Dependable Heating And AC Repair | San Antonio, TX

Dependable Heating And AC Repair | San Antonio, TX

Those that reside in San Antonio, TX are well aware of how hot and muggy it can get there. In the Lonestar state, temperatures may reach above 100 degrees and even higher. To stay cool and safe, the HVAC system in most houses is left running for days and nights at a time. Winter months can often bring on frigid temperatures. In order to be comfortable all year long, it’s critical to maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

One of our biggest nightmares is having an emergency heating and AC repair when the weather is extreme in one direction or another and your heating and cooling system isn’t working when you really need it. Fortunately, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio provides knowledgeable professionals that are available around the clock to assist you with affordable pricing and outstanding knowledge.

Annual maintenance of your HVAC system will help you avoid the need for a heating and AC repair. The most important piece of advice we can provide any customer is to have their heating and cooling systems thoroughly inspected in the spring and the fall.

Your HVAC system will operate more effectively and consume less energy following regular, yearly servicing. Before any heating and AC repair is required, any flaws will be identified and you’ll be consulted on the plan for its renewal. More significantly, you will feel more secure knowing that repairs for your heating and air conditioning system have been expertly completed.

When to Schedule a Service

Your HVAC system will start to degrade more frequently and require more repairs if it is more than ten years old. Even a well-maintained machine only has a 10 to fifteen-year useful operating life. It will create less cold or warm air as it ages and will be less energy-efficient.

If your appliance uses Freon (R22) as a coolant, you might have noticed that finding new supplies has become more challenging and expensive. This chemical can no longer be produced in the United States; the only way to get it is through recycling from outdated air conditioners. It harms the environment and endangers kids and animals. In this instance, a heating and AC repair wouldn’t be the most financially prudent decision.

It could be more cost-effective overall to replace your HVAC with a new installation when your old unit starts to cost more to operate and needs more frequent heating and AC repair. To best meet your demands, it is crucial to choose the model that is the appropriate size for your San Antonio, TX home.

It’s a difficult scenario since your home won’t be properly heated or cooled if the new HVAC system isn’t powerful enough. If the current is too powerful, the device will be damaged and your electricity bill will go up since the current will cut off before reaching the required temperature. Our area of expertise is heating and AC repair and the installation of new HVAC systems.

We enthusiastically support the government-sponsored Energy Star program, which may help you decide on a more ecologically responsible option while recommending the best appliance for your needs at home and in your household. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you in the selection of a new unit and to walk you through the installation process and the time needed to complete it.


Short cycling is another issue that is prevalent. The compressor has to run according to the right cooling cycle for your HVAC equipment to produce the most cooling impact. The compressor is typically turned on for 10 minutes throughout the cooling cycle before being turned off for a further ten minutes.

The compressor won’t run long enough to provide enough cold air if it is switched on or off too rapidly. The compressor is more prone to malfunction when it is overworked in this way, necessitating a heating and AC repair.

Frost on the Evaporator Coils

On a steamy summer day in San Antonio, TX, it can seem counterintuitive to see frost and ice accumulating on the evaporator coils. The coils do, however, require a certain level of heat to avert freezing. Warm air from inside your house is pushed over the coils by the fan to create heat.

You will start to see frost and ice forming on the coils if this airflow is limited in any manner, such as by filthy air filters or a fan malfunction. Lack of coolant in the evaporator coils is another factor contributing to the formation of frost and ice. Without adequate coolant, the coils won’t be able to absorb enough heat, necessitating heating and AC repair.

You enhance the likelihood that the evaporator coils will fully freeze over by allowing the frost and ice to accumulate. Your air conditioner will switch off if this is allowed to happen. While the evaporator coils thaw out, it will be inoperable for up to 24 hours. When it is above 100 degrees outside, this is the last thing you want to happen. If the coils frequently freeze over, you’ll require pricey heating and cooling repair.

Furnace Problems

A furnace can have a wide range of frequent troubles. The majority are caused by poor maintenance. The HVAC system’s furnace’s air filters should be changed on a regular basis. Dirty filters limit airflow, and you’ll notice that your home’s furnace isn’t cycling the heat efficiently. If you smell gas or fire, call the fire department.

Residents who have lived here for a while may rely on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio for assistance. We understand how important it is to offer timely, affordable heating and AC repair all year round. We are committed to serving the Texan community, and we attribute our success to the loyal clients and dedicated team members that respect our values and hard work ethic. Please give us a call if your HVAC system is having any problems.

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