10 Reasons You Should Call A Plumbing Service To Prevent An Emergency Plumbing Situation | San Antonio, TX

10 Reasons You Should Call A Plumbing Service To Prevent An Emergency Plumbing Situation | San Antonio, TX

No one wants to be stuck in their PJs at 4am at night calling a plumbing service to come out to their home if they can avoid it. This is why preventative measures are always better. There are a lot of reasons why you should schedule a visit with a plumber, here are just a few of the most common ones that you might notice within your home. If any of these pop up, make sure to call your local plumber and have them out to your home to troubleshoot the issue before it becomes a major emergency.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, there may be other reasons that you need to call a plumbing service, but it is a good starting point. At the end of the day the best way to keep your home functional is by tuning into your intuition. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong with your plumbing, listen to it and contact a plumbing service to schedule a repair visit.

Slab Leak Issues

A slab leak can happen to almost everyone, but most people have no indication that there is a leak since it is hidden deep inside the foundation of their home. However, out of sight does not mean out of mind because most likely, you will see your water bills rising with no clear explanation. If you are dealing with rising water bills at your home and have already looked around for visible leaks, it is time to call a plumbing service so that they can take a closer look at hidden pipes.

It is to your advantage to quickly get to the bottom of this issue before more damage occurs. Water leaking over time can eventually damage the foundation of your home and lead to even more problems. Even more concerning is the fact that if one pipeline is damaged and leaking, other pipes under your slab might be showing signs of aging. It is to your benefit to get a professional plumbing service out to your home to take a deeper look.

Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures

If you have an older home, then it may be time to think about upgrading some of your aging plumbing fixtures. Many people don’t realize how much water they can save by simply updating fixtures. For instance, modern shower heads direct water out in a steady stream that allows for pressure without wasting quite as much water in the process. Simply changing an old shower head can be one great way to make your home much more energy conscious, but you want to work with a plumbing service that can ensure your new fixtures are installed correctly, so there are no leaks.

Shower heads are not the only plumbing fixtures that can be updated within your home. You also may want to think about replacing the water faucets in your home. Sink and bathroom faucets that are aging are prone to leakage and other issues, both of which can be quickly troubleshooted when you start looking at replacing them. Oftentimes old faucets can be very corroded, and the hardware can be extremely hard to remove, but not if you have a professional plumbing service helping you with the process.

Troubleshooting Rusty Water

Another major issue that should have you calling a plumbing service right away is if you notice that your water is looking a bit rusty. Most people don’t realize right away that they have rusty water, but they notice that their water is starting to look slightly discolored or tinted. The rust can do this to water and it is unhealthy to consider drinking or showering in, so if you have discolored water, you have to stop and get help right away. There are several causes, but the most important thing is to get to the bottom of the situation and restore your water source.

Rust in water usually comes from one of two places, corrosion within your pipes or corrosion within your water heater. You can rule out the water heater really quickly by checking to see if the discolored water is limited to your hot water or only your cold. If you notice it coming out of both of your taps, then the water heater is not to blame. In this situation, there is a rusted pipe that is polluting your water source. It may even be your water main, but before you start tearing your home apart it is a better idea to call a plumbing service and allow them to isolate the problem. They have the tools and knowledge to quickly get to the bottom of the issue so that you can get your water back to a clear state.

Reduce Energy Bills

With the rising costs of living in San Antonio, and pretty much everywhere across the US, it is no secret that most people are looking at ways to lower their household bills. One way to lower your household bills is by having a plumbing service inspect your plumbing system. There are plenty of older homes in the city, and most homeowners don’t realize that a plumbing system only lasts about 40 to 50 years. That means if your home was built in the seventies, it might be time to take a second look at your plumbing system.

From fixtures to shower heads to pipes, you might be losing more water than you think, which can impact your utility bills. In addition, your plumbing appliances may be outdated, which means that they are consuming more water than is necessary. Oftentimes replacing old toilets with newer toilets that are more water conscious and opting to install a tankless water heater can instantly reduce the amount you pay for water each month. These are just a few ways that you can reduce your energy bills, but if you like the sound of it then you should reach out to a plumbing service that can offer you a professional consultation and more ideas to save money within your home.

Problems with Your Water Heater

Speaking of water heaters, one area that you should not ignore is anything that has to do with your water heater. Your water heater is responsible for providing hot water to your entire home. If it is not working right, then you will either not have hot water or find yourself in a race to get out of the shower before you run out of hot water. Neither situation is comfortable, so it is to your advantage to get a plumber in to take a look at your water heater if you have any concerns.

Not sure if you have water heater issues? There are a few signs that may indicate it is time to talk to a plumbing service about repair or replacement options. For instance, if your water heater is making loud noises, or leaking, or you are noticing problems with your hot water. These are all signs that something is going on and signs that now is the time to take action. Remember, water heaters can and do explode sometimes, and 40 gallons of water all over your utility closet is not something you want to come home and discover.

Leaking Pipes

Another reason to speak with a plumbing service right away is leaking pipes. There is never a situation where you should ignore leaking pipes because they can serve as an indication of much bigger problems. The most obvious problem that arises from leaking pipes is water loss. Believe it or not, one single leak can result in the loss of hundreds of gallons of water before the month ends. All of that loss will be reflected in your water bill, which is one solid reason not to ignore a pipe that is leaking.

However, there are more problems than just water loss when it comes to the pipes in your plumbing system. Where there is water or moisture, there is usually mold and mildew. A leaking pipe will lead to bigger problems, including the growth of mold that can impact the breathing of your family. Even more so if someone in your home deals with respiratory issues regularly. Plus, it can lead to floor and ceiling damage which can get costly to repair. Depending on where the leak is located, the damage can be extensive, so if you have a leak it is always better to call a plumber right away.

Clogged Drains

Another big problem area within a lot of homes, especially those with trees near their sewer lines is clogged drains. Clogged drains can occur within any drain in the home, but they tend to affect older drains and the first-floor main drain the most. This is due to the fact that when the sewage line is clogged, all of the water comes right back up via the nearest accessible drain. In many homes, this is either the first-floor toilet or the floor drain. If you are dealing with a clogged drain, you probably already know you need to call a plumbing service.

However, what you might not realize is that there are signs that a clog is impending so that you can take proactive action to get ahead of the issue. If you can, it is always better to call in a plumbing service before you have gallons of service spilled all over your home. With that in mind, if you notice that water is draining slowly out of your sinks, that there is a sewage smell near your drains, or that your drains are gurgling, these are signs that you need to get a plumbing service into your home right away.

Running Toilets

When you flush your toilet, it should cycle water and return to its dormant state within a few minutes. If it continues to cycle water, you know you have a problem. A running toilet is more than an annoyance, it can be a major waste of water. In fact, you can run your water bill up by a few hundred if your toilet is constantly running. With that in mind, don’t wait for an expensive bill to spur you into action. Contact a plumbing service today to troubleshoot the problem.

Low Water Pressure

There are a dozen reasons why you might have low water pressure in your home, but at the end of the day, the only thing you care about is finally taking a shower that feels good. Low water pressure can make cleaning your dishes, clothes, and yourself impossible because of the slow-draining water. It also can hurt your appliances since they will have to work harder to compensate for the lack of water. A plumbing service can look at the situation and then quickly figure out what is causing the pressure issues within your home.

Burst Pipe

Finally, a burst pipe is an emergency situation for a number of reasons, but before this happens, you often hear a knocking noise near a weak connection. Don’t ignore that noise, because it indicates a pressure buildup and the potential for a larger issue. If you hear it anywhere in your home near plumbing, make sure you contact a plumbing service right away.

If you are worried that you might be dealing with one of these issues within your home right now, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio. We can schedule a visit to take a closer look at the problem and find the right solution.

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