Our Team Providing Affordable Air Conditioner Repair | San Antonio, TX

Our Team Providing Affordable Air Conditioner Repair | San Antonio, TX

On an average summer’s day in San Antonio, TX the Mercury stretches past 100 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains that temperature for many days, sometimes weeks. During this time it is normal for locals to run their air conditioners around the clock to stay comfortable.

The hottest part of the year is the busiest time for every company offering an air conditioning repair, installation, or service. It is best not to put off an air conditioning repair because it can determine whether or not your environment is livable. Luckily, San Antonians have bluefrog and the bfpad Proactive Protection Program to keep them cool. Rely on any of our NATE-trained technicians who are available 24/7 to help resolve any issue you might have.

An Air Conditioning Repair Prevents Health Hazards

There are many reasons to get an air conditioning repair. One of the best reasons is to protect yourself and your family’s health. After a home’s air conditioner stops working it is only a matter of time before the humidity and heat reach precarious degrees. Opening windows and using fans will help circulate air but it will be hot. In addition, open windows allow pollution and dirt to enter your home. For individuals with chronic pulmonary issues like asthma, this can be really dangerous.

An air conditioning repair from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, Texas will help prevent this situation from happening to you. It is a good idea to get all your HVAC systems reviewed annually by a fully licensed and insured HVAC company.

Benefits of an Annual Service

The San Antonio, TX bluefrog team stresses the importance of annual, routine maintenance to all our customers. Many of our clients are so pleased with our work that they sign up for the bfpad Proactive Protection Program. This program takes the guesswork out of maintaining your HVAC systems while providing a generous 15 percent discount on any service, qualifying for a priority appointment, and a free review.

The wisest time to schedule an air conditioning repair is in the early spring. We suggest contacting us in March when fewer people are concerned about the efficiency of their AC unit. Waiting until the summer months can mean waiting longer and paying more for any air conditioning repair or service.

Spotting trouble with your Ac early is key to protecting your air conditioner and your bank balance. As a problem develops and continues to persist, more damage is done to the unit and most likely the AC will have to work a lot harder to meet the set temperatures causing it to use up more energy resulting in pricy air conditioning services.

It is true that routine maintenance cannot always prevent an air conditioning repair but it will catch it early and protect your unit and your bank balance from needless costs. The bfpad Proactive Protection Program is great value when compared to an emergency AC repair in your home or business.

Signs There Are Problems with Your AC

The San Antonio bluefrog team has created this guide to help you identify problems with the most common red flags our technicians resolve:

  • Frosty evaporator coils
  • Hot air is blown from the unit
  • High humidity levels in the space
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Water pooling around the interior or exterior of the air conditioner

Please do not ignore these indicators or it is more likely that the AC will stop working and you will need an emergency air conditioner repair.

Icy Evaporator Coils

A fan sucks the warm air from inside your space and pushes it past the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils house the refrigerant which transforms the hot air into the cool air that makes your home comfortable during the hot San Antonio summer.

React quickly if you spot ice on the evaporator coils, ice prevents the evaporator coils from accessing heat and as a result, they start to freeze. Evaporator coils require an equal amount of warm air and refrigerant to work properly.

Faulty fans and dirty air filters diminish airflow. With a deficiency of coolant in the evaporator coils, less warmth is absorbed from the air. Regardless of the cause, a reduction of functionality of the evaporator coils means the unit won’t work as well.

It Is too Hot in Your Home or Business

Low refrigerant levels mean hot air will be blown from your air conditioner and you will be hotter. In addition, the space might make you sticky because with the heat comes humidity. Delaying to get your unit fixed can definitely make you sweat.

Unusually Expensive Energy Bills

Paying more for energy during a Texan summer is standard for everyone. However, if your energy bill is abnormally high it might mean your air conditioner is working a lot harder to meet your needs. This stress can cause harm to your unit. It may also reduce the functioning lifespan of your air conditioner.

Water Surrounding Your AC Unit

Any puddle of water surrounding your AC is a red flag that you need an air conditioning repair quickly in your home. Fluids can cause electrical shorts and demand an air conditioning repair. The puddles can be caused by a loose or busted water valve. Or in response to blocked drain pans and clogged air conditioner drain lines. Each of these parts will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired when a bluefrog expert completes routine maintenance on your air conditioner.

A Trusted San Antonio, TX Company

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio is proud to be the most relied upon plumber and HVAC company in the area. Our team members are committed to providing specialized, affordable, and quick service to all of our customers. We know that the best advertising comes from the lips of our clients and we ensure our success by ensuring you are completely satisfied with our work. If you have any plumbing, drain or HVAC system that needs attention, call us today for a free evaluation!

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