How An Emergency Plumber Can Save The Day | San Antonio, TX

How An Emergency Plumber Can Save The Day | San Antonio, TX

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Home and business owners will be familiar with the panic that can go along with a plumbing emergency. Nobody wants a plumbing crisis, but they seem to be an inevitable part of owning a building; in other words, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” an emergency crops up. It’s how you handle that plumbing emergency that will determine the severity and duration of the pain point and subsequent inconvenience of family, clients or customers. Having access to a trusted and experienced emergency plumber is critical. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber in the greater San Antonio, TX area, consider the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for quick and efficient service when plumbing goes wrong.

How do you know it’s an emergency?

Emergencies are usually pretty easy to identify. Any event that disrupts the smooth running of household infrastructure can be treated as an emergency. Of course, when there’s potential for damage to that infrastructure, it ups the stakes considerably. Unfortunately, where there’s water and waste the potential for damage is high. Hence the need for speedy and expert intervention when something does go wrong with the plumbing. Plumbing maintenance should be part of a regular annual schedule of household upkeep; having an emergency plumber on speed dial is just as important.

Top 5 emergency plumbing problems

Ask any emergency plumber and they’ll tell you that the same issues and emergencies crop up again and again. Some are the inevitable consequences of severe weather events, aging infrastructure or defective equipment. So don’t waste any time wondering if you’ve done something wrong when a plumbing emergency hits. Just turn off the water main, get out the mops and pails and give that plumber on stand-by a call. Here are five of the commonly occurring plumbing emergencies:

Clogged or Backed Up Drains

This type of plumbing problem is pretty difficult to work around, whether the drain in question is in the kitchen sink, a bathtub or shower or laundry area. It achieves emergency status when the fixture is out of commission, with standing water or, worse, overflow. A plumber comes equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and extended reach tools to manually clear whatever is obstructing the free flow of water. And that beats pipe-destroying chemical drain products every time.

Water Leaking

Water always needs to be contained – it is one of the most destructive elements around when it flows where it shouldn’t. For this reason, even suspected leaks should be dealt with as soon as they are discovered. Some telltale signs? The sound of rushing water, damp spots on walls or floors, mysterious puddles, the smell of mold – these can all indicate a slow or fast leak that could damage walls, flooring, or furniture if not dealt with quickly. Water leaking from the roof or from basement foundation walls can mean structural issues that might require a general contractor, but ceilings with water leaking from overhead pipes call for a plumber.

Broken Fixture Needing Replacement

A broken toilet is unusable; a cracked kitchen sink can lead to leaks; a broken sump pump can lead to disaster. A good plumber will be able to assess the damage, perform a temporary fix if necessary, and source and install a replacement in a timely fashion. Whether it’s a broken faucet or a new water heater, investing in a new fixture or piece of equipment is better than yet another DIY MacGyver that is only going to break in a week or two.

Toilet Doesn’t Flush

This classic emergency escalates in direct proportion to the number of washrooms you have in your home. Sadly, clogged or broken toilets don’t just happen in little-used powder rooms. A potentially hazardous job that is best left to the professionals, fixing a dysfunctional toilet is a true testing ground for any emergency plumber.

Flooding Basement

Basement floods are usually linked to infrastructure grand failures or a severe weather event. In either scenario, an emergency plumber can play a crucial, if not primary, role in getting things back to normal with as little damage as possible. An emergency plumber can turn off valves, secure equipment, and advise on clean-up in a way that dovetails with other emergency providers.

Along with this type of disaster goes sump pump failure and the installation of backstop valves that can prevent material from sewer main backups from entering your basement.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Even though the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, safety and hygiene protocols are likely going to stick around for some time to come. Most service providers have put systems in place to keep contractors and clients safe. But there are some simple things that you and your family can do to help. Consider the following tips as you prepare to receive an emergency plumber in your home:

  • Provide hand sanitizer and/or a place to wash hands when contractors enter or get ready to leave your home


  • Clear the area your emergency plumber will be working in so they don’t have to climb over or move obstacles


  • Keep family members and pets out of the contractor’s way – if you need to watch the work, keep your distance


  • If anyone in your home has COVID symptoms, wear a mask while the contractor is in your space


  • Rather than searching for it at the moment, consult your insurance policy ahead of time if you think you might need to make a claim. This will help ensure that you get the right documentation from the contractor

No one loves a crisis. Things will get back to normal much quicker around your place if you get a professional emergency plumber to handle your plumbing emergency. In the greater San Antonio, TX area, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio – their expert team of plumbing technicians is on call 24/7 for any plumbing emergency, large or small.

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