An AC Repair Pro Outlines Why Your Heat Pump Is Cycling On And Off Regularly | San Antonio, TX

An AC Repair Pro Outlines Why Your Heat Pump Is Cycling On And Off Regularly | San Antonio, TX

A heat pump goes through “on-off” cycles to ensure your home maintains a certain temperature. However, sometimes the cycles happen more often than they should. This is a common issue heat pumps face, called “short cycling”. When short cycling, the heat pump shuts down early before completing one of its cooling or heating cycles, only to turn on again for another cycle.

Short cycling is common in heat pumps that are rarely maintained and can occur in heating or cooling mode. Call an AC repair specialist to inspect the HVAC system if your heat pump is short-cycling. Don’t ignore the issue because your heat pump can break down completely, which will be costly to repair or replace. Many issues can make your heat pump experience short cycles. These issues include:

An Issue with the Thermostat

With the current technological advancement, every homeowner is looking for new upgrades to keep their home comfortable. While having new technology in your home is good, the same technology may have its faults. When it comes to thermostats, they leave much room for error. So, if you notice your heat pump is short cycling, there is a high possibility that your thermostat is not functioning as it should.

The heat pump will turn on and off uncontrollably with a malfunctioning thermostat. To check the thermostat’s status, inspect the batteries and connections because these are the main culprits. However, instead of wasting time trying to inspect your thermostat, it is best to hire an AC repair company in San Antonio, TX to fix the problem.

Faulty Electrical Components

When your heat pump has failing electrical components, your heat pump is likely to short cycle frequently. For instance, there might be an issue with the electric control board that regulates your home’s HVAC system. The electric control board is in sync with the home’s thermostat and is in charge of when the heat pump turns on and off. So, it is an important component that needs to stay in good shape.

There could be other faulty components or connection issues that are making your HVAC system short cycle. Regardless, contact a qualified AC repair professional. Calling a professional is better instead of trying DIY methods that might cost you down the road. Still, you might injure yourself while trying to fix the unit.

A Damaged Compressor

The compressor is a refrigerator designed to dehumidify and cool your interior. It squeezes refrigerant from your heat pump and increases its temperature and pressure, thus pushing out to cool the air inside the HVAC system. When the compressor is damaged, it switches on and off faster than it should. This leads to a faulty thermostat reading and short cycling of your heat pump.

Troubleshooting articles and online videos won’t offer a long-lasting solution to your issue. Your only solution is to call an AC repair technician in San Antonio, TX to fix the damaged compressor.

Low Refrigerant Levels

When a heat pump doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it reduces efficiency. Low refrigerant levels prevent your HVAC unit from working at its best, leading to short cycling. You will notice your home is not as cool or warm as you wanted before turning it on. The heat pump works twice more to ensure your home stays comfortable, increasing energy bills. Hire an AC repair expert today, and they will solve the issue. If there is a leakage issue, your professional will alert you so you can save money down the line.

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter can greatly affect the performance of your heat pump. So, whenever your heat pump has a problem, hire an AC repair technician to check the filters. Over time, debris and dust form on the filter. When the filters are unchanged or cleaned, airflow is restricted, making the HVAC system not circulate the right amount of air to heat or cool your home. As a result, short cycling occurs. Whether your air filter is replaceable or reusable, regularly call a professional for AC repair to clean or replace the filter. Regular cleaning should be done to prevent future clogs or other issues.

Incorrect Heat Pump Size

Improper sizing is another problem that can make your unit short cycle. That is why it is important to hire a qualified AC repair and installation expert to inspect your home before installing a heat pump. If the heat pump is too small for the space you want to heat or cool; it might struggle to distribute sufficient air. This makes the HVAC system start and stop frequently, trying to compensate for the thermostat’s varying temperature. If this is the right reason causing the unit to short cycle, you will need a replacement of the right size. Call an AC repair company professional to ensure the replacement fits your home.

An Overheated HVAC Unit

If something obstructs your heat pump’s airflow, enough heat won’t be generated by the unit. The obstructions are caused mainly by dirty filters or damaged ductwork. All the heated air will accumulate in the heat pump instead of being generated out, causing the system to overheat. When the system overheats regularly, it will fail at some point. An overheating HVAC system is a safety hazard that could put your property at risk. Instead of waiting for a disaster, why not call an HVAC technician to inspect the heat pump?

Call Us When Your Heat Pump Short Cycles!

A short cycling heat pump increases your energy bills, plus you will have to replace it sooner than expected. If you notice your heat pump is short cycling, have the professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio take care of your HVAC unit. We are an experienced AC company in San Antonio, TX that you can trust. Other than heat pump services, our technicians can install an HVAC system, maintenance, and replacement. Contact us for a free quote.

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