4 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

4 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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Most people take their plumbing system for granted, so if you are one of them you have nothing to be ashamed of. It is easy to get into the mentality of if it isn’t broken there is no reason to fix it. However, when you walk downstairs and find a flood of water gushing out of a broken pipe or a flood in your basement from a backed-up floor drain in your San Antonio, TX basement you might change your tune. While disconcerting, an emergency plumber can help get you home dry again and fix the problem so you don’t have to experience such a rude awakening again.

A lot of these major problems can be solved with an annual plumbing system inspection. After you have experienced a traumatic water event that led to an emergency plumber, it will be easier to see why preventative plumbing service is so important. With any luck, you will never have to deal with a plumbing emergency, but even with proper maintenance every so once in a while, something can occur that is unexpected. When that situation arises, an emergency plumbing service is the only person you need to call to get you back on your feet.

Not sure if your situation qualifies as an emergency or not? As a general guideline, if it deals with flooding, leaks, or an absence of water (you don’t have hot water or any water) then it qualifies as an emergency and you should call an emergency plumber. While you may not think it can get any worse than it already is if you wait, it can and if you wait too long it definitely will. While this is by no means a comprehensive guide, here are a few situations when you should definitely call an emergency plumbing service right away.

Odd Unexplainable Wet Spots in Your Yard

There are several good reasons why you might have wet spots in your yard, but there are also several reasons that are much more concerning and require a call to an emergency plumber. For instance, if you have wet spots in the front yard on a clear day where there hasn’t been much water, there is a chance that you have a leak in your main water line. If the wet spots seem to appear overnight and are massive there is even more of a good chance that you have a break in your main water line or your sewer line.

If you notice a very foul smell around the wet spots then it is very likely your sewer line and you need to call an emergency plumbing service right away. Not only will the problem not resolve itself, but it can quickly become a public health hazard so you need to act right away. Usually, at this point, your entire line will need to be replaced so you should prepare yourself for a large repair. Sometimes if you act quick enough you can still fix a mainline with repairs laparoscopically which are definitely preferable.

Flooding Is Involved in the Situation

If there’s flooding then regardless of what the cause is you need to call an emergency plumber. Flooding needs to be taken care of right away. Water damage has unlimited potential to ruin your home and cause exorbitant clean-up bills. Even a small amount of water is enough to allow mold and mildew to grow that can spread and ruin your personal belongings and potentially harm your health.

There are a lot of plumbing issues that can lead to flooding such as a clogged toilet, water heater, or sewage backup near your floor drain, and each and everyone needs to be promptly dealt with by an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX. Even if the issue is caused by your sump pump you need to call for help right away. It also might be a good idea to call a water restoration company unless your plumber works for a company that can also help with water removal and damage.

Burst Pipe

Speaking of flooding, nothing will cause a flood faster than a pipe that bursts. This is always a plumbing emergency regardless of where the pipe is located or if you can shut the water off on your own or not. Ideally, you can shut the water off locally and then call for a plumber, but if you don’t know how to do that then turn off the water main and get on the phone with a San Antonio, TX emergency plumber. This is not something that you want to play around with or try to fix on your own because if you don’t do it right you will end up with a second burst pipe. Unless you want to repeat the situation, get professional help and get it taken care of quickly.

No Water

If you come home and there is no water in your home, this is absolutely the time to call an emergency plumber because you probably have a leak in the water main or there is something wrong with your water source. If you have well water the problem falls on you to fix, but if you have city water you might want to check with your neighbors first to see if the issue is bigger or isolated to your home.

No hot water is also a plumber emergency that is almost always related to your water heater. You can’t clean anything in your home without hot water including the dishes, laundry, and/or yourself. Therefore, you need to deal with the issue quickly before it becomes a larger one.

If you are in need of an emergency plumber, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call and we will come out to your home promptly and get things back into working order.

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