Averting Ductwork Layout Issues With An Air Conditioner Repair Professional | San Antonio, TX

Averting Ductwork Layout Issues With An Air Conditioner Repair Professional | San Antonio, TX

Are you renovating your residential or commercial space and seeking to improve your air conditioning simultaneously? When work has been done, do you want a consistent, comfortable temperature in your indoor space? If you do, it pays to plan for updates to your heating and AC system and the design of the air ducts early in the renovation process to avert any mistakes.

You probably did not realize that your heating and air conditioning system and the air ducts are something you should think of even before you have an architect complete the plans. Below are some of the ways that you could improve your air conditioning with better air duct design and reasons to have air conditioner repair professionals in San Antonio, TX, involved early in the renovation process.

What Are the Consequences of a Poor Ductwork Design

According to the Department of Energy, the average air duct design system has about sixty percent efficiency. This means that all the conditioned air doesn’t reach your indoor space as it should. This leads to various consequences such as:

  • Cold and Hot spots, stuffy air, and drafts in your indoor space. The impeded flow of air prompts you to search for an air conditioner repair pro for further inspection.
  • Poor air quality exposes you or your family to higher levels of pet dander, dust, fumes, pollutants, and mold growth because of too much humidity.
  • More wear and tear on the air conditioning unit because it has to work harder and run longer to compensate for the various flaws in the air duct design. This results in shorter equipment lifespan, frequent breakdowns, more energy use, and high energy utility bills.

Below are some common mistakes that inexperienced AC repair professionals might make regarding ductwork design.

Common Air Duct Design Mistakes

Several air duct design mistakes might arise during the renovation. If you have a proper air duct design, your heating and AC system will operate efficiently, providing much-needed comfort. But what are these common mistakes that an inexperienced AC repair technician might make that may impede your air conditioner’s efficiency and functionality? They are as explained below:


Contractors may err by neglecting to consider the heating and air conditioning system you’ve installed or want, the load needs of various rooms, the location of ducts and equipment, and the materials used to build them. Your ducts’ proper sizing is affected by all of these factors & getting it wrong frequently results in HVAC ductwork that is too small, a common reason for frequent air conditioner repairs.

Too Long Air Duct Runs

When the location of your air conditioning system and air duct systems aren’t optimized during the planning phase, the equipment might end up getting installed far from the space that needs cooling. This means that the air

ducts will require long runs, making it hard for the air conditioning system to move the cooled air to specific areas of your home. While you might call an air conditioner repair technician to remedy the issue, you might be forced to replace the unit with a ductless one.

Sharp Bends

Like the long bends impede the flow of air, too sharp bends in the air ducts or too many bends also impact the volume of air that reaches the space that needs cooling.

Lack of Returns

Your ductwork system requires return vents to maintain a balanced air pressure that allows the air in the room to be pulled back into the air conditioning system. Not including enough returns is a prevalent air duct flaw that will make your home uncomfortable. Hence, ensure that the air conditioner repair technician in San Antonio, TX includes the returns when laying the ducts.

Good Ductwork Design Tips

To ensure that your air ducts are designed properly, start by working with a great AC repair, installation, and design professional early in the renovation process. Together with the architect and contractor, they will do the following:

Choose the Right Installation Point for the AC Appliance and Air Ducts

With proper planning, the air conditioning appliance should be located centrally in the space that needs cooling to ensure that you use the shortest ductwork runs. The ducts should be located in the ceilings and walls to reduce the loss of conditioned air. Hence, don’t install the air ducts in unconditioned crawls and attics for maximum efficiency.

Detailed Load Calculation

When the space that needs cooling has various areas or rooms requiring different cooling and heating, the air conditioner repair technician will calculate the load requirements for each room.

Type of Equipment and Supporting Systems

The size of the air ducts depends on the type of air conditioner. For instance, large units such as heat pumps need larger air ducts while others are ductless. If your heating system has a cleaner using activated charcoal filters, then you might need larger air ducts or conditional air returns.

Choose the Right Air Duct Layout and Size

The air conditioner repair technician must also determine the right or most efficient air duct design layout and calculate the sizing. This usually happens after deciding all the system variables.

Ensure That the Duct Work Is Properly Sealed

A lot of conditioned air can be lost if the joints in the ductwork aren’t sealed correctly. This problem is compounded when using high-efficiency systems that run at a lower capacity and longer. Since the conditioned air is within the air ducts for a long time, a lot of it can escape through the leaky joints. Ensure that the air ducts are sealed and insulated by a professional air conditioner repair technician in San Antonio, TX, to avoid this.

Avoid the Ductwork Mistakes Above!

Do you suspect that your air conditioner repair and installation technician might not have the expertise to properly design your ductwork after reading this? Contact experienced and qualified ductwork layout designers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

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