How Duct Cleaning Services Improves Indoor Air Quality | San Antonio, TX

How Duct Cleaning Services Improves Indoor Air Quality | San Antonio, TX

If the air conditioning system is the heart that pumps air into your home, then the air ducts can be said to be its arteries. Air ducts are the delivery system that delivers cooled or heated air into all parts of your home. Unfortunately, these unsung heroes are overlooked or forgotten, maybe because they are out of sight or for whatever reason. However, this is an issue that has a profound impact on indoor air quality. Because duct cleaning services aren’t required annually, they should be scheduled separately from other air conditioning services. This is why some homeowners forget this critical maintenance activity. Do you also, at times, forget to have a duct cleaning? Have you ever forgotten the last time you had one? Below are the benefits of cleaning them to your indoor air quality:

Duct Cleaning Eliminates Allergens from the Conditioned Air

Allergens can be of many types, from pollen and mold to pet dander and dust. The air conditioner has a component called a filter that traps these allergens and removes them from the air. Unfortunately, the filters may sometimes be clogged, becoming inefficient at trapping them. This means the allergens remain floating freely in the air and might sometimes find their way into your home. Whenever you breathe them, they irritate your airways and lungs. If you are sensitive or have a family member prone to allergies, then a duct cleaning service can go a long way in preventing this and ensuring they have a comfortable life.

The allergens that aren’t picked up by the air filters settle in the air ducts. The accumulation of allergens over time sees them blown into your home, especially just after you clean or replace the air filters without a corresponding duct cleaning after a long time. Inhaling them flares up the allergic reactions in your family. Duct cleaning services prevent these allergens from entering your home in the first case. Thus, they aren’t intermittently dispersed into your air. Rather, they are cleaned by a professional, leaving your air ducts looking as good as new. Thus, you can enjoy enhanced indoor air quality.

Eliminates Bad Odors

During the summer or winter, rodents, birds, and other insects and critters might nest in your air ducts, away from the scorching and freezing temperatures in these seasons, respectively. Unfortunately, some die within the air ducts, resulting in a rather pungent odor flowing from the vents. The droppings of these birds, pests, and rodents can also result in an awful smell from the air ducts. This is among the reasons why duct cleaning service is required. The technician can pet-, rodent-, or even bird-proof your air ducts to prevent these creatures from impacting indoor air quality.

The airborne dust settling in the air ducts can also result in musty or muggy odors. This is more prevalent in sweaty air ducts. The combination of dark and moist environments is perfect for mold to start growing inside the air ducts. These microbes could find their way into your living space whenever this happens, inducing allergic reactions in your family members. As a result, you’ll start noticing a musty smell whenever you turn on your AC. Unfortunately, this can flare up symptoms for asthmatic family members too. Is anyone at your home experiencing sick-building syndrome? Then have a technician inspect the air ducts. If they are dirty, you then should have a duct cleaning service.

Reduces Dust on Different Surfaces

Scheduling a regular duct cleaning service means you will have a clean indoor space. All the dust falling from the air ducts settles on your countertops, upholstery, curtains, and furniture. If it lands on your carpet, you can vacuum it. But the same can be said for the dust that falls over the upholster and kitchen, and that would be true. The problem is with the dead skin, pet dander, bacteria, and pollen that might land on your kitchen surfaces, you know, where you prepare food. That would be as alarming as things come.

Greatly Improves Airflow

The accumulation of dust in your ducts and air vents results in air resistance or high static pressure. Rather than all the conditioned air flowing seamlessly into your home via the air ducts, some of it meets this resistance, meaning less air makes it into the vents. Unfortunately, low airflow harms indoor air quality. Hence, your home becomes uncomfortable. A duct cleaning service is a sure way of dealing with the high static pressure in the air ducts. Additionally, dirty ducts mean that the AC will have to work overtime to compensate for the air that doesn’t reach your indoor space, exposing it to more wear and tear.

Reduces the Risk of Mold Growth

One of the main allergens and irritants in your home is mold. It thrives and breeds in the dark, moist areas, a perfect environment in your air ducts. But where does moisture in your air ducts come from? Moisture can accumulate in your ductwork, especially in humid environments or if there is a leak or condensation issue. The moisture combined with dust, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants in the air ducts for the ideal environment for mold and other harmful fungi to thrive. The mold then releases spores into the air, resulting in respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. Have you noticed an upsurge in allergic reactions at your home? The ducts could be the culprit; the best solution is to have a duct cleaning service. The professional will remove any accumulated dust and moisture during the duct cleaning service, enabling mold growth. Hence, you will have dealt a perfect blow to mold and other germs living in the air ducts, enhancing indoor air quality and promoting comfort.

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