8 Common Heating And AC Repairs Needed In Winter | San Antonio, TX

8 Common Heating And AC Repairs Needed In Winter | San Antonio, TX

Cool winter weather can put a massive strain on your HVAC system, causing you to need heating and AC repair, despite Northern Texas having a relatively mild climate. To ensure that your San Antonio, TX home remains a desirable temperature throughout the winter season, keep an eye out for these common issues!

1. Blocked Filters

Your HVAC system likely has an air filter at its central intake point if it uses forced air for heating your home. Dirt, dust, or other debris can reduce airflow, causing the HVAC system to work harder. To keep your HVAC system in good condition, inspect filters every month and clean them or replace them as necessary. If you’re uncomfortable changing a HVAC filter yourself, ask a professional service technician to do this for you. Clogged filters can put undue pressure on your HVAC, causing premature heating and AC repair callouts to fix components such as blown heating elements or broken fan motors.

2. Failed Pilot Light

Gas heating units are a good choice for homeowners, however, they are susceptible to issues if not maintained correctly. Make sure the pilot light is on. This is what ignites the system when it’s triggered by the thermostat. Faulty pilot lights can prevent your system’s turning on, and could lead to unintentionally cold temperatures.

3. Frozen Heat Pump

Many Northern Texas homes are equipped with heat pumps because of the mild climate. However, the coils of these heat pumps can freeze if the outside temperature drops suddenly. Frozen heat pumps make it difficult to heat your home and often result in the need for a heating and AC repair service to repair any damages caused by the freeze-thaw process. Modern heat pumps automatically go into a defrost mode. However, if your heat pump is not equipped to defrost, or fails to do so, you might have to resolve the issue manually.

4. Heater Short-Cycling

Are you noticing your heater turning on and off frequently? You may have heater cycling issues. Short-cycling can cause your system to be less efficient and increase your energy costs. This issue can be caused by a blocked filter or blower that restricts airflow. Your heater may switch on and off more frequently if there is not enough airflow. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause heating problems. Both issues can be resolved during a heating and AC repair service.

It is possible to avoid this issue by having your heating system checked and maintained at least once a year by a licensed, insured HVAC professional registered in San Antonio, TX. This will ensure you stay warm in winter and helps you save money on your energy bills.

5. Uneven Temperature and Airflow

Texan homeowners often face the problem of uneven heat distribution when there is an issue with their HVAC unit. It can be frustrating to discover that certain rooms are cooler than others in your home, especially in winter. Having the master bedroom cold in winter can prove frustrating and unpleasant to deal with.

Sometimes the uneven temperatures and lack of adequate airflow are not even caused by your HVAC unit, making these types of issues difficult to diagnose for the average homeowner. If you notice uneven heat distribution in your home, make sure to check the filters for debris or other obstructions. If clearing out the dust or debris doesn’t solve the problem, call in a heating and AC repair technician to inspect and fix the issue.

6. The Heater Blowing Out Cold Air

Another winter heating issue that homeowners often need to address is the heater blowing cold air. First, check the thermostat to ensure it is at the correct temperature. You should also check whether the fan is on ‘Auto’ or “Fan On”. If the fan is switched to Fan On, your unit will not produce heat.

It is a good idea to call a company that does heating and AC repair if you’re struggling with your unit blowing out cold air. This problem can be caused by a lack of power, faulty pilot lights, leaking ducts, and dirty filters amongst other factors. Professional heating repair services will quickly diagnose and correct the problem so that your home is warm ASAP.

7. Dry Air

Dry air can cause discomfort and irritation, especially if you have sensitive or already dry skin. Your skin may feel dry and itchy if your home has low humidity. Low humidity can also dry out woodwork and furniture, causing wood to split. Dry air can also affect your heating system’s efficiency. It may take longer for your home to become comfortable and cozy in winter, and you may start to wonder if you need to book heating and AC repair. However, a humidifier can help to solve this problem. A humidifier can be used in one room, or you can ask a professional to install a whole-home humidifying system. This will not only protect your wood furniture and other features, but will also warm your home and make it more pleasant to stay at home throughout the winter.

8. Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are the most dangerous winter heating issue that homeowners face. It is crucial to address the problem immediately through a heating and AC repair service. One of the best ways you can prevent this issue is to have alarms installed that alert you of an increase in carbon monoxide levels. Regular inspections and maintenance of your furnace by a professional HVAC company is another way to avoid this winter heating problem.

Gas leaks can occur at any time, regardless of your HVAC’s age. However, leaks are most common in furnaces older than a decade. Avoiding a gas leak is one of the main reasons people opt into regular furnace maintenance and inspection schedules. If you suspect a gas leak or other winter heating issue is in play, contact one of our heating and AC repair technicians in San Antonio, TX immediately. Our team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio is always ready to help.

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