Air Conditioning Service And Other Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Furnace | San Antonio, TX

Air Conditioning Service And Other Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Furnace | San Antonio, TX

A furnace will cost you a significant fortune to install and purchase. Hence, it is reasonable for you as a homeowner to want to extend its service life where possible. Unfortunately, even the “possible” has got its limitations. With time, the furnace ages, and some components wear out, reducing its efficiency in heating your indoor settings. Eventually, the furnace will wear out and require a replacement. But for how long can a furnace serve your home? The answer to this question depends on several factors, as we shall explain below. However, routine air conditioning service and timely repairs can increase the lifespan by several years.

Understanding these factors can offer insights when considering furnace maintenance and care. Routine servicing of your furnace will catch the developing issues before they result in total damage to your system. By understanding the reasons behind the malfunctioning of your furnace early, you can take the necessary measures to resolve them, extending the furnace service life further.

What Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Furnace?

Although there are many potential reasons for the early failure of your furnace, all the factors fall under use, size, & heating and air conditioning service. Although errors on your side might cause some issues, all the maintenance of your furnace needs the attention of a licensed technician. Hence, ensure that you go through the manual to avoid errors and that your furnace can serve you more. This will save you from paying for premature replacement while providing comfort. Below are the main factors that affect the service life of your air furnace.


The first and critical determinant of how long your furnace will serve your San Antonio, TX home is how you use it. The furnace manufacturers don’t design the appliance with fidgety homeowners in mind. The appliances should work best when they are set to a specific temperature and allowed to heat the required space. By adjusting the indoor temperature settings continually, the furnace will be unable to establish a routine. Hence, it will be working harder to satisfy these constant changes.

You will soon have to call an air conditioning service technician to repair the unit. Unfortunately, this reduces the lifespan of the furnace. With some systems, smart thermostats do enable more excellent temperature monitoring and control. For instance, homeowners can program heating schedules that warm up their home or workplace when occupants are there and cool it down when they aren’t. This modifies temperature settings, but it does so in an energy-efficient and predictable manner, extending the lifespan of your furnace.


Whenever some people think about the furnaces in their offices or homes, they usually consider particular models or brands. They don’t remember the size at all. However, the size of a furnace plays a critical role in the unit’s lifespan and heating efficiency. It is worth noting that the size here doesn’t mean the physical dimension but the heating capacity. If the furnace is too small for the load, it will be working harder to achieve the right or your preferred temperatures. Hence, its integral component is prone to wearing out prematurely. If the furnace is larger than required, it will quickly heat your space, resulting in short cycling. Hence, you will be forced to contact an air conditioning service provider for repair. Choosing the right-sized unit is critical to ensuring that your furnace can serve you extensively.

Furnace Maintenance

A furnace needs professional maintenance. However, you can do some maintenance tasks by regularly replacing the air filters in your furnace. However, annual air conditioning service and inspections of your furnace by a professional are necessary to ensure that it reaches the rated service life. This is because minor developing issues can be caught and remedied before they cause serious damage.

Tune-ups are minimal repairs and crucial in ensuring that your furnace can serve you extensively. If some components of the furnace need replacement, the air conditioning service provider will perform the replacement. Similarly, if others need any cleaning, the professional will clean them to ensure that the furnace is in a top state to heat your home come that winter season of high demand. Hence, ensure that your unit is inspected and serviced once or twice annually.


Your home’s environment and the location of your HVAC system affect how long it lasts. If your area is dry, dirt, dust, and debris will gather around the coils & filters of the appliance more quickly. Regularly change your furnace’s air filters and check for buildup inside the coils. Keep the area surrounding your unit clean to ensure appropriate air circulation if it is close to landscaping. Have an air conditioning service provider periodically inspect the area and eliminate any weeds or leaf accumulation. If you have any bushes or shrubs, trim them to prevent your unit from overheating unnecessarily.


As already established above, your location greatly impacts your HVAC system’s length. During some seasons, excessive or insufficient humidity can affect how you experience your San Antonio, TX home’s ambient temperature. You might adjust the thermostat because of this, which would result in excessive energy costs. Your furnace systems have already put in a lot of effort to maintain comfort in your house. The air conditioning service provider can install a dehumidifier before summer to prevent extra moisture from building up. However, you need a humidifier to help maintain a cozy amount of hot moisture dissolved in the air during the winter.

The only secret to ensuring that your furnace can serve your home to the rated service life is to have a routine air conditioning service. During the maintenance visit, the technician can spot any developing issues and take the necessary remediate measures. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio for furnace maintenance in your San Antonio, TX home. Our quality of services is unmatched.

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