Need An Emergency Plumber? When Do You Know Your Plumbing Pipes Are About To Burst? | San Antonio, TX

Need An Emergency Plumber? When Do You Know Your Plumbing Pipes Are About To Burst? | San Antonio, TX

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Factors like rusty pipes, root intrusions, or improper installations can cause damages to your home’s main plumbing lines.

Whether you have a new home in San Antonio, TX, or an old one, burst pipes can haunt you anytime and threaten your property’s structural integrity. Before it happens or gets worse, call an emergency plumber to nip the problem in the bud.

In the meanwhile, here are a few tell-tale signs that indicate that you have plumbing issues in your house. If you notice any of them, let a professional fix it before it’s too late.

Puddles of Water Forming at Places

If a leak remains neglected for some time, you may start noticing puddles of water under the area with leakage, particularly under your kitchen sink, basin, and laundry room.

You may also notice bigger puddles near the leakage source, be it under the sink or in your backyard. These emergency situations warrant the help of a licensed and trained emergency plumber.

They will come to your house in San Antonio, TX, and track down the source of the leakage. They have access to the most advanced tools and technologies to pinpoint the leakage and find the best source of action against it.

Fluctuating Water Pressure

A burst pipe in your plumbing line will lead to reduced water pressure in your faucets. Since the low water pressure will be unable to push things down the drains, you will also notice clogged sinks and toilets.

If you notice a sudden drop in your faucets’ water pressure, consider the possibility of a leakage somewhere due to a burst pipe. If you suspect this, stop using your faucets and call a qualified plumber who can locate and fix the leakage in no time.

Mold Formation

Mold formation on any part of your walls or ceiling may indicate a leaky pipe underneath. Mold forms only if the humidity level in the area is more than 55%. If there is a burst line inside a wall, the humidity levels may rise significantly, and mold problems find its way.

If the mold in your house is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, then probably there is a leakage in your pipes. Call an emergency plumber to locate the source of the problem and have it fixed.

Water from Faucets Smelling Like Rotten Eggs

If the water coming out of your faucets looks dirty and smells like rotten eggs, it may be pointing to burst pipes somewhere in your plumbing line. If the water is brown in color, then it may be because your pipes are rusted, due to which it may have burst and resulted in leakage.

Damaged plumbing lines can’t effectively push out sewage from your system, causing sewer backups or clogs and resulting in smelly water. An emergency plumber will be able to pinpoint the issue and fix it in no time.

Marks of Water on the Walls

Plumbing pipes in homes usually run through the walls below the drywall. If a pipe is burst anywhere, you will be able to notice marks of water around that part of your wall.

For example, if you are living in a single-home building and if you notice watermarks on your ceiling, then the floor may have a leakage. It is easy to locate the source of the problem if you have watermarks on your walls or ceiling. As per the location and source of the issue, the emergency plumber may decide to fix the issue and replace the drywall, or a part of your ceiling affected by the burst pipe.

A Lush Patch of Grass in Your Yard

A new lush patch of new grass in your yard is another telltale sign of a sewage leakage underground. Sewage is a great fertilizer for plants, and leakage in your main plumbing line may give extra nutrients to the soil to nourish new grass.

Strange Gurgling Sounds from Your Walls

A burst pipe inside your walls may make strange gurgling sounds in the area. If you hear bubbling, whistling or hissing sounds from your walls whenever you turn on a particular faucet, then it may be because the water is leaking there. It may also happen because air has made its way into the plumbing line through the leakage and creating bubbles with water.

Whistling sounds are caused because the water is trying to fit into the constricted sections of the broken pipes. If the leakage is big, then you may hear dripping and gushing sounds from your walls. Consider such sounds as emergency situations and call an emergency plumber without fail.

Sudden Increase in Water Bills

A sudden and drastic increase in your water bills without any change in your bathing and washing habits can probably be the sign of water wastage somewhere. The water gushing out of the leakage can add to your water bills, even if it is not being put to good use.

If your water meter runs constantly even when no faucet is in use, then take it as an indication of a burst pipe and call an emergency plumber right away. This will not only save your money and stop water wastage but will also save your structure from getting damaged.

Call an Emergency Plumber to Locate and Fix the Problem

Upon noticing any of the above-mentioned signs of a burst plumbing pipe in your house, call our emergency plumber right away and let us inspect your sewage system.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio we offer a full range of water damage and repair services in the city. Whenever you need emergency plumbing services, just give us a call at 210-876-1629 and let our experts identify and fix your issue in no time.

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