Know The Facts About Air Ducts And When You Need Duct Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

Know The Facts About Air Ducts And When You Need Duct Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

Although frequently overlooked, air ducts are an important component of air conditioners. Ensuring they are cleaned regularly is a great way to safeguard your family’s health and ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly. However, there are many myths surrounding the issue of cleaning air ducts that makes most homeowners warier about duct cleaning services.

Nowadays, most people are aware of the importance of having clean indoor air quality. According to the EPA, Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of pollutants are two to five times higher than normal outdoor concentrations. However, as a homeowner, you need to know the difference between myth and facts to protect your family from environmental health risks.

This post looks at and dispels some common myths surrounding duct cleaning services.

Air Ducts Do Not Get Dirty

Most people have been led to believe that air ducts are designed with materials that don’t get that dirty. This leads to conspiracies like it is a ploy from duct cleaning service providers to take our hard-earned cash. However, all this is false, and air ducts do get dirty. Like in most homes, you only pay attention to your air ducts when they have an issue. Over time, the air ducts collect dust, debris, and pollen accumulating inside. On some occasions, as a homeowner, you have to deal with pests like insects and rodents and their droppings that have made your ducts their home. Cleaning your air ducts is not part of your maintenance routine, but after a few months, have your air ducts inspected again.

Duct Cleanings Use Harsh Chemicals

Air ducts are responsible for delivering air throughout your home, and duct cleaning services usually use harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your family. The myth is out of place because most of the chemicals that are used to clean flat metal are harmful if breathed and cannot be used for residential purposes. HVAC manufacturers are also offering non-chemical alternatives and allow you to create a custom order that meets your non-chemical ducts requirement from a sofa in San Antonio, TX. Additionally, you don’t need to use any chemical to clean an air duct; there are so many alternatives that can clean the air duct while limiting the growth of mold.

Air Ducts Don’t Affect Your Health

If you were led to believe that air ducts do not affect health, then you have been misinformed. Contrary to what most people may think, the air inside your home could be even dirtier than the outdoors, even with air ducts present. Unfortunately, dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens will be transported through the same air ducts, reducing the overall quality of breathable air. This can become an issue to your health with symptoms such as feeling run down, flu-like symptoms, and headaches and can also trigger asthmatic attacks in young children. You could also be diagnosed with some sort of respiratory issue even if you were otherwise healthy. If you notice random respiratory issues flaring up without any obvious cause, it may be time for a duct cleaning service.

There is Rarely a Need to Contact a Cleaning Service Provider

In the true San Antonio, TX, DIY spirit, you may decide to clean the air ducts yourself, but you will soon discover it is much harder than it looks. Apart from being a difficult process, if you mess up when resealing the air ducts, it will not take long before you need to call a duct cleaning service provider. You should go for a professional from the get-go, especially if you have a complex HVAC system, to avoid getting even poorer quality when you DIY. Most experts suggest that you seek the services of a duct cleaner after every four to seven years.

Air Ducts Only Collect Debris in An Air-condition System

Air ducts don’t depend on the air conditioning system to function. The vents are strategically placed forced air systems that can move air, dust, and dirt through your ducts even if the air condition system is off. Regular cleaning of the ducts ensures that debris carried by air to the air ducts does not accumulate to unhealthy levels.

Duct Cleaning Improves Air Flow

Despite what you believe, duct cleaning will not improve airflow, especially if you are experiencing a lack of heating or cooling or have some hot or cold spot issues. The service is not a permanent solution because it only removes tiny particles of debris that have made their way to your air ducts. Problems with airflow often indicate an underlying issue with your HVAC system, and unfortunately, duct cleaning services do not cover changes to air duct designs. To adequately address problems with airflow, you require a professionally-conducted Flow Hood test that measures the volume of air pushed through our HVAC system.

Odor and Mold Can Be Eliminated Through Duct Cleaning

The myth that duct cleaning could completely eliminate odor and mold is false. However, when combined with other services, there is a chance that you could deal with odor coming from your air ducts, but it is only a temporary solution. To completely remove the foul smell, you should first trace the source and remove it. Common causes of bad smells include rodents, pet droppings, moisture build-up, or improperly sealed ductwork sucking outside air from your crawl space. As a temporary solution, duct cleaning only removes particulate deposits but does not eliminate what causes them.

Get Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned by bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio

Having debunked all these myths, you now understand the importance of having your air ducts cleaned regularly by a trained duct cleaning service provider. When you decide to look for an air duct cleaning service provider and reside in San Antonio, TX, look no further than bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

We offer services that mainly revolve around plumbing and HVAC systems, including drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, and HVAC services, sewer and water line inspections, indoor air quality, sump pump repairs, air filters, and purifiers, among others. Our company focuses on customer satisfaction, and our technicians are trained in customer service atop their technical training. Contact us today for more information about our services and set an appointment.

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