Air Conditioner Repair: Common Problems In Wall-hung Air Conditioning Units | San Antonio, TX

Air Conditioner Repair: Common Problems In Wall-hung Air Conditioning Units | San Antonio, TX

There are various air conditioners in San Antonio, TX, houses that cool off the intense heat during summer, including central air conditioners, portable ACs, and wall-hung air conditioning systems.

Texas’ scorching summer can be unbearable, making people that cannot afford the central AC go for the middle ground wall hung air conditioner to meet their cooling needs.

When correctly installed, wall-mounted air conditioners effectively cool small spaces for people that require occasional cool air. They operate efficiently in cooling small spaces like single rooms or bedrooms.

The wall-hung ACs are susceptible to numerous issues that need urgent air conditioner repair services. Some of the problems you might face include:

Problem 1: Leaking

Compared to other air conditioning units like portable and central systems, the wall-hung AC systems are notorious for leaking that require frequent air conditioner services. You will notice water dripping from the unit to the floors because of the condensation in the appliance.

The sweating moisture in the wall-mounted equipment drainage system is evidence of a clogged condensate drain line, forcing the condensate to look for an alternative way out of the indoor unit.

Calling for air conditioner repair services is appropriate to unclog the clogged drain line. The wall-hung air conditioning system can also leak because of frozen evaporator coils that start to dip water to your floor.

Problem 2: Mold Growth

The moisture that leaks from the wall-hung air conditioner can be a ground for mold spores to reproduce and spontaneously multiply in your house.

Dumbness and organic particles found in air conditioners, wooden floors, carpets, and cracks can be breeding areas for mold to thrive and spread the spores to other moist parts of your house. The mold allergens have adverse health effects and can destroy the structural integrity of your home without prompt removal services.

The moldy allergens cause asthmatic attacks in people with asthma and other respiratory tract diseases like shortness of breath. If you see mold in your wall-hung air conditioner, it is best to get air conditioner repair and cleaning services. This will eliminate all traces of mold for healthy, fresh, and clean indoor air quality.

Problem 3: Leaking Refrigerant

The freon refrigerant can also leak due to corrosion of copper tube walls of evaporator coils and weakening connections in the unit due to poor installation.

Normal wear and tears as the unit get old and factory defects can lead to gaps that allow the coolant to escape. You should contact an air conditioner repair specialist when you notice the following signs:

  • AC takes longer than usual to cool the house
  • Higher humidity levels, frozen evaporator coils
  • Hissing sounds
  • Bubbles from the evaporator coils
  • Water leaks from the frozen coils

Freon poisoning is another problem you might encounter due to the leaking coolant. The fluorinated hydrocarbons can cause numerous health issues in family members exposed to the chemical, such as skin cancer.

They might complain of dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath, making it difficult to breathe, which requires emergency medical attention. Immediate air conditioner repair services are also necessary to stop the leaking freon coolant. The professional will also replace the lost amount of the coolant to restore the peak performance of your wall-mounted unit.

Problem 4: Poor Temperature Control

The wall-mounted air conditioners are also known for poor temperature regulation and control. Homeowners notice air drafts in their San Antonio, TX house because the wall-hung unit does not supply the same temperatures in the rooms.

You will find some parts of the room cool while others are warm and feel the poor circulation of the conditioned cold air. The air drafts are the worst problem you can face because they increase discomfort and drive up the utility bills.

If you call for repair services, the friendly and courteous technician can recommend using the system in smaller rooms rather than big spaces to prevent warm spots.

Problem 5: Inaccurate Installation

Appliances must be installed correctly to operate efficiently. The wall-hung air conditioning units are a hassle to install by most unqualified technicians leading to additional air conditioning problems that might need costly air conditioner repair services.

Some of the issues homeowners in San Antonio, TX, encounter because of poorly installed wall-mounted ACs include leaking coolants, low airflow, electrical failure, and poor performance. Sometimes the poor installation can lead to a sudden breakdown of the system, thus the need for quality air conditioner repair and replacement services.

The U.S Department of Energy also explains that poor installation of air conditioners can lead to insufficient refrigerant charge in the system, mostly way below the manufacturers’ specification, affecting the efficiency of the compressor.

So, it is wise to get the best technicians to carry out the first installation of your wall-hung air conditioning system to prevent performance issues, failure, and expensive repair services.

Problem 6: Increased Utility Bills

The wall-hung air conditioners use high energy levels to cool your home. You will start receiving higher energy bills because the units work overtime to provide adequate cooled air that fits your room. In the case of larger spaces, the AC will also struggle to cool it, consuming more energy that will skyrocket your monthly utility bills.

Once you realize the AC is the appliance increasing your utility costs, you might call for an air conditioner repair expert to find the root cause. But, the best solution will be to upgrade to a more energy-efficient air conditioning unit.

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Air conditioning appliances are prone to break down or have problems in case of poor installation or lack of maintenance. Getting a small unit for a big house can also make the unit overwork causing other mishaps that can shorten the lifespan of the equipment.

If you have issues with your wall-mounted air conditioning unit, reach out to courteous, respectful, reliable, and efficient HVAC contractors at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio for air conditioner repair services. Our friendly professionals are available 24/7 for emergency services.

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