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5 Emergency Plumbing Situations that Can’t Wait

Few of us give much thought to our plumbing system unless something goes wrong. And when it does, we typically phone a professional to resolve any trouble that very day. But who do you call when a pipe bursts at midnight? Well, the same professional – assuming they handle emergency situations. Know that there are some plumbing emergencies you should not handle yourself, and that should never wait till the next day!

Overflowing Toilet

A clogged toilet is commonplace. An overflowing toilet? Not so much. An overflow is generally caused by a blockage or some issue with the tank itself – or with any piece regulating water flow. Your plumber will examine the causes of an immediate overflow, from external plumbing vents to internal damage.

Frozen Pipes

If not a single faucet in your home is working right, the outdoor pipes may have frozen solid. During winter, frozen pipes are relatively common. That doesn’t make it less troublesome, though. Furthermore, if not handled properly, a frozen pipe may lead to bursting or leaks.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe leads to flooding, which then leads to severe water damage and mold growth. You’ll want to call a plumber at once to determine the location of the leak and repair the pipe promptly. The longer you wait, the more damage develops.

Damaged Water Lines

A water line running through your yard is subject to countless acts of nature. The most common is usually a tree root growing through the pipe that causes leaking and a significant blockage. When the water line is compromised, your home may have no water whatsoever.

Water Heater Flooding

The water heater is generally installed in a closet, laundry area, the garage, or the basement (if you have one). No matter where it’s located, few of us inspect our water heater regularly. But when you happen to spot a pool of water forming under the water heater tank, cracks from age or corrosion are surely causing trouble. A replacement is likely needed.

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