4 Problems That Require Air Conditioning Repair | San Antonio, TX

4 Problems That Require Air Conditioning Repair | San Antonio, TX

When the temperature outside reaches 90 degrees or higher, it can be too uncomfortable to stay out for long, and many people spend more time in their air-conditioned homes to escape the heat. If your air conditioner isn’t working correctly on a 90-degree day, the temperature inside can reach 120 degrees, putting your family at risk for heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

If your unit experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call an air conditioning repair professional in San Antonio, TX.

#1 Restricted Airflow

If you don’t feel a powerful rush of cold air when the air conditioner runs, your home won’t get as cool as you would like. The unit will have to work harder and consume more energy to keep your home cool, causing your electric bill to increase. Also, the added strain can reduce the unit’s lifespan.

A few issues can restrict the airflow from the vents, and you’ll need to hire a professional in ac repair to determine the cause.

  • Clogged air ducts: When dirt, dust, and debris clog the air ducts, the airflow will be restricted and can affect your home’s air quality. An HVAC tech can clean the debris, restoring adequate airflow.
  • Damaged air ducts: Cracks, breaks, and failed sealing will allow the cold air to escape before reaching the vents, causing poor airflow. An air conditioning repair professional in San Antonio, TX, can inspect the ducts for damage and fix them to allow adequate airflow.
  • Faulty blower: The blower forces the cold air from the unit, through the ducts, and to the vents. If it isn’t working correctly, there will be minimal airflow, and you’ll need to hire an HVAC professional. They can repair or replace the blower, restoring adequate airflow.

Because poor airflow can affect your home’s temperature, the air conditioner, and bank account, it’s best to call an air conditioning repair service as soon as you notice the problem.

#2 The Unit Produces Warm Air

Your air conditioner must produce cold air to keep your home cool. If you feel warm air coming from the vents, it may be time to hire an air conditioning repair professional. Before making the call, check the thermostat because the unit won’t work correctly if it’s not set correctly. It must be set to the cooling mode, and the temperature in the house must be warmer than the thermostat setting for it to kick on. Also, the fan must be set to auto. If the fan is on, it will continue running between cycles, and you’ll feel warm air from the vents.

Next, check the air filter. If it’s been a while since you replaced it and it’s covered in dirt and grime, air won’t move through the unit, causing it to overheat.

If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to call a professional in San Antonio, TX. A few issues can prevent the unit from producing cold air, including:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Faulty compressor

An HVAC can diagnose and repair the problem, and your home will be cool and comfortable again.

#3 Strange Smells

If you smell something strange in your home when the air conditioner runs, it’s cause for concern, and you shouldn’t wait to hire a professional in air conditioning repair. Foul odors indicate issues that can be harmful to your home and family, and the smell can point the tech in the right direction.

  • Mold: A moldy smell could indicate mold in the air ducts, caused when it gets humid in the house and condensation forms in the ducts. When the air conditioner runs, mold spores will circulate in the air and can make your family sick. Mold exposure causes several health issues, including:
    • Allergies
    • Burning eyes, nose, and throat
    • Chronic headaches
    • Skin rashes
    • Respiratory issues
    • Weakened immune system
    • Worsens chronic lung and respiratory conditions

Fortunately, the mold can be eradicated using an antimicrobial fogger. If the ducts are clear, there could be mold in the air conditioner. This often occurs if you neglect to maintain the unit, and eliminating the mold can be more challenging. The air conditioning repair tech may be able to get rid of all the mold and install a UV lamp to prevent it from happening again. If they can’t remove every mold spore, you’ll need to replace the unit to keep your family healthy.

  • Burning: A burning smell indicates faulty wiring that can start an electrical fire if you don’t call an air conditioning repair professional immediately. The burning smell is due to the wire’s insulation burning, and an AC repair professional can replace the wire, preventing a disaster.

#4 Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner should run quietly and only make a faint clicking sound when it cycles. You should call a professional in HVAC repair if you hear strange sounds such as banging, rattling, hissing, squealing, or screaming sounds from the indoor unit or compressor. The sounds indicate problems with the indoor unit or compressor, and further damage will occur if you wait too long. The tech can inspect the system to figure out what’s wrong and make the repair as soon as possible.

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