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Myths Regarding Drain Cleaning in San Antonio, Tx


myths regarding drain cleaning

Homeowners, who have suffered the problem of a clogged drain, can testify how much of a hassle it can be. From the smelly water oozing out of the clogged drain, to the threat of permanent drain damage; a clogged drain is nothing less than a journey to hell.

To avoid a clogged drain, it is advised that you regularly take the help of a plumbing service in San Antonio, TX. Not only will the plumbing service save you from having to deal with a clogged drain in the middle of the night, but it will also ensure that your drain and plumbing remains safe at all times.

Considering how important the word of mouth is nowadays, there are certain myths and flawed assumptions regarding drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX. The myths which seem rather harmless can have detrimental effects on your drain.

Through the course of this article, we will mention and debunk 6 of the most outrageous myths making rounds regarding drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX.

Easily available in almost all grocery stores in the vicinity, chemical drain cleaning products are considered by many as the perfect DIY substitute to hiring a professional drain cleaning service. Perhaps it is the widespread accessibility of these chemical products which fuels the myth, but regardless of the reasons behind it, chemical products are in no way a substitute for professional cleaning services.

Interestingly, these harmful chemicals are the first option for many. Once the limited effectiveness of the chemicals dawns upon the users, they have turn to professional cleaners to salvage what is left of their neglected drain.

You have to understand that most of these chemical products are harmful for you as well as the cleaner who you may occasionally call at the eleventh hour of permanent damage. Their toxic nature presents a health hazard for everyone involved. The machines used by professional cleaners are better equipped to manage the hassles of a clogged drain. Additionally, unlike chemicals, these machines get their work done without corroding the insides of the pipes.

This myth does slightly spur from the truth, but is not a true representation of what is exactly happening behind the scenes of your drainage. All drain lines are in one way connected, but unlike what is perceived by most homeowners, they are not dependent on each other. Think of the drains as veins in your body. All the veins are connected to your heart, but they run through different parts of the body.

A clogged line can affect the flow of water in other areas, but the clog is in one specific spot.

Most people suffer from the myth that their drains are running perfectly if there is no accumulation of water outside. What they fail to realize is that clogs, present in the drain, can either be minor or major. Though the drains might be flowing flawlessly, there might be a major problem brewing inside.

A minor clog if not catered to can turn into a major one, leading to various problems. The solution to this problem is to have regular checks from plumbers in San Antonio, TX. Not only will the service be able to recognize the clog in its infancy, but they will also rid you of it before the clog becomes a major problem.

DIY tips are motivated by many platforms on the internet, but drains are sophisticated systems best left in the safe hands of an experienced plumber in San Antonio, TX. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about clog removal techniques or machines, you should leave the problem for experienced professionals.

Cleaning drains without proper equipment or sufficient knowledge can also pose a threat of injury to you. Sitting clueless amidst the stinky water of a clogged drain, with no proper equipment is not a situation you want to be in. In the time you learn to master the art and have bought expensive machinery and equipment that you’ll only use once-in-awhile, you could have enjoyed a couple of repairs from plumbers in San Antonio, TX without hassle or expense.

Just like doctors, there are plumbers who specialize in different aspects of plumbing in San Antonio, TX. All plumbers are not apt at drain cleaning, which is why you need to get the help of one who is a professional at handling the task. A plumber who does not specialize in this kind of work can end up damaging your drainage system.

Many plumbing services in San Antonio, TX provide specialized plumbers to deal with drain cleaning. Specialized plumbers have an aura of professionalism about them and will show total expertise and control over what they’re doing.

You must have run through a DIY video on the internet promoting the use of sodas for unclogging drains. While such videos must be given full marks for the effort, they are not the most authentic or credible source for drain cleaning advice. Soda has acidic content, which can inflict lasting damage on your drain system. If you need a temporary fix till the time the professionals arrive, you can try a mix of baking soda and vinegar for an effective result.

If you need professional plumbers for drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX; get in touch with BlueFrog Plumbers. We are the most reliable plumbers in San Antonio, TX, with a team of experts ready to fulfill all your plumbing needs on emergency basis.

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