Great Quality And Reliability Make Our AC Company Home Services A Sure Thing | San Antonio, TX

Great Quality And Reliability Make Our AC Company Home Services A Sure Thing | San Antonio, TX

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When a great team offers a wider range of services, that’s a winning situation. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, TX, it’s the way we deliver our services that makes us the home services company of choice. Our plumbing company has been coming to your rescue for plumbing problems and carefully installing new sewer and water lines, clearing your drains, and maintaining your water heater, building a solid relationship with our customers with great communication, reliability, and business values. Now, as an AC company as well, we’ve added skilled HVAC technicians to the mix to make sure you can get the trusted help you need from the company you know when your heating or air conditioning needs service. That means you can call the same team for more of your home’s needs, and get the whole package from a plumbing and AC company you trust. It’s all under the bluefrog name, so you know we’re good for you.

The Experts in Our Office Make a Big Difference

Chances are when you call us you deal with a customer service team member that dispatches your work, and a plumbing and AC company professional that’s on the front line and comes to your home to perform the service. Backing them up is a team of professionals that you may never meet, but that makes the bluefrog difference. They manage our team so we’re always ready to respond when you need us, make sure vehicles are stocked and everyone gets the training they need on new equipment, and help with the details of making your service happen. As we expand to become a heating and AC company as well, our expert staff makes the difference in your services there as well, keeping our team of HVAC experts supported and making it easier for them to respond promptly when you call. If you have a big project in the works, such as an AC system installation or replacement, you’ll find other team members stepping in to help plan, specify, even address financing to make everything happen smoothly. Our front line experts who work with you love having great plumbing, heating, and AC company to work for that can help them make a difference for homeowners with their expertise.

Expert Mechanical Services for Your Home

Our plumbing, drain, and HVAC company makes calling for mechanical services in your home easier, calling out our experts as needed to take care of all your plumbing and HVAC needs from a single company that you know. That’s especially helpful with remodeling, where both plumbing and HVAC equipment is installed by a coordinated team, keeping things simple. We know area construction, and whether we’re repiping your older home or installing air conditioning ducts for the first time, rezoning your AC, or performing drain cleaning services, we know the ins and outs of the way your home was built and can do it right.

AC Company Maintenance Services

One of the most important services that our AC company provides is preventive and energy-saving maintenance. When you schedule a visit before the cooling season begins, we prepare you for the first time you turn your thermostat down for the season, and the rest of the summer until the heat subsides. We’ll clean out your AC unit from the blown-in debris and even creature nests that may have accumulated, check for damage, clean the coils for efficiency, and make sure the electrical components are solid and unchewed by intruders. We’ll also make sure the compressor and fans are running smoothly for both reliability and energy savings, and make sure your refrigerant lines are trouble-free and well insulated. Inside, we’ll make sure everything is also running smoothly, especially the air handling gear, and check the air filter which needs to be replaced monthly. The coils inside also need cleaning, and if your condensate drain is clogged by debris or algae growth, we’ll make sure it’s flowing smoothly before it sees a lot of action all summer. If your indoor unit is in the attic, that’s especially important because leaks can cause a lot of damage.

How’s Your Comfort Level? We Have New AC System Enhancements

If you can’t quite get comfortable even when you turn down the temperature, the problem could be that your humidity level isn’t right. Air conditioning systems remove some moisture from the air because of the way they operate, but humidity management is a better strategy for consistent comfort. Adding a humidifier and dehumidifier together can provide year-round consistency in your home, whether you’re running heat or cool air through your ducts. We can also improve your indoor air quality with high-quality HEPA air filters, air purifiers, germicidal UV lights, and other HVAC system add-ons.

Zoned Systems Increase Comfort and Save Energy, Too

If your home’s heating and air conditioning travel to all points through a single set of ducts, our team can help your get more comfortable and safe on energy at the same time. A zoned system uses the same heating and cooling equipment but distributes the air through several sets of ducts, such as one to bedrooms, one to the living room, and another to the family room or basement. You can choose what temperature you want in each area using separate thermostats, or even shut off air flow to an area that’s not in use. Your HVAC system effort will be concentrated where you want it, and your system will work less hard when it doesn’t have to keep raising or lowering the temperature of your entire home at once.

Your AC Company Resource in San Antonio, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, our office and front line teams are proud to bring you a wider range of services for homes, all with the same quality and reliability you expect from us. Give us a call for service today!

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