Blank Thermostat? Contact A Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Company | San Antonio, TX

Blank Thermostat? Contact A Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Company | San Antonio, TX

“Oh no!” That is most likely your reaction when you finally arrive home, only to find that your thermostat is blank. It isn’t showing any readings. Is this a serious problem? Does it mean you’ll have to replace the air conditioner or the furnace? All these are questions that you could be asking yourself in that instance when shocked. A blank thermostat doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to call an air conditioning repair technician to replace your AC unit or furnace. In some instances, the batteries might have died and required a replacement. Understandably, you could be shocked, but you need to chill out. Below are some main reasons why your thermostat might not display any readings. As you will come to notice, some of them are pretty trivial. The primary reasons your thermostat could be blank include the following:

Dead Batteries

Will your thermostat have a common wire (c-wire for short)? If not, your thermostat is likely not hooked up to the HVAC system for power. Hence, it must have some batteries that run it. If it displays a blank, it could mean the batteries are dead. Fortunately, this is a problem you can fix without calling an air conditioning repair technician. All it needs is a battery replacement, and all may be well.

In such a case, you will normally need 3V lithium-ion or AA alkaline batteries. Consult your thermostat manual for more information to be clear. Most thermostats will warn you that the battery is almost out by displaying a low battery symbol when they are about to die or are running low. In contrast, if your thermostat has been hardwired to your heating and AC system for power, the blank screen might be because the thermostat is recharging. So, wait for a while to see if the display returns. You need to get an air conditioning repair technician if it doesn’t.

Wiring Issues or Loose Wiring

Sometimes, your thermostat could lack power because of issues with the wires hooked to the thermostat. If the wiring weren’t originally firmly attached or your thermostat is installed in a high-traffic room, then the passersby vibrations could impact the wires. The wires also could be chewed by rodents like rats exposing some of them, resulting in short-circuiting when they come into contact. Hence, in addition to hiring an air conditioning repair technician, you will also need to enlist the services of a pest control specialist to remove the rodents and permanently seal where they are entering your San Antonio, TX home. Otherwise, repairing the wiring without finding a way to chase the rodents will be a zero-sum game. Because the wiring directly deals with electricity, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional rather than do it yourself.

Tripped Safety Switch

The furnaces and air conditioners have built-in safety switches to ensure you are protected in those unsafe situations. If the many safety switches are tripped, then the transformer that supplies voltage to your HVAC system will immediately stop. If your thermostat has a C-wire, its power will also be cut. If you have a furnace, you should immediately call an air conditioning repair technician for an inspection, diagnosis, and repair. If you have an air conditioner or a heat pump, you should check the condensate drain pan to see whether it’s full. The drain pan will trip the safety switch as a safety precaution.

Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit Breakers

The other reason your thermostat could be showing a blank screen is if the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown. This depends on the kind of furnace or air conditioner at your San Antonio, TX home. At times, the problem can be caused by a power surge. Although you might be tempted to rush to the electrical box and flip the breaker back into position, it is recommended that you call an air conditioning repair technician if this problem arises repeatedly. The problem might be deep in the furnace or HVAC system. If you have a fuse, the technician will replace it after inspecting the entire system and determining the cause of the problem. Upon repairing the issue, they will check the thermostat to ensure it is resolved. This might seem like going overboard, but it is for your protection and good.

Open Furnace Door

A furnace door has some mechanical parts that might become damaged with time. This is something that air conditioning repair technicians encounter from time to time. Unfortunately, the thermostat might become blank if the furnace door is open. This is not an issue that will affect all thermostats as some have a higher sensitivity to this issue than others, but it is a problem worth checking. The thermostat might turn off if the furnace door isn’t tightly closed. Properly closing the furnace door should resolve the issue.

Old Thermostat

Although thermostats can last up to two decades, they eventually wear out for several reasons. Sometimes, you will have to replace the unit. If the thermostat is old, this could be the problem if it isn’t displaying anything. If the issue is old, contact a professional air conditioning repair technician to replace the thermostat. They might recommend you install newer models or smart thermostats that take comfort and convenience to new heights. Although the new models may be complicated, they are worth investing in.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, we frequently receive phone calls from San Antonio, TX homeowners regarding thermostat problems, and a blank thermostat is among the most. Is your thermostat showing a blank display? That could be a result of either of the above issues. We are your best bet if you want to call a trusted air conditioning repair company. Don’t resort to repairing your HVAC system because your thermostat is blank. Contact us today for a resolution of your thermostat problem.

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