How Your AC Company Helps You Stay Cool | San Antonio, TX

How Your AC Company Helps You Stay Cool | San Antonio, TX

Most residents in San Antonio, TX, are very familiar with air conditioning. The arrival of warm weather in spring means it’s time to turn on the air conditioning or shove a window unit back into its designated space. Familiar routines are repeated year after year. It’s very easy to forget that air conditioners are complex systems. Air conditioning is meant to keep homes and businesses cool and comfortable. This sounds like a simple proposition, but a wide range of factors can throw a wrench in summer plans. A lot of things happen inside and around AC units, which means there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. It’s important to have an AC company’s contact information readily available for when things go wrong.


First of all, the AC unit has to be appropriately sized. Installing a unit that’s too large or too small can lead to poor performance and higher energy bills. If the unit is too small, it can’t maintain consistent cool temperatures. Overly large units waste energy and cool homes too quickly. Dropping temperatures fast sounds good, but it actually contributes to short-cycling. Air conditioners have thermostats that help maintain temperatures automatically. The unit produces cold air as needed and stays idle when temperatures are within acceptable ranges. Oversized AC units reach target temperatures too quickly, and this is not beneficial. The AC may run for a very short time then go back to idling for a short time. This is called short-cycling. Constant shifts between operating and idling increase wear and teAr on almost every component in the AC unit. Short-cycling also uses a lot of energy, and short operational cycles can’t reduce humidity effectively.

Installing an air conditioner isn’t always an easy task. AC company technicians have training and experience to consider relevant details and potential challenges during the installation process. It’s very important to ensure correct installation because any mistakes will affect performance all summer. Improper installation may contribute to frequent problems and repairs, and increased wear and tear can shorten the functional lifetime of the AC unit. The coolant that plays such a vital role in air conditioning is heavily regulated by federal and state governments. Most people don’t have the training or certifications needed to handle and dispose of refrigerant. This isn’t too much of an inconvenience though. Homeowners can place a call to their local AC company and let the professionals deal with regulations.

Although AC company technicians know how to install various units, there’s always a possibility of an unexpected challenge or alteration. Every installation is slightly different because the various parts of the AC units have to work within the specific setting of individual homes. AC company technicians have a lot of details to reconcile with each other, such as manufacturer specifications, the environment outside the home, and appropriate locations for coolant supply lines. They might need to drill holes for drain lines , ducts, or electrical wires. In some cases, the circuit breaker for the entire house may be turned off for safety reasons. At the end of the installation visit, your technician may go over wires, connections, and general operations one more time before leaving.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Poor positioning is a common mistake. AC units in San Antonio, TX, should be placed in shaded areas with protection from direct sunlight. If long stretches of sunlight hit the unit every day, the thermostat may counteract higher temperatures with extreme adjustments. Drainage and ventilation depend on proper positioning. Tree branches, bushes, weeds, and leaves can block vents, which may lead to overheating and poor performance.

Turning the thermostat to the lowest possible setting may seem like a good idea, especially if the house is hot and you want it cooled down fast. However, your AC should generate cold air and reduce the temperature gradually. This is much more efficient than trying to force the process to go faster by turning the thermostat down. The likely result of such actions is a higher electric bill and cool temperatures that probably wouldn’t have taken much longer if the thermostat was left alone.

Peace of Mind

Regularly scheduled maintenance visits let San Antonio, TX homeowners avoid worrying about routine maintenance tasks. AC company technicians change a lot of filters. These filters trap dirt, debris, pollen, and other particulates that could be floating around in the air. Removing airborne particulate matter may improve indoor air quality, which is especially helpful for people with respiratory conditions or allergies. However, filters must be changed regularly. A dirty, clogged filter can’t remove anything else from the air, and your AC unit has to work much harder to force air through a clogged filter. In addition to higher energy bills, there’s also a greater chance of breakdowns and failed components. The clogged filter doesn’t cause the damage, but any component on the brink of malfunctioning can easily be tipped over the edge when the entire unit is forced to work harder.

Your local AC company can do more than just install air conditioners. Poor insulation in the house or apartment, especially in the room containing the AC, puts a lot of stress on cooling systems. Hot air can enter the house while cool air escapes, which means that some of the cool air produced by an AC is completely wasted. Installing good-quality insulation is the only way to fix the problem. Open spaces between window panes are also a commonly overlooked source of air leaks. Your AC company technician can place tightly fitted insulating foam in this space to eliminate air exchange.

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