10 Tips To Reduce Heating and AC Repair Needs | San Antonio, TX

10 Tips To Reduce Heating and AC Repair Needs | San Antonio, TX

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is to shell out money for repairs on your heating and air conditioning unit. Luckily, you can do a few things to reduce the likelihood of needing repairs. Read on for ten tips to reduce your heating and AC repair needs.

Regular Service

One of the best ways to reduce repairs is to have your HVAC unit regularly serviced by a professional. This will help keep it running smoothly and catch any potential problems before they become significant issues. During this appointment, the technician will clean the unit, check for any damage, and ensure all the parts are working correctly. It’s best to complete this service at least once a year, but twice a year is even better.

Change Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause many problems, including decreased efficiency and increased wear and tear on the unit. Another easy way to reduce repairs is to change your air filters regularly. Check your air filter monthly and change it as needed. If you don’t know how, a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, TX technician can help.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills while reducing wear and tear on your HVAC unit. By programming the thermostat to turn off when you’re not home, you can avoid unnecessarily running the unit when no one is around to enjoy the comfort. Your team will thank you for this break by lasting longer and needing fewer repairs. Use your programmable thermostat with other smart devices to create an energy-efficient home.

Check for Leaks

Check your ductwork regularly for any leaks or damage. If you find any, have them repaired as soon as possible by a professional. Leaks in your ductwork can cause your unit to work harder than it needs to, leading to increased wear and tear and higher energy bills. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, TX offers ductwork repair and replacement services.

Ensure Your Windows Are Sealed

Your windows play a significant role in your home’s heating and cooling. If your windows are not properly sealed, cool air can escape in the summer, and warm air can escape in the winter. Inspect your windows regularly and fill any cracks or gaps with caulk or weatherstripping. This puts extra strain on your HVAC unit, leading to increased repair needs. Consider replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones to reduce stress on your unit further.

Use a Space Heater to Warm Up a Room

In the winter, if it’s not cold enough outside to warrant running your furnace, use a space heater instead. Space heaters are more efficient than furnaces and will put less strain on your HVAC unit overall. Reducing the time your furnace runs minimizes the likelihood of heating and AC repairs.

Close Vents in Unused Rooms

If you have rooms in your home that are not used often, close the vents, so that cool or warm air isn’t wasted in those areas. This will help improve efficiency and may reduce repair needs as well. Never use objects to block vents, as this can cause severe damage to your unit, leading to a costly repair appointment. If you notice problems with the airflow in your home, check the vents. If they are clear and you still have trouble, contact a heating and AC repair professional.

Invest in Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help circulate air throughout your home, making it feel more comfortable without running your HVAC unit as much. This can lead to reduced heating and AC repair needs over time since your unit won’t be working as hard.

Avoid Using the Oven in the Summer

Using the oven creates a lot of heat and makes your home uncomfortable in the summer. To avoid this, try using the stovetop instead or grilling outdoors if possible. This will help keep your home cooler and may prevent costly repair bills down the line. However, it doesn’t mean you should never use your oven. Just be mindful of how often you use it when the weather is warm.

Don’t Wait on Repairs

Schedule heating and AC repair as soon as you notice a problem. Don’t wait until there’s a significant problem with your HVAC unit before scheduling repair services. Call for repairs immediately if you see something isn’t quite right, such as unusual noises or decreased efficiency. The sooner you catch a problem, the easier (and usually cheaper) it will be to fix. Common issues that can lead to heating and AC repair needs include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Leaking ductwork
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Compressor issues
  • Condenser issues
  • Evaporator coil issues

Following these tips can help reduce the need for heating and AC repairs in your home. If you need repair, call a qualified technician for the job.

Replace Older Units

Older HVAC units are less efficient than newer models and are more likely to need heating and AC repairs. If your unit is over ten years old, it may be time to replace it with a more unique, efficient model. This will not only reduce the need for repairs but can also help lower your energy bills. A new unit may seem like an enormous investment, but it can save you money in the long run. Your technician can help you choose the best team for your home.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio, our technicians are highly trained and experienced in many heating and AC repairs. We can handle any repair job, big or small in San Antonio, TX. Schedule a repair appointment today.

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