Hot And Cold Spots: What Do They Reveal About The HVAC System From Your AC Company? | San Antonio, TX

Hot And Cold Spots: What Do They Reveal About The HVAC System From Your AC Company? | San Antonio, TX

It is often surprising how hot or cold some areas in your home are than others despite the presence of a running AC. We depend on our HVAC systems to live comfortably despite extreme weather conditions. Constant disagreement over the thermostat to ensure you all feel comfortable can be a source of frustration. Well, it isn’t your imagination. Experiencing hot and cold spots is quite common, and an experienced AC company can help you fix the issue.

In this piece, we unravel hot and cold spots and what they reveal about your HVAC System.

What Causes Hot and Cold Spots?

Hot and cold spots may arise due to airflow issues. Either a room is getting too much airflow or not enough airflow. This inconsistency causes noticeable differences in temperature. Here are factors that affect proper airflow throughout your home.

Blocked Air Vents

Ducts deliver heated or cooled air to vents throughout your home. Different kinds of ducts carry air from your home into the HVAC system known as a return. Once these vents become blocked, air can’t flow into your room to regulate the temperature. An AC company will first start by:

  • Locating the supply and return vents
  • Check whether they are open
  • Ensure nothing is blocking them

If, for any reason, you do not use a particular room often, install a zoning system that will help you better regulate airflow in specific areas.

Solar Heat Gain

If there are certain rooms in your home that receive direct sunlight, they are likely to feel warmer during the day. Some great remedies that an AC technician would suggest include:

  • Planting a tree or hedge to offer shade on that side of the house
  • Installing an awning
  • Putting up blinds or shades
  • Tinting or replacing your windows
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Adding a ductless mini-split air conditioner

Dirty Air Filters

As an AC company may inform you, a clogged or dirty air filter can cause airflow issues. Your AC tends to work harder to force air through a dirty filter. This causes reduced airflow throughout your home and more strain on your unit. Reduced airflow translates to your unit taking longer to regulate the temperature in your home.

Consult a professional AC company to check your filter and change it if needed. You could also opt to use a disposable filter or a reusable one that can be cleaned often.

Poor Thermostat Location

It is advisable for your thermostat to be located in an area in your home that isn’t exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Your thermostat is designed to communicate with your heating system or air conditioner on how much warm or cool air to bring in to achieve the temperature levels you have set. For your thermostat to function correctly, it needs to detect ambient temperatures. Direct exposure would cause an incorrect temperature reading. The easiest solution is to eliminate the heat source by covering the window or moving the lamp. If you need the thermostat to move, contact an AC company.

Air Leaks

Air leaks can cause temperature inconsistencies in your home, wreaking havoc. The most common culprits are cracks and gaps around doors and windows. Any access point with the potential to cause air to seep in from outside or air to leak out needs to be sealed off.

How to Manage Hot and Cold Spots

Here are some measures you can take to manage hot and cold spots in your home and maximize the use of your air conditioner.

Turn the thermostat fan setting to on

Is your thermostat fan set to auto? This is typically the default setting. The thermostat’s fan only runs when your cooling or heating system is cycling in auto mode. When turned to ‘on,’ the fan will run throughout. This facilitates the constant circulation of air, improving the air quality and better air distribution in your home. However, it is important to note that when you change the fan setting to ‘on,’ you may have increased energy consumption.

Check your vents and registers

Ensure there aren’t any obstructions such as rugs, furniture, and curtains near your vents and registers. Also, ensure your vents are open. Remember closing your vents doesn’t redirect airflow. This only causes stress and added pressure on your HVAC system, causing it to malfunction sooner.

Seal your doors and windows

Seal any gaps and cracks on your doors and windows to eliminate any air and draft leaks. A good seal will ensure the air is properly conditioned and keep out extreme seasonal temperatures.

Thermostat operation and location

It is crucial to ensure your thermostat is in a good location. It needs to be away from any heat sources and direct sunlight that would cause an incorrect temperature reading. Consider upgrading your model if it isn’t programmable. This will ensure advanced comfort control. If you need to relocate your thermostat, consult an AC company

Consider installing a zoning system

A zoning system helps utilize dampers in your ductwork to direct the right amount of conditioned air to each individual space in your home. It may cost a little more, but it is an effective solution that will save you energy in the long run. Consult an AC company on which zoning system is best and the installation.

Have the size of your HVAC system evaluated

Often, many people have an improperly sized HVAC system, which affects their overall comfort level. Units that are too large for your space produce too much heat and cool too much air. This makes it hard to regulate indoor temperatures. If your system is too small, it will need to work harder than it needs to satisfy your home’s cooling and heating demands. This will cause too much wear and tear on your system and inflate your energy consumption levels. Have an AC company evaluate the size of your unit in relation to your home and advise you on how best to bridge the difference.

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