Cool Tips To Help Prevent Emergency AC Repair | San Antonio, TX

Cool Tips To Help Prevent Emergency AC Repair | San Antonio, TX

Air conditioners may call for repairs once in a while, but an emergency AC repair in the middle of a sweltering summer hits differently. When your air conditioner has to work hard to cool your home on that hottest day of the year, it could break down, leading to deadly consequences.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably searching for ways you can avoid emergency AC repairs in the first place. Continue reading to learn some precautions to ensure your air conditioning unit is all set for the hot season.

Don’t Ignore the Signals

One big mistake homeowners make with their air conditioning systems is ignoring the signs. Normally, before the air conditioner fails, it will send signals that something isn’t right. It could be weird sounds, a device leak, hiking energy bills, or a constantly running AC.

Paying attention to these small details is important because you can call in the technician and have the issue rectified before they develop into an emergency.

Get Annual Maintenance

Scheduling regular, preventative maintenance with a reliable contractor has proved the best way to prevent emergency AC repairs. The minor air conditioning issues homeowners tend to ignore can grow into big ones with time, damaging the entire unit.

During the yearly tune-ups, your HVAC professional in San Antonio, TX, checks to ensure the AC works optimally. This helps eliminate the chances of breakdown and costly AC repairs.

Consider Installing a Zoning System

A zoned system is ideal for improving your cooling unit’s efficiency. With zoning, you have better control over the temperatures throughout your home as zones help achieve customized cooling levels.

Ideally, having an air conditioner that’s not zoned is as good as getting all the lights in your home on by merely flipping the power switch in one room. In other words, such a unit will overwork to keep your entire home cool, increasing its wear and tear. With such a system, frequent repairs are inevitable.

You might consider hiring a professional in San Antonio, TX, to zone temperatures in your home and see the cost savings accrue due to reduced AC repairs and energy costs.

Cover Your Windows

Covering your windows is one way you can ensure your air conditioner lasts longer without calling for frequent repairs. Closing blinds or pulling the curtains help block out the excess heat from the sun in the home.

This allows the AC to work at its normal and not to strain to keep up with the excess humidity inside the home, making it more efficient and less prone to repairs.

Set a Higher Temperature

If possible, you want to help prevent your cooling unit from running non-stop. You can do this by setting the thermostat temperatures up by just a few degrees. Setting a higher temperature on a hot, humid day will reduce the gap between the indoor temperature and that which the unit has to achieve, giving it a break.

It’s even easier with a programmable thermostat since you can adjust the temperature automatically and from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Such a simple trick might go a long way in reducing emergency AC repairs. Try it and thank your thermostat.

Shade Your Outside Unit

The scorching sun outside can impact your outdoor AC immensely, forcing it to work harder to cool your home. Putting some little shade over your outside unit can help reduce its wear and tear, which can rule out unnecessary AC repairs. However, the idea here is to provide shade, not obstruct the unit by inhibiting airflow.

Clear Around Your Outdoor AC

Vegetation growing around your outside unit is likely to interfere with the proper flow of air. As a result, the unit receives less air, meaning it has to work extra to provide the required amount of coolness in the house. This can subject it to constant.

Keep All Your Heat-Producing Appliances Away from Your Thermostat

The air conditioner is designed to shut off automatically once the desired temperature is reached. However, placing your thermostat near a lamp or any other heat source could keep the unit working even when it shouldn’t. This is because the thermostat ‘interprets’ it as having to cool the space more than what is needed. Consequently, this puts pressure on your air conditioner, wearing it down even more.

Certified HVAC professionals understand this, and that’s why they’ll install a thermostat in an area that is less exposed to heat, e.g., near a sunny window. But if you have an old system already in a tricky spot, moving your lamps away from the area will help solve the problem.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters are critical in ensuring the air conditioning device moves cool air throughout the home. So, if they are filled with dust or dirt, your air conditioner will have more work to do. It would be best if you change your air filters periodically. Otherwise, getting stuck with an emergency AC repair is what you might be getting in the end.

Don’t Use the Registers to Control Temperature

Opening or closing the registers in some rooms may not be wise because it might affect your AC’s cooling load. Over time, this can damage your air conditioning system, and repairs may not help.

Insulate Any Exposed Ductwork

In a typical home, almost 20 to 30 percent of conditioned air is lost due to leaks in the ductwork. Exposed ductwork sounds like a bad idea because ducts are installed in your attic or the crawl space beneath your home; these places are usually unconditioned.

But an AC repair technician near San Antonio, TX, can help correct that before more serious issues occur. Apart from fixing the leak, they may also seal the ducts to prevent further heat loss and leave your home more comfortable.

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