Common HVAC Fan Motor Problems, How To Prevent Them, And When You Need Air Conditioning Repair To Resolve Them | San Antonio, TX

Common HVAC Fan Motor Problems, How To Prevent Them, And When You Need Air Conditioning Repair To Resolve Them | San Antonio, TX

Every part of an AC unit is crucial in its operation for peak performance. Fan motors are responsible for driving the AC fan to blow conditioned air through air ducts to rooms and remove heat from your San Antonio, TX, home. They should operate efficiently for the air conditioner to provide cool air for maximized comfort.

However, the system can have issues that compromise the provision of conditioned air in your house, a frustrating issue that can leave you and your loved ones uncomfortable enduring the soaring high temperatures. A faulty fan motor can also strain the compressor, leading to its premature breakdown.

The moment you notice your air conditioning unit is not performing efficiently, you should seek air conditioning repair services immediately. Read on to learn about fan motor problems you might experience with your AC unit and how to prevent them.

Worn Out Belt

AC fan motors have a belt that connects to other parts of the air conditioner for smooth running of the system. The V-belt or fan belts are prone to wear out after serving your cooling needs for years without maintenance.

The HVAC fan motors tend to stretch and loosen after operating for a long time. They require tune-ups at least twice annually. When the belt becomes loose through stretching, it loses the tension that makes it perform efficiently in providing sufficient conditioned air.

After air conditioning repair and maintenance, if the belt has too much tension, that can lead to fan motor damages that will be costly to fix. The stretching makes the belt slippery and smooth, increasing the risk of slipping completely or failure of the fan motors and AC appliance.

Prevention Measure

HVAC professionals can prevent the tear and wear of the fan motor belts by carrying out periodic tune-ups of the system. They can tighten the belt to ensure it has adequate tension for the smooth running of the air conditioning unit.

In addition, contractors specializing in air conditioning repair services can recommend upgrading your air conditioning system to one without fan belts to prevent issues of fan motor damage and frequent slips.

Electrical Issues

In addition, the fan motors in your air conditioning appliance can have power problems. One of the issues might be electricity not getting to the system, which an air conditioning repair expert can test by using different functional switches.

Another power mishap might be as simple as forgetting to turn on the circuit breaker that connects to the air conditioner after flipping it to preserve energy during winter.

The hired professional can check the circuit breaker and flip it on or off. Suppose the circuit breaker is off due to electrical problems such as an overloaded circuit. In that case, an HVAC specialist can check and fix the problem before resetting it and supplying power to the system.

It’s wise to leave electrical problems in ACs to air conditioning repair professionals to avoid electrical accidents such as shock, electrocutions, or appliance damage.

The technician can also help you to advance a new fan motor or system. Suppose the air conditioning fan motors cannot turn on after trying another switch, flipping the circuit breaker, or fixing electrical problems in outlets. In that case, replacing it with a more advanced type that matches your air conditioner in size and functionality is best.

How to Prevent Electrical Problems

The only way to avoid having electrical mishaps that affect the performance of your AC and fan motors is to invest in routine maintenance procedures. The air conditioning repair technician in San Antonio, TX, should check the electrical parts in the AC to ensure there are no loose or fraying wires and that all electrical connections are correct for the safety and peak performance of the unit.

Fan Motor Clog or Jam

Sometimes the AC fan motors in your air conditioning system can stop working due to a blockage from dirt and debris the air filters fail to eliminate. Lack of maintenance can lead to the accumulation of dust and other contaminants in the motors.

The motor fan fails to move efficiently to remove warm air from your house by supplying cold conditioned air due to the dirt stuck in the blades. As the fan blades struggle to rotate, you might experience a surge in your energy bills.

Prevention Measure

An air conditioning repair expert can clean the system to remove all the dirt preventing the blades from moving and provide cool air through the ductwork.

AC Motor Fan Failure

When the fan motor in your indoor air conditioning appliance fails, it causes evaporator coils and suction lines to freeze up to the compressor. Another component the freezing affects is the refrigerant, which also sticks in the compressing unit in liquid form.

The fan motors in the outdoor condenser system can also fail, causing high discharge pressure that makes the compressor overheat and contaminate the appliance.

AC fan motor failure can be due to a dead motor, dirty air filters, capacitor mishaps, and electrical issues that need the experts in air conditioning repair service from a reputable HVAC company in the city.

Prevention Measure

Since most issues affecting the HVAC unit are due to a lack of maintenance, it is best to hire an AC professional to clean the unit properly, lubricate moving parts in the motor, and tune up all the other parts of the air conditioning unit.

So, having a maintenance plan with the best company in San Antonio, TX, ensures your appliance runs smoothly for longer.

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Like other HVAC components, fan motors can also deteriorate or fail, leaving you and your family to endure high heat levels. If you experience any of the above AC fan motor problems, call our experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio. We’ll identify, diagnose, and fix the underlying causes. Also, our air conditioning repair experts are available 24/7 for AC emergencies. Ring us today!

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