Before Selling Your Home: Get An Air Conditioner Repair To Install A New Unit Or Upgrade The Existing One | San Antonio, TX

Before Selling Your Home: Get An Air Conditioner Repair To Install A New Unit Or Upgrade The Existing One | San Antonio, TX

Are you a realtor looking to sell your property? Or, are you a prospective home buyer looking to own one? Regardless, you must conduct due diligence as a realtor to know what the prospective buyers want and, as a homeowner, to ensure that all that you need in a home is there. You can do many things as a realtor to ensure you get as much return on investment on your property as possible.

While most prefer renovating the home and upgrading the plumbing system, there is an often overlooked thing that could dramatically increase sales. Suppose you are a homeowner looking to sell. In that case, you should have the maintenance receipts to show the prospective buyers that the house has been under maintenance by a professional heating and air conditioner repair company.

It is a sizable investment to purchase a home. The buyers want to make sure they are making a smart choice. A well-maintained or new HVAC system is one of the best ways of enhancing your property. It will attract home buyers more quickly than one that doesn’t have or with an old, sub-serviced unit. The age of your air conditioning system affects the resale value of your home in the following five ways:

How Your HVAC System’s Age Affects Your Home Resale Value

Home Tours

When you are preparing to take the potential buyers for a tour of your property, you organize and clean everything on sight to ensure it is as attractive as possible. Just as you prepare for the reveal, ensure that you also use the air conditioner to your advantage. If it is hot outside, these potential buyers will feel at ease walking in a cool space while also being happy that the air conditioner is properly working. Since the buyer might ask that you change the temperatures, ensure that every component is operational. Hence, ensure that an air conditioner repair technician comes to service the unit before you put your San Antonio, TX home up for sale.

Selling Disclosures

One thing that is on any homebuyer’s mind when shopping for a home is the age of the house. Potential buyers can ask you how old your HVAC system is. How can you feel if you have just moved to a new home, and suddenly, the air conditioner stops working, and you paid for it? This is inconvenient and might mean you have expensive air conditioner repairs waiting for you or even replacements. If you’re selling a home, you’re responsible for disclosing the age of your air conditioning system.

Additionally, you’re obligated to tell your potential buyers of any major HVAC system issue. If your air conditioning system is new, such disclosures may work to your advantage. However, this information may deter potential buyers from committing if the system is over ten years old. Hence, it is better to have an air conditioner repair technician replace your unit if you plan on reselling your home and the unit is over 10 years old.

Selling Concessions

Is your HVAC system outdated? Potential homebuyers might request that you repair or replace the unit before they agree to buy your home. It is common for potential homebuyers to make such requests. In most instances, the realtor will perform air conditioner repairs and tune-ups before putting their property on sale. These requests may negatively impact the selling price.

Prospective buyers will certainly notice if you update your heating and air conditioning system. This will likely increase their interest in your home. Additionally, you can boost the selling point to recapture some expenses from the said upgrades. In contrast, potential buyers will also notice if you don’t upgrade your older HVAC system. This might make them less interested in your home, driving the selling price down.


An upgraded, energy-efficient air conditioning system is another huge selling point. It is environmentally friendly and saves you a fortune on yearly energy utility bills. Most homebuyers have concerns about how much money they will have to pay in utility bills when they finally move to a new home, particularly if the new house is larger than their previous home. Talk to your air conditioner repair technician about installing an Energy Star Certified appliance that will certainly catch the eyes of a potential home buyer. It will also likely increase your San Antonio, TX home’s value.

Phasing Out R-22

As of 1st January 2020, the EPA banned producing and importing an ozone-depleting refrigerant called R-22. However, it is common to find this refrigerant in some HVAC systems. If your home’s HVAC system was installed before 2010, it might use R-22 or any other HCFC coolant. Unfortunately, servicing these systems, such as recharging them, relies on stockpiled or recycled parts. If your air conditioning system using R-22 malfunctions or requires air conditioner repair, finding parts to fix it will be challenging and possibly highly expensive. In such a case, you should have a professional upgrade your HVAC system with a modern one that will help you avoid using these harmful refrigerants.

The importance of a heating and air conditioning system on your home’s value is larger than you might have imagined, and upgrading it will do much good for you. Installing a central HVAC system will boost your home’s value by over ten percent. If you are reselling your home, installing a new HVAC system or upgrading the existing one will entice the buyers. Do you want to upgrade your system? choose a modern unit that leverages energy efficiency and have an air conditioner repair technician install it at your San Antonio, TX home. Are you planning to resell your home and are looking to upgrade your HVAC system? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, your reliable air conditioner repair company.

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