, you cannot claim the warranty if sudden repairs are needed. You’ll have to pay for the air conditioner installation or repair yourself.

On the other hand, if you have a furnace and air conditioner installation done together, the furnace and the AC will be protected under warranty. You will not have to be worried about the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty. When a repair is needed, you can claim the warranty from the equipment manufacturer. You’ll not have to spend a penny on the repairs. This shows that replacing the two components of your HVAC system will save you money.

Home Resale Value

When purchasing or searching for a new home, prospective homebuyers look for several things. They look for newer appliances and want to be safe, knowing they are buying a property with an upgraded HVAC system. A home inspection covers this aspect. Hence, if your HVAC system is over 15 years old and you plan to resell your San Antonio, TX home, you should have an air conditioner installation technician replace the furnace and the air conditioning unit simultaneously.

Prospective home buyers want to ensure that their homes will be heated during the winter and cooled in those hot summer months. They don’t want to be stuck paying for the new system repairs after purchasing a new home. They also don’t want to incur the expensive energy costs that could arise when you pair an old furnace with a new AC or vice versa. Replacing both components of the HVAC system simultaneously leaves you with a warranty and an energy-efficient installation.

Improved Efficiency

The newer unit may experience problems if paired with an older furnace or vice versa. The newer model won’t be able to be used to its maximum potential because both units have unequal energy efficiencies, weakening it and shortening its lifespan. Furthermore, this can sometimes void warranty, depending on how old the system being paired with the other is. Always check and read the warranty conditions before purchasing a new appliance and having an air conditioner installation technician install it.

The easiest way to ensure the air conditioner and furnace work effectively is to buy two new units complementing one another. This is partly because air conditioners and furnaces share blowers or air handlers. When considering the efficiency of the air handlers, matching the two units is crucial because it will allow it to function effectively with both systems. Uneven cooling and heating can occur in your home if the units do not work effectively together. So, you may be able to save money by having an air conditioner installation technician install the AC and furnace simultaneously.

Avoid Installation Issues

If the same technician installs the AC and furnace at the same time, it means that you can avoid any potential heating and air conditioner installation issues. You can rest assured that the HVAC system will function efficiently when installed together.

Improved Lifespan

Installing a properly matched system reduces your AC and furnace strain. Overall, this results in an increased lifespan. A matched compatible furnace and AC will result in more service life while ensuring an increase in the comfort levels of your San Antonio, TX home and the efficiency of the HVAC system. However, if your HVAC system is less than 10 years old, you can have an air conditioner installation technician replace one component and leave the other. After installing both systems together, the increased lifespan means you can use the system for longer before the next repair. Energy efficiency means that you’ll also save a fortune on electricity bills.

Better Energy-Efficiency

Compared to systems produced 15 or 20 years ago, today’s HVAC systems use less energy. Seasonal Energy Ratings are easily accessible to consumers. The government’s minimum standard for cooling units is SEER of 13, which more modern systems must meet. A cooling system is more energy efficient the higher it is rated. The annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE, of furnaces measures their seasonal performance. Modern systems should have a rating of 90% or higher. Boilers or heat pumps will have a slight difference. The average lifespan of a furnace is between 15 and 20 years. Keep in mind that the unit’s maintenance, quality, and effectiveness also play a role. Consult your air conditioner installation technician if unsure of the SEER and AFUE. The fact that an AC unit and furnace have been deliberately designed to function together and last longer, as a result, is another benefit of buying and installing them together.

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