​​Do You Need AC Repair? | San Antonio, TX

​​Do You Need AC Repair? | San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio is such a great place to live. We have big-city amenities but a small-town feel, mild winters, and scorching summers. Sure, the heat and humidity can be a bit much sometimes, but with a properly functioning AC system, it’s a breeze to stay comfortable all year round.

However, even the best AC systems in San Antonio can have problems. Do you think you might need an AC repair? Whether you have a central, ductless, mini-split, or heat pump system, this guide contains everything you need to know about a repair in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.

The AC Unit Isn’t Turning On

If an air-conditioning system isn’t turning on, there are a few potential causes. Check the outdoor breaker fuse to make sure it’s in the right position. There could be a tripped breaker on your home’s electrical system, or the thermostat could be switched off.

A clogged air filter could be keeping the system from operating. Also, the HVAC condensate pump might not be operating correctly. Some of these issues are simple to check yourself, like the breaker or thermostat settings, but others usually require a trained San Antonio AC repair technician to assess and fix.

The Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Your Home Enough

If you notice uneven temperatures throughout the house or a boost in your energy bills, consider these common causes.

Air Filter Is Dirty

A dirty air filter is among the most common reasons for HVAC system failure. When dust and dirt build-up on the filter, it reduces the airflow into the air handler. This lowered airflow puts strain on the air-handler motor. Over time, it can cause the system to overheat, and the motor will burn out and stop working. Before that happens, you’ll typically see an increase in your cooling bills since the system isn’t working as efficiently as it should.

Also, when filters are overloaded, they don’t do a good job at stopping debris from getting into the ducts and vents. When the vents get blocked, they won’t blow out as much cold air as they would if they were clean. When you schedule routine maintenance with a reliable AC repair company, we’ll make sure your filters are changed and the system is kept clean.

Fan Is Malfunctioning

If the AC unit’s fan isn’t working, it could be as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or something more complicated. Here are some issues that could cause an AC fan to stop working and need AC repair.

Condenser-Fan Motor Is Broken

The condenser fan gets a lot of wear and tear. Over time, its motor can burn out and need to be replaced. The motor might be on its way out if it is only running intermittently or is turning slowly. You can extend the life of the condenser-fan motor by making sure your HVAC system has regular maintenance and cleanings to remove the dirt and dust buildup that could put a strain on the motor.

Capacitor Is Failing

If you turn on your AC system and it makes a humming sound but doesn’t start cooling the space, your system might have a broken capacitor. When this happens, you should call an AC repair company.

The AC capacitor looks like a cylinder-shaped battery, and its job is to send power to the AC system’s motor on startup. Other signs of capacitor troubles include an AC system that shuts off randomly, short cycles, or takes too long to start up. This part of the system is high-voltage and potentially dangerous to handle, so leave it to the San Antonio AC pros to replace this part.

Problem with the Condensate Pump

The condensate pump removes water that accumulates inside an AC system. This part of the unit can stop working because it’s simply not receiving power or one of its components, such as a microswitch, has failed.

The pump’s float, which rises with the water level and hits a float switch that triggers the pump to move into action, can suffer from a buildup of debris or from wear and tear that causes it to malfunction. A clog in the pump’s drain hose is another potential issue that could cause your system to stop working correctly and need AC repair.

The AC Unit Is Making a Strange Noise

Air-conditioning systems should be quiet when they operate. You might hear a noise when yours turns off at the end of a cycle, and that is usually normal. However, if you notice new sounds, like hissing, buzzing, squealing, or rattling, your AC system needs some attention. There could be loose parts, or, in the case of buzzing or humming sounds, an electrical problem.

If you hear a persistent odd sound from your cooling system, you should turn it off and contact a San Antonio, TX, AC repair company as soon as possible to assess it.

The AC System Won’t Turn Off

If your air conditioning system won’t turn off once it reaches the desired temperature, it not only creates a lot of wear and tear, leading to a shorter life span for your AC system, but it will also skyrocket your cooling bills, which are already high enough during the long, hot San Antonio summers.

Your air conditioning might stay on too long if the unit has a frozen evaporator coil. This part works to absorb the heat from indoor air. Frozen evaporator coils are often caused by refrigerant leaks and require AC repair or replacement.

A dirty condenser coil, the component that sends heat outside, can trap heat inside the system and cause it to work overtime to bring that temperature down. Because these coils are exposed to moving air from the blower, dust and dirt can build upon them relatively fast. That’s why it’s essential to have annual AC maintenance and cleaning performed so that your AC unit works optimally at keeping you cool in the San Antonio heat and humidity.

When to Call for San Antonio, TX, AC Repair

Ideally, you should try to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning of your air-conditioning system before the San Antonio spring and summer heat sets in. Otherwise, if your system won’t turn on, isn’t providing even cooling, or is otherwise not working as it should call for high-quality AC repair by bluefrog Plumbing + Drain + HVAC of San Antonio.

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